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Sean CameronSean Cameron

Nicknames: Fake Spinner
Quotable Quotes: "Chew it slower. It'll give you a better high."

When Sean came on to the scene, he was on the run from the cops. They didn't tell us right away why he was on the run, but it turns out he punched a guy in the ear and made him go deaf. That is one magic punch. Because of having to transfer schools in the middle of the year, Sean was behind a year in school, meaning that he was the same age as the 8th graders but took all 7th grade classes. Jimmy would rag him on this then Sean threatened to beat him up and that problem was solved.

Actually, the problems between Sean and Jimmy were just beginning. After Ashley dropped acid, she made out with Sean, which made Jimmy angry since they were dating. They disliked each other so much that Jimmy refused to hang out with Craig because Sean was going to be there. Then at a kickin' party Jimmy was throwing in his futuristic home, Sean stole Jimmy's parent's booze and this really pissed Jimmy, which is understandable because Jimmy could have been drinking that booze. Sean's argument of "Your parents can afford it" offered little consolidates. This is officially the last time the two of them ever interacted as far as I am concerned.

Since it's required that all characters on Degrassi have a love interest, because let's face it--middle school is full of budding romance, Sean has the hots for Emma, and vice versa. Why those two are a couple is sort of a mystery. Emma is into saving the environment and doing the "right thing," while Sean is into being poor and surviving off as little food a week as possible. I think Emma may have been dating him based entirely off of feeling sorry for him.

Emma's and Sean's relationship was always a little rocky; I can't quite remember the specifics and my computer isn't hooked up to the internet right now so I'm not going to go into detail. Look it up yourself you lazy bastards. What I do remember is when they broke up, because it was when Sean joined the Candy Bandits. This was a fitting move because Sean is poor and looks like a thug. Thugs don't hang out with environmentalists; they hang out with other thugs. They also steal candy and get Saturday detentions.

It was Saturday detention which directly led to his next romantic relationship with Ellie. It was a fortunate that this particular Saturday detention came when it did. Ellie had just been recently informed by Marco that her services would no longer be needed, and Sean had recently broken up with that one girl he dated for half an episode. They were both in desperate need of a partner, and they fit together. Thug is close to Goth, and hell, they ended up being a likable couple. A lot better then Hazel and Jimmy, or JT and Toby.

Final Grade: A-

Sean started off pretty weak but he turned out to be alright. His joining of the street gang was a big improvement to his liability, plus he broke up with Emma which is a great move for him, since lets face, it does anybody even like Emma? Would anybody even care if she just disappeared? No they wouldn't, but if Sean disappeared there would be riots in the streets of Montreal.