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"Fight For Your Right"

Season 2 Episode 19
Canadian airdate: February 2nd, 2003

Boycott the Caf name: "Emma Boycotts the Caf"
Important characters: Emma, Spinner, Jimmy, Mr. Raditch
Issue of the Week: Protesting stupid shit, stealing

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Alright, here comes Emma ready to take down the school caf. She is rehearsing her presentation to get the caf to stop providing genetically modified foods. This is Emma's crusade of the week.

Emma has spent a lot of time preparing and Snake tells Emma she is ready to take on the UN. Yeah, like anyone in the UN is going to listen to what Canada has to say. The Canadians might as well send Emma to be their representative, not like it could hurt. Though I suppose the other ambassadors would get annoyed after Emma keeps pouting and stomping her foot because the General Assembly won't replace their curtains with all natural fibers.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Emma presents her case against GM foods to Mr. Raditch. Ashley is there, I guess because Emma was the only person willing to talk to her after the Ecstasy incident. Wheelchair Girl is also there, I guess the producers haven't forgotten about her yet (Maybe they could genetically modify her spine, cross it with the DNA of someone who can walk. Ha!). There is also some dirty looking extra on the team, and I swear I went to high school with that guy.

Emma gives Raditch a tomato that has been infused with scorpion DNA. Emma says this is scary because we don't know what eating scorpion DNA will do to us. Yes we do. It will do absolutely nothing. It's fucking DNA. It's not magic poison, you dumb fucks. Are you trying to imply that because scorpions are venomous then we must be eating venom in those tomatoes? Yeah, that's defiantly what you are implying, dumbass. How much shit do you eat in the morning Emma?  Because you are full of it. Maybe environmentalists would do a better job in getting their goals implemented by society if they didn't insist on scaring people with a bunch of lies. How about I'm willing to trust scientists on this one over a lame character in a children's TV show?

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

B plot time. Jimmy's dad took him on a shopping spree and bought him a whole bunch of new clothes. The other guys are in awe of how expensive Jimmy's new clothes are. I don't know why, all he has is a new hoodies and sweatpants. I'm not joking when I say I get four hoodies every Christmas and none of them cost more than eight dollars. Sweatpants are even cheaper. Jimmy has new shoes and black people never spend less than $400 on sneakers, so that must be why they are all so impressed and Marco can't keep his eyes off Jimmy.

Jimmy's dad also bought him an Ipod. It's clearly an Ipod, everyone knows what an Ipod looks like by now, but no one in this episode says the word "Ipod" I suppose for whatever stupid reason. Maybe they can't promote an American product. Instead they always refer to the Ipod as the "top of the line" mp3 player or "Mercedes-Benz of mp3 players." So basically half the episode is still a commercial for how awesome Ipods are. They should just have Marco break dancing against a blue background to "It's Raining Men."

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Later that day, Marco criticizes Spinner for wearing the same shirt many times. What the hell Marco? So Spinner has a shirt he's worn a lot. That makes perfect sense. That is what you do with clothes. Marco should go suck someone's blistered cock.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

The presentation went nowhere, but Emma isn't done trying to bring down the caf. She strikes at the caf a second time by trying to take away Toby's genetically modified french fries.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

The fries land on Jimmy's expensive jacket. Take that Jimmy, you never win. Jimmy then throws some food, which hits Paige. This is Paige's one scene in the episode. I wonder how that went down. "Hey girl who plays Paige," the director said, "Come in to work for like ten minutes tomorrow around 3 and wear this shitty green sweater."

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

A crazy food fight breaks out in the caf. While we're on the subject of the caf. I want to know why the caf in Degrassi is so much nicer than my caf at college.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Principal Raditch blames Emma for the food fight even though she didn't throw anything. Except for those french fires which did start the fight. So I'm going to side with Raditch in blaming Emma for this. He then suspends Emma for the rest of the day.

Raditch forgot Emma's first rule of Emma: Emma is always in the right. Instead of going home, Emma goes to Media Immersion. This puts Mr. Simpson in a bind because he teaches the class but is also Emma step-father. But then Mr. Simpson remembers how unlikable Emma is and tells he to go away.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

JT points out that Emma is being a stubborn cunt.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Meanwhile in B plot land, Marco wants to tell Jimmy about a new Ricky Martin song, but Jimmy discovers that he lost his Ipod.

Spinner found the Ipod, but instead of giving it back he is going to sell it to Sully to buy some pants.

Who is Sully you ask? Sully is a minor character who wears sunglasses even though he is in doors and bathrooms aren't that well lit. He must be banging into walls all the time. Sully is best known for dating Manny after she started dressing like a stripper in season 3 and then got bored with her. You have to wonder about a guy who thinks he can do better than Manny.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Emma's not done protesting, no sir. She's outside the school rallying against Raditch because he won't let her continue to lie about GM food. Raditch comes down and tells her if she doesn't apologize for being a dumb bitch she is going to be expelled for a few days.

Why is everyone holding umbrellas? We don't see any rain. Does rain not show up their video cameras? That would be weird, because I'm pretty sure I've seen rain on TV before. Yeah, I have, that one episode of Designing Women. Maybe it's this is Spirit Week and it's Umbrella Day.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Well, Jimmy apologizes to Spinner for being a jerk. And Spinner decides to give Jimmy back his Ipod and get honest work in the caf. I guess working in the caf is alright because it gives him experience when he applies at the Dot. Spinner is an honest working man, not some rich boy who can have whatever he wants because he is from the future and they have replicating machines. The moral of this plot is that Spinner is better than Jimmy.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode thirty four

Instead of apologizing on the morning announcements, Emma rants about how she was justified because she has a right to protest. No you don't, Emma. You're a child in a school. Your rights are pretty limited. Just try to go to a voting booth.

Check out how everybody watches the morning announcements. Instead of playing it on one TV set in the classroom, which would be practical, they stream it on every computer in the school. Mr. Simpson must have some lock which forces the computers to play the announcements, because if this was a normal school, everyone except him and Ashley would minimize the announcement window and be surfing the intent instead.

Rating: F
Someone is trying to boycott the caf. That sounds like an awesome idea for an episode. Wait, where have I seen that before? Oh yeah. God damn Degrassi, stop ripping off plots from just last year and go back to ripping off plots from Degrassi Junior High.

By the way Emma is a self-righteous asshole. And a liar. That makes Emma a demagogue.

Intensity Level: 38% Intense
It got kind of intense at the end.

"Fight For Your Right" Drinking Game:
Take a drink every time someone avoids saying Ipod.

Deleted Scene: (What you can only see on the DVD)
A couple of bloopers where the guy who plays Raditch doesn't know the names of anyone on the show and Daniel Clark can't pronounce "fish" because of his thick Canadian accent.

Did You Know?:
Raditch is one letter away from Rad Bitch.

Final Thoughts:
I made a very special Degrassi Ipod ad.

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