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"Take My Breath Away"

Season 2 Episode 10
Canadian airdate: November 24th, 2002

Boycott the Caf name: "Craig and Manny Date...and Manny Doesn't Get Pregnant This Time"
Important characters: Manny, Craig, Ellie, Marco
Issue of the Week: Bad dates

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

That's our JT!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

Kwan is teaching the 8th graders when Craig comes in.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

Whatza going on now? Craig and Manny are in formal wear singing a love duet in class! This is just Manny's fantasy, she has a big crush on Craig since he danced with her at the 80's dance. How sweet that Manny's fantasies are so Disney now. Manny's sexual fantasies from third season on involve her naked and being fucked in the ass under a pickup truck.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

In other crushes, Ellie has a crush on Marco. They bond by talking about Ellie's creepy Goth Tim Burton book. Kwan didn't let Ellie do a book report on it and Marco and Ellie agree it is because Kwan is so small minded. No that's not the reason, you cooler-than-though prick bags. Kwan wouldn't let you do a book report on that because it's too fucking simple for a high school book report. That book is one sentence per page under an illustration. That's the kind of book you could do a report on if you were in the second grade. In a public library you'd find it in the section with cartoon characters painted on the walls.

Ashley asks Ellie who she has a crush on. Ellie tells her its none of her business, shut up. Hey, that's not a way to talk to your only friend, asshole.

Ellie sends Marco anonymous messages until they meet in the Zen garden. What? Degrassi has a Zen garden? Since when did Degrassi become a nicer place than my college campus?

Ellie is sad because she think Marco likes Hazel. Marco tells Ellie that he doesn't like Hazel, he likes Ellie. Marco tells Goth Girl, "I go for cool, alternative." Yeah, alternative lifestyle. That's what Marco is into.

He doesn't like Hazel because breasts are a turnoff to him.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

Manny and Craig go on a date. We don't see the actual date, but we get two versions of it the day after. Manny's version is all romantic but Craig's version is all painful.

Let's look at the two tell their side. With Manny, note how Liberty isn't part of the conversation. She is catching up to Manny and Emma and trying to barge in.

With Craig we have Jimmy drinking Mug root beer. Look Mug tastes horrible. It's the most bland, flat root beer on the market. It only tastes somewhat good if you get it from a pop fountain, such as at Subway. And even then, you have to eat at Subway, so you don't win. We also have Spinner with bleached blonde hair. That's hard too look at. Spinner's hair gets worse as the show progresses. You can go blind looking directly at that.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

So the thing about the date was, they went to to mall to see a movie, but somehow there was a carnival going on in the mall, so Manny wanted to do that. Manny plays that one game where you toss a ball into the hole, but she throws too hard and the ball ricochets and hits Craig on the head. Manny's got one hell of an arm.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

Craig doesn't want to date Manny anymore because Manny likes stuffed animals and that reminds Craig of his baby sister. Come on man, a lot of girls your age like stuffed animals. A lot of girls my age still like stuffed animals. You overlook it because they have vaginas. Though the part where Manny decorates Craig's locker after one date is kind of stalker-ish.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode twenty-five

Craig is much more into Ashley. Hey.. wait a minute here, I'm having trouble with this screencap. Which one is the girl?

Ha, take THAT Goth Ashley.

Ashley is passing around an anti-genetically modified food petition. Manny asks about GM foods, saying "Does that make them good?" and Craig and Ashley give her a dismissive look. Yes, Manny, genetically modify foods does make them good. In fact, it has never been proven that GM foods are in any way harmful to eat, so the anti-GM food people mainly get off on trying to scare people. You guessed correctly Manny. Craig and Ashley were just being smug, even though they're idiots.

GM foods won't take my breath away.

Rating: D
Very uninteresting episode. The Ellie-Marco relationship won't get entertaining until we learn Marco is gay and then we will let out a big laugh. Craig and Manny dating is kind of funny as well, since we know they will be making babies next year. Oh, the times to look forward to.

How about Manny had a few scenes where she wasn't following Emma around. Emma wasn't even in most of Manny's scenes?

Intensity Level: 6% Intense
Craig getting knocked on the head was kind of intense, I guess. If I had to pick the most intense moment of the episode, that would be it, but it wasn't that intense.

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