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Terri MacGregor

Seasons featured: 1-3

Nickname: The White Whale

Gimmicks: Ashley or Paige's fat friend

Defining Traits: Low self esteem and high calorie intake

Greatest Moments: She never really did anything interesting herself. She always took a passive role in great moments of other people. She did yell at the guy at the ice cream stand that one time. That was cool.

If She Were an Animal: I already made a whale joke didn't I? Um, I don't know, maybe some sort of porpoise.

Terri is surprisingly boring. What I mean is that she was a main character for three years yet I am hard pressed to think of anything interesting she did in that time, until Rick smashed her face open with a cement block. She always hung around Ashley or Paige, two high profile characters, yet she herself did little of interest.

Lets take a look at some of her highlights:

She practiced black magic in "Cabaret".

She became a plus size model and yelled at a guy who called her fat in "Mirror in the Bathroom".

She got drunk and went to a school dance in some episode. I can't figure out which one.

She got beat up by Rick in pretty much all of season 3.

After season 3, Terri transferred to a different school out of fear of Rick. Also she stopped talking to her friends or hanging out with them after school, although one has to assume Terri tried to stay in contact and her friends never answered the phone when they saw she was calling.

According it Wikipedia, Spinner said Terri was his best kiss. This is because she tasted like bacon.

Rating: D+

Terri doesn't do anything. Given the amount of screen time she got in the early seasons you would think she could have done something interesting but nope she didn't. She just sat around other more interesting characters. It's like Terri was supposed to be the straight man on the show except Degrassi doesn't have any jokes.