The Web BtC
nameDanny Van Zandt

Nickname: Webster
Quotable Quote: "The guy said it will change your garter snake into an anaconda!"

Webster is Liberty's sister, but manages to be her polar opposite. While Liberty flosses during school and sucks, Webster is the dirtiest man alive and rocks like a hurricane. He's like 12 and has a fake ID. The name on his fake ID is Gunther Von Eisenstadt. This is possibly the most obvious fake name ever. He could have easily just had it say John Doe.

The first time I ever saw Webster was the episode "Back in Black". Manny calls him Webster in one of the coolest Degrassi moments to not feature Spinner. Since at that point I didn't know who this guy was, I just assumed his name really was Webster. I refuse to call him by any other name.

Major Webster achievements include him buying JT's penis pump, and the episode were he throws the baby. Not a real baby, but an electronic baby he is suppose to take care of for his baby taking care of class. The only reason he took this class is so he can hit on the girls who plan on having babies soon. Webster realizes that Liberty is six months pregnant by looking at her and makes JT take care of his infant. JT fucks up pretty bad, and Webster is worried that he will fail the class. To bad earlier in the episode Webster literally threw the baby at JT and hit a locker. Damn it Webster, that baby is dead.

Final Grade: A

Webster is dirty and cool. I think he has serious potential to become the next Spinner, assuming of course Spinner is willing to give up the title, which he isn't. Still with a little work, Webster can get himself into the upper echelons of coolness reserved for people like Sean and Jay.