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"Holiday" Part 2

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Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight

The next day, it looks like we have multicultural fair again. Hazel is dressed as a Muslim having come to terms with her evil, terrorist heritage last season.

Meanwhile, Craig is still going out with Manny and Ashley. He's walking a tightrope, figuratively, that is. Craig isn't in the circus.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight

Ok, quick snap back to the Joey-Caitlin-Other Girl plotline. Caitlin is stuck in Joey's window. I'm not going to tell you why, because I don't care to devote anymore time to this plotline, other than to say Caitlin's a nut and needs to get on some meds.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight

The next day, or maybe it's the same day, Mr. Simpson gets the gift of a sweet wig from his students. Man, cancer isn't fun, but at least Mr. Simpson gets sweet Elvis hair now, so he really lucked out there. That wig more than makes up for his laptop getting stolen.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight

Ok, now it's the big Degrassi Christmas pageant. Marco is playing the accordion because accordion is the gayest instrument ever, right after the anal flute. Craig and Ashley are going to perform a song they wrote, "I'll Spend Christmas with You." But backstage, Ashley and Manny find out about Craig's scheming


Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight

Get ready for the only redeeming scene in this shit episode. Craig and Ashley go on stage to perform their song, but instead of singing, Ashley punches Craig on the face and walks off stage! Cool! Take that Craig, you fuck.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight

JT, who is emceeing this event, then takes the mic and says, "Maybe they won't be spending Christmas together." Ha what a line! Even Spinner wouldn't have gone there! This is just one more notch in JT's rise to coolness.

Ashley and Manny both break it off with Craig. I understand why Ashley is mad, because she didn't know about Manny. But Manny has no reason to be mad, since she knew what she was getting into. Latin girls just have a temper that's hot, hot hot!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty eight

Joey consoles Craig. This is where we kinda learn the back story between Joey and Caitlin. It seems they were engaged until Joey cheated on her. Jerk. I know where Craig gets it now. I guess this fact is good to know. Right now, I'm watching the episode where Caitlin is going to move in with Joey, but has just found out she's being sent around the world to cover AIDS for a year and has to five minutes to get on a plane. Her jerk boss didn't even giving her anytime to pack. Anyway, Caitlin mentions how Joey has broken promises in the past, and I guess that references the time he fucked some other girl when they were engaged. Let it go, Caitlin, it was a whole TV series ago.

Well, Joey realizes he's still in love with Caitlin, so he breaks it off with the girl he is dating now. I don't know why Joey chose Caitlin over that girl. She was hotter than Caitlin, and to boot, Caitlin is a fucking nutjob.

Joey and Craig rush to the airport, where Caitlin is catching a flight to Montreal to go to a spa, because you can't get a decent mud bath in Toronto. Caitlin gets off the plane to kiss Joey and they are finally together for the holiday.

Rating: F
Fuck I hate this. It focused way too much on the adults who I don't give a shit about. I didn't see the original 80's show, so I don't care what they went through and I can't follow plots that revolve around them. Give me more of Craig having sex.

Intensity Level: 0% Intense
Fuck this episode sucked ass.

Final Thoughts:
Ashley shouldn't be so upset over Craig's cheating. He's a rock star, that's what happens when you date a rock star, get over it. It's cool that Craig at least got to keep the sweet guitar she gave him. That's a plus.

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