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"Mirror in the Bathroom"

Season 2 Episode 9
Canadian airdate: November 17th, 2002

Boycott the Caf name: "Toby Stops Eating, Terri Keeps It Up"
Important characters: JT & Toby, Terri, Ashley
Issue of the Week: Eating disorders

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Hey, Toby gets a plotline. Toby is sad that no one is giving him mad props for competing in a computer competition. Everyone saves their props for Sean, the wrestling superstar. How about Sean's wrestling jacket? It doesn't have the school logo or letter on it, it just says "wrestling" in big letters. That's cheap. Did the school buy those windbreakers from a dollar store?

Toby decides that he will try out for wrestling to win accolades from the student body.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Meanwhile, Terri has an expensive cell phone, it has web access and GPS so she can find a McDonalds anywhere in the world. My cell phone has a tip calculator, which is never used because I usually go to cheap restaurants and just leave, like, two bucks. Paige and Hazel grill Terri on where her money has come from, but Terri takes off, saying she forgot her lunch. Nothing is more important to Terri than getting her lunch.

Leave it to Spinner to figure out what is going on before anyone else does. He even discovers this out before Terri does, she didn't know it would be a national ad campaign. Terri has been making money as plus sized model for the--get this--More Grrrl brand. Hee hee. Terri is nervous because this is going to be a national ad campaign and she thought it would just be a small thing. Nothing with Terri is going to be small. Spinner's right, this is a huge ad campaign! Oh, I slay me!

Then an Arab looking guy (who we later learn is named Mohammed) comes by and yells out "Yo Beluga!" to Terri and asks "Hey, did the photographer use a wide angle lens or what?" He sure did! Paige said as much.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Toby goes to wrestling tryouts, where Sean (while he kills a kid) asks if Toby is lost. Armstrong says there will only be one spot for each weight class. I hope that kid with the giant afro wins a spot. Look at that afro, it's fucking insane. That will add at least 8 pounds to his weigh in.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Toby is in the same weight class as Sean, so Toby ain't going to make the team. He's lucky Sean didn't kill him when they sparred. Though Toby didn't get any oxygen to his brain for five minutes.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

JT and Toby look at wrestling websites, because this is somehow going to help Toby out. They learn about making weight, which is bad. I've seen this episode multiple times, and I'm still not sure how making weight is supposed to be bad as opposed to just plain eating less.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

JT helps Toby train. This isn't the first time JT has had his face against Toby's ass, that's for sure. Toby's had it with this exercise shit and realizes he can cut weight by taking laxatives.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

The laxatives do the trick. Toby loses enough weight to move down a weight class and gets to wrestle a little black kid instead of Sean. Toby makes the wrestling team.

But he is not eating enough. Ashley wonders why Toby won't eat his chocolate muffins for breakfast. Toby tells Ashley, "Now go back to sipping your blood and leave me alone." That makes sense because no one in middle or high school ever eats breakfast. It's too early in the morning for teenagers to feel like eating. Come on. Toby and Ashley should barely be conscious right now.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Toby is feeling great in his new wrestling windbreaker. JT is just jealous because Toby is just supposed to just follow JT's wacky adventures and not do something on his own. Even when Toby has a plotline that involves being with Kendra, JT is right there helping him not get beaten up by Spinner. Toby makes Wheelchair Girl take his picture for the yearbook. Wheelchair Girl hates sports, they make her think about everything she is missing out.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

At lunch, Ashley harasses Toby to eat some more. Why is it so hard to believe Toby just wants to lose weight for wrestling? Ok, yes, he is not eating at all and using laxatives, but Ashley shouldn't know that. Athletes always have to watch their weight, especially wrestlers. Toby finally gives into Ashley's nagging and buys a big fucking burger. It's about time, because Ashley and Toby's argument was holding up the line.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Ashley talks to JT about Toby's eating problem. JT is pretty great here, when Ashley approaches him, he says, "Oh hey Ashley, I wondered when you'd tune into my love vibes." Ashley replies, "Let's skip your little fantasy." But JT has the perfect comeback and says, "Ok. Let's talk about yours." Oh JT! How are you still a virgin?

Oh right, the small penis.

Ashley mentions that Toby may have an eating disorder and JT says he heard Toby throw up in the bathroom earlier.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Speaking of a healthy appetite, it's time for Terri's plot. She tries to cancel a photo shoot because she is embarrassed about being a fat model after Mohammed pointed out she was fat. Spinner tries to cheer Terri up by telling her that, "Sometimes guy like girls like you, with a figure." I don't understand that. I always assume that figure means a girl has curves (like Angelina Jolie), not rolls (like the Snapple Lady). Or is "you have a figure" just a nice way of saying "you're fat" like saying "you're pretty on the inside and have a nice personality"? Spinner also says that Terri is really pretty. For all these people today telling Terri how pretty she is and how guys like girls like her, you notice that Terri sure doesn't have a lot of dates. Spinner is just encouraging her to continue modeling because she makes lots of money from it. And it is always good to have a rich friends. That is why Spinner hangs out with Jimmy.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

It's the day of the big wrestling meet. Toby has been getting dizzy all day from lack of food and JT goes to the locker room to tell him not to wrestle. Toby won't have any of this and plans to compete, even though his brain is not working. This is the only time you'll see Toby around Gatorade, too. Like all computer people, he only drinks Mountain Dew and those weird energy drinks that are like 10x as bad as Mountain Dew that you can only buy over the internet.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

Toby starts wrestling, but collapses to the floor. Oh no, Toby's dead. Actually, he's still alive, but you have to imagine that if Toby had died now, it would not have any effect on future episodes as we know them.

Toby is sad he went into a coma in front of everybody. He also got kicked off the wrestling team for not eating. Now he is back to being a nobody. But JT tells him that everyone has taken notice of his collapse and was really worried. JT tells him, "Even Sean asked if you were ok." Sean only asked because Toby does all his homework.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-four

We now go back to Terri. She is walking along with Paige and Hazel and says, "It was so awesome!" What was so awesome? When Toby collapsed?

They pass by Mohammed's ice cream stand. Mohammed makes some more wicked fat jokes and tells Terri she should join the sumo team. Fuck, she should. She'd be good and Degrassi needs all the weight it can get to make it to the playoffs. Most of the kids who would be good at sumo would rather join wrestling, and the other heavy kids would rather eat Doritos and watch The Lord of the Rings.

Terri has had enough of the fat abuse and remembering what Spinner told her, decides to throws her weight around. She yells at Mohammed, "Most girls on the planet look like this, so get used to it!" Paige adds, "No kidding." Um...yes kidding? I should point out that most girls on this show don't look like that. I think it's a little hypocritical for Degrassi to be all fat pride here, but only have one token fat girl on the show. Besides, Terri is fat. Emma is too thin, I agree, but Paige, Ashley, Hazel and Manny are what most girls out there look like; that's normal, healthy weight. Let's be honest, most young girls don't look like Terri, not even in Wisconsin. Terri is large for her age. She'd be average weight for a 35 year old woman who gave birth to three kids.

Terri continues to tell Mohammed off, "I made five hundred bucks today, as a plus sized model. Yeah plus size! What do you make, ice cream boy? By the way, I'll have a triple scoop of Cookie Dough, four double cheeseburgers, some chili fries, and a large Pepsi." Then she rips a really juicy fart. Mohammed's booth is small so he can't get away from that smell and has to breathe it in all day.

Not that Terri ever really did in the first place, but Toby and Terri won't pay too much attention anymore to the mirror in the bathroom.

Rating: F
Pretty lame. I can safely say I had more fun reviewing this episode than watching it. Though I can say that for about half the episodes of Degrassi. Hell, if I didn't start this website, I probably would have quit watching the show when I started college. It just wasn't particularly memorable. I mean, Terri and Toby, come on. Don't have two uninteresting characters hog the episode. If you are going to give one of them a story, at least give a cool character a B plot. Toby joins wrestling...meanwhile Sean goes to Chuck E. Cheese's. Terri is nervous about being a fat model...meanwhile Paige gets into a knife fight. And how about by the end of this season, the producers burned through all the Toby plots they could think of and then they stop giving him anything to do?

And being fat is bad. Mohammed was right.

Before someone gets their gut in my face I'm not saying that the super model thin image is what girls should strive for, that's not healthy either and just another side of the unhealthy weight angle. But over eating is MUCH bigger problem than under eating is, let's not kid ourselves, and Degrassi has already covered under eating twice. You know where under-eating is a real problem? Africa, not over here. Not to mention that Degrassi and other kids shows make sure to point out that drinking alcohol is downright a sin, and having too many beers is just as bad as having too many hamburgers.

And that is why I hate this episode so very much. Fuck you, Degrassi. I've never been more pissed off at an episode for a reason other than terrible writing.

Intensity Level: 51% Intense
Toby joined a sports team and was kicked off all in about 24 hours. He also went into a coma and may have suffered some brain damage. Terri told a Muslim to fuck off, but if she really had a problem with him, she should have just called the FBI. I'll be generous with the Intensity rating today.

Deleted Scene: (What you can only see on the DVD)
Toby embarrasses himself in gym class by being unable to do a sit-up. Someone calls him a wiener.

If I was a Degrassi Character:
In this scene, I am replacing Mohammed as the guy who tries to make Terri cry. I pull up to Terri and the gang in my dune buggy.

Me: Hey, Fat Ass, you have a fat ass!

Spinner: Hey, lay off man.

Me: Dude, Spinner, I get it, you're trying to be nice, but if you blow off that beluga and hang with me, I'll buy you beer.

Spinner: Super sweetness! See ya' tubby!

(Spinner hops into my dune buggy.)

Me: Paige, you can come too. I know you like jello shots.

Paige: I sure do, hon.

(Paige hops into my dune buggy. She rides bitch seat, which is appropriate. Between us, Spinner and I have four balls and Paige has two hands. Do the math.)

(We drive off blasting Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway. Terri is left alone. She cries tears of vegetable oil.)

Final Thoughts:
Talk about life imitating (poor) art. Christina Schmidt, the girl who plays Terri, currently works as a plus sized model for Torrid. For real. Man, I laughed and laughed when I learned that.

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