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Gavin Spinner MasonGavin "Spinner" Mason

Nicknames: Spinner, The Spinnster, Spinninator
Quotable Quotes: "Your health food had released the beast within me."

Every show has that one character that emerges as the star. Family Matters had Urkel, Happy Days had the Fonz, Degrassi has Spinner. Spinner is the king of the Degrassi school system. He always hangs out with the cool crowd, because no matter what crowd he is part of, that crowd automatically becomes the cool crowd, even if that crowd has Terri as part of it.

Spinner is constantly battling against JT and Toby. Most of these battles paint Spinner in a bad light, such as when he threatened to murder Toby for going after his adopted sister, or when he tried to take out JT for trying to befriend Paige. It's not the reason for the fight that's entertaining, but rather the tactics Spinner employs. He once threatened to eat Toby's bowels; that would not be pleasant for either of them. Later, he made a website dedicated to how much he wanted to murder Toby. This wasn't some small time deal either, this website was very well done, and even included a poll asking who he should beat up. All the answers were Toby. That entire venture must have taken some time. It's a good thing that he takes Media Immersion every year instead of math; he must have learned a few tricks to make a good website.

The only time somebody has gone toe-to-toe with Spinner was when JT managed to steal his pants, get him demoted at work, and make it look like he was in love with Ms. Kwan, all in one week. Spinner was only able to make JT look gay and appear that he had farted in front of Manny. This must have been some sort of fluke caused by Spinner's concern with his relationship with Paige or something.

Spinner's relationship with Paige seems to be a fairly straight forward one. They were friends for a while, and now they are dating. One person would think that Spinner would constantly be trying to get some from Paige, especially when he nearly released the beast on her during English. However, he is the voice of celibacy in the relationship. This is probably because the makers of Degrassi don't want it to look like they are promoting sex. So Spinner must stand strong despite the fact he is dating one of the biggest sluts in school. Don't worry Spin, your day will come soon. Stay strong and don't lose sight of the prize.

Final Grade: A+

Like is says on the Canada's Parliament Building: "It doesn't get better than Spinner." Not since Steve Buscemi, has one person stolen the hearts of two nations as quickly as Spinner. Whether he's trying to not have sex with Marco, eating an entire can of cheese, or driving Ms. Kwan insane, the antics of Spinner are sure to please.