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Season 2 Episode 6
Canadian airdate: October 27th, 2002

Boycott the Caf name: "Craig Steals a Car"
Important characters: Craig, Joey, Ashley, Ellie
Issue of the Week: Step fathers

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one

Craig has been helping out at Joey's car dealership, suckering suckers to buy sucky used cars. Joey is going away for the weekend to have sex, so he is letting Craig have the house to himself. Craig invites Spinner, Sean and Marco over. Marco is everyone's friend now. He came out of nowhere. I guess they all started liking him after he won the dance competition.

Craig inviting the guys over gave rise to the greatest conversation in all of Degrassi - and human - history.

Spinner: Because we are going to party!

Craig: No party Spin.

Spinner: Girls?

Craig: No girls.

Spinner: Booze?

Craig: No Booze.

Spinner: Donuts?

Craig: That we can do!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one

There's Joey and his girlfriend. Joey gets hot chicks because he gives them free cars.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one

Ashley and Ellie have the B plot this week. Ellie has a few body piercing and Ashley wants to get one as well. They go to the tattoo and piercing parlor, but Ashley chickens out. She only wanted to impress Ellie. This begs the question of who would ever feel the need to impress Ellie? Ashley is really down on her luck.

Hey, I think I know that tattoo artist. He's the guy who gave me my tattoo. It says "I ♥ chicks" but the c and the h rubbed together so now it looks like " I ♥ dicks." That's a total bummer.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one

Craig and the gang aren't having much fun this weekend. Spinner brings the party by chugging copious amounts of spray cheese. Spray cheese is to Spinner what spinach is to Popeye. Or maybe that's health food. Marco then tricks Sean into prank calling Emma. Marco only did that to get Sean to tackle him.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one

To fight the boredom, the gang steals a car from Joey's lot. That's one way to have a fun time. Craig was egged on to do this by Sean, who has no respect for the law. He had no reluctance to do this even though he's on probation. Spinner also lobbied to steal the car because Spinner is above the law.

Spinner farts in the car. Everyone is disgusted, but that's just a reflex. Spinner's farts smell like apple pie.

The wet ones taste like apple pie.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one

The boys take the car to beat the crowd and win tickets to a Kid Elrick show. This may be the first reference to Kid Elrick on the show. I would have to look that up somewhere. But I hope you can't find that online, because anyone who has the time to research and index that stuff is pretty sad.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty one

The gang were almost caught by the Mounties, but Craig played it cool and they beat the fuzz. Unfortunately, when they get back to the lot, Joey is waiting. Kids tripped the silent alarm. Joey keeps his car lot booby trapped when he's away. Hee...hee...booby.

Joey scares the others boys away and then punishes Craig by grounding him and tearing up his Elrick tickets. Ah man. That reminds me of the time I stole my dad's RV so me and my buds could see the Grand Canyon and he tore up my Sha Na Na tickets.

I hate my dad.

Rating: A-
I like "Drive." It was a fun episode, lots of treats and the story wasn't stupid. I could watch this one over and over. I'd fast forward through the Ashley-Ellie thing.

What I liked in particular about this episode was seeing Spinner and Sean hang out together. They are my two favorite characters but they don't hang out together except in this episode. You think they would be good friends. I think the trouble is Jimmy getting in the way. Just because Sean made out with his girlfriend, punched him, spilled liquor on his floor, and stole his TV, Jimmy has to hate Sean and force Spinner to choose sides. Fuck you Jimmy. Spinner and Sean together would be tits. Imagine how many girls would lose their virginity and candy machines would lose their stock when these two get together Friday night.

Intensity Level: 33% Intense
Carjacking is intense.

Final Thoughts:
How about this was the one time Craig has gotten punished for doing something? This kid cuts class all the time, cheats, gets a girl pregnant, trashes hotel rooms, ruins weddings, beats up his dad, kicks Spinner out of the band, and this is the one time there's been consequences for his shit.

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