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"Parents Day"

Season 1 Episode 5
Canadian airdate: November 18th, 2001

Boycott the Caf name: "Toby's Parents Hate Each Other"
Important characters: Toby, Emma, Ashley, Paige, Terri, Toby's Parents
Issue of the Week: Doing well in school

Degrassi The Next Generation episode five Degrassi The Next Generation episode five

The parent-teacher conferences are coming up tomorrow. But before that, we NaK, News about Kids, the news service that is transmitted to Degrassi each week. Today's report is about the danger of squeegee kids, the homeless kids who wash your car windows. I don't understand the point in doing this story since very few of the kids who see this own cars, or can drive for that matter.

Emma wants to stop NaK from being shown in Degrassi because it's commerical and sucks at reporting. This is one Emma crusade I can support. You see, NaK is a parody of Channel One, a news for kids service that is shown in lots of high schools in the United States. I had to suffer through that nut twisting piece of shit while I was in high school. Ten minutes every weekday we got "cool" "youth oriented" "multi-racial" "news." Channel One was none of those things. (Well, maybe multi-racial.) Now, I kept up with the news quite frequently in high school. I watched Tom Brokaw, Jim Lehrer, Nightline on occasion, Headlines News (before it became the Entertainment Weekly channel) and such. Loved Meet the Press. And I mainly used the internet to read news websites. Seriously. The point is I really, really hated how Channel One would underreport news stories. Bunch of lazy PC asswads, they was. Fuck them.

But hey, we also got commercials for great things like McDonalds and Pepsi shown in a fucking school. Also, so Channel One didn't take time away from class, they just extended the school day by ten minutes, That was the worst part. When I get out into the real world and become a successful, high paid African warlord, I will make Channel One pay for what they did.

Emma goes to the Principal to see if she can get NaK yanked, but Raditch tells her NaK paid for eighteen computers in the computer lab. That's a good deal. Now we know why Degrassi is the most well funded school on the planet. Channel One only gave my school a bunch of TV sets so they could play Channel One in all the classrooms. And we only ever used the TVs to watch Channel One. That was a bad deal. But, hey, we can't have the tax payers fund the school now, can we?

Degrassi The Next Generation episode five

Toby's mom is coming to Parent's Day. Now, Toby's mom doesn't live with him, his parents are divorced and Toby's dad is shacking up with Ashley's mom. Anyway, Toby's mom is a talent agent. Ashley and Paige are excited about this because they think they could get recruited by Toby's mom and became a model or actress or whatever Toby's ma represents. The girls discuss this in the bathroom and Paige carries on the conversation while she is on the toilet.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode five

This screenshot is from the next day, people. The girls are in the bathroom again and Ashley and Paige are getting themselves pretty to impress Toby's mom. Paige comes out of the stall sporting a glittering shirt that reveals lots and lots of belly. Paige loves showing her midriff and she loves hanging in the bathroom stall.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode five

Hey, I might as well write about the main plot now. Toby's parents both show up for Parents Night and they keep arguing because they hate each other. If the end result of your marriage was Toby, you'd be pretty bitter toward your ex-spouse as well. Mr. Simpson doesn't know what to do with these two people insulting each other just out of the blue in his class. Toby interrupts the fighting before it gets physical by putting the blame for his crappy grades on him. And video games. Video games are always the scapegoat.

Mr. Simpson tells Toby's parents that he is having a hard time in Media Immersion. Toby is having a hard time in that class even though he is capable of making his own search engine and just today was able to forge Simpson's signature on a document.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode five Degrassi The Next Generation episode five

Emma is not giving up on her crusade to expel NaK. At least she won't give up until next week. Anyway, she writes an editorial against NaK in the school newspaper. This pisses off Tracker, Sean's older brother. He supports NaK because they paid for the school computers that Sean needs because he is poor. Tracker crushes Emma's editorial in his hand, the editorial being a metaphor for Emma's head. Fucking Emma and Tracker are about to throw down.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode five

Ashley and Paige try to impress Toby's mom, but she blows right past them and gives her card to Terri. She wants Terri to model for her. I can understand why she would not want to represent Ashley since her mom is living with her hated ex-husband. But come on, she wants Terri to be a model? No wonder Toby's mom only works in Toronto instead of New York or LA.

That's it for Parents Day.

Rating: C
This was a pretty short review. Guess that is because this episode did not have a whole lot to it.

Intensity Level: 1% Intense
Just a dab intense.

Deleted Scene: (What you can only see on the DVD)
There is a scene that shows that Tracker parked his motorcycle right in front of the school, in that yellow part it is against the law to park in front of. Tracker lives by his own laws.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode five

At least I think it's against the law to park there.

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