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"Accidents Will Happen" Part 2

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Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one

Craig and Manny are quite smitten with each other now that Manny is carrying Craig's love child. Paige knows that this means Manny got knocked up and informs Ashley.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one

Well, since Ashley is a fucking bitch, she does not take this news well. Ashley can't take any news well, she's too damn moody. You could tell Ashley that she won the lottery plus got into Harvard and she's be like, "Uggh, Oh My God how am I going to deal with this PRESSURE? I'm going to go listen to the Ramones, this is so fake, and they're for real."

In the caf, Ashley blabs to the whole school that Craig got Manny pregnant. Way to be a jerk, Ashley. How about this has nothing to do with you and you can go to hell. Take some more ecstasy and loosen up already.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one

In contrast to Ashley's fury, Emma is almost as excited as Craig over what's growing in Manny. Since Emma was a bastard child as well, she feels solidarity with the fetus. To practice, Craig and Manny try to baby-sit Emma's little brother, Jack, but it doesn't go too well when Manny realizes babies are full of various fluids. Emma, though, is overjoyed to listen to all of this wackiness on the baby monitor. Chris realizes there is craziness going on because babies and Chris speak the same language. Google, guggle, shooba dooba.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one

Manny realizes she is not ready to have a child and goes back to Spike for more advice. Spike sits Manny down and tells her, "Manny, please, please, get an abortion. Don't make the same mistake I did. Get an abortion! Now, run, run all the way to Planned Parenthood and don't look back!"

Spike sure is keeping up a happy face considering she just told Manny to get an abortion. Spike is sick.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one

Now that Manny has her plan down (whacking the fetus), it's time to inform her mother. Manny's family is really strict because they are apparently Asian, and we all know what hard asses those chinks can be. Manny has to break the news of her slutiness carefully so she does not bring much shame and dishonor upon her house.

Manny sits her mother down an explains to her, "Mother, I am not a little girl anymore, and I can prove it. I fuck like a bunny rabbit. And I love hard cock ramming in me like most people love Christmas. But for me, Christmas comes every day. Yeeaahh."

Well, that's way the fetus dies. Manny's mom allows her to have the abortion. Unfortunately, Emma feels Manny needs her permission and won't allow it. Emma and Manny argue, which they seem to do in every other episode nowadays. That's friendship there.

Craig is also against Manny getting the abortion because it is his child in that belly and he believes he should have a say. Now Emma's self-righteousness is conflicted. On one hand, she has the self-absorbed notion that Manny should do what she orders Manny to do and not get the abortion. On the other hand, is Emma's hatred of men having an opinion. Emma's dislike of men win out, and she takes the pro-choice position telling Craig to fuck off and that Manny should terminate her pregnancy.

And with that, Manny goes to the clinic. We don't see the actual procedure, so that was a letdown.

The Quickie for Part 2 deals with Sean and Liberty, two characters that have never interacted before. I usually like it when we see two characters who have never spoken to each other for the entire run of the series finally get a few scenes together, but this blows because it features Liberty.

JT is fed up with Liberty's crush on him and finally tells her to fuck off. Liberty doesn't take this well. She knocks JT off his skateboard and then prepares to punch the living daylights out of him. Simmer down, Liberty.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one

Now Liberty sets her sights on Sean. It's going to be tough to win over Sean, because Sean is the absolute coolest, while Liberty is as a douche. To impress Sean, she dresses up like a greaser from the fifties Liberty wants to go to the Ravine. Whoa! That's where Canadian kids have sex. What the hell Liberty? Dressing up like the Fonz isn't going to win you any dates. The Fonz was cool and you aren't a badass, you're just an ass.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty one

Sean sure as shit isn't going to accept this and tells Liberty to fuck off. Liberty then mopes, "No one likes me." Yeah! That's for damn sure. I'm glad the stupid asshole finally admitted to what I've been saying fore the past three years. Go kill yourself Liberty.

But it turns out someone does actually like Liberty. Towerz, the black guy from the Candy Bandits who has never said a word, wants to go out with Liberty because he likes smart woman. Towerz will soon be kicked out of the Candy Bandits for this. Plus Coach Armstrong is going to be pissed. Falling in love with Liberty goes to show you that accidents will happen.

Rating: A+
Pretty good. The whole tone of the subject was handled well. Manny was clearly in over her head as any girl in her position would be, and she first let Craig and Emma make her decision for her before realizing she was too young to handle raising a damn baby. Both B-plots sucked. Liberty should not find love, she should find a tire iron across her skull. Still I'm going to set that aside and give this one a perfect score.

Apparently in an online chat, Shane Kippel, who plays Spinner, said Liberty and Towerz were the worst couple ever. Preach on, my man.

Intensity Level: 100% INTENSE
Abortion is intense. Too intense for The-N. Pussies.

What The N didn't want you to see (banned in America!):

  • The whole fucking episode. Dickheads. Yes, someone can be both a dickhead and a pussy.

    More Awesome Spinner Quotes:
    "Dude, you got a girl pregnant, and you're just walking around like 'La La La! Going to be a dad. No schleboggle.'...Where's your future, dude? I mean, no keg parties, no spring break in Florida?"

    Final Thoughts:
    You know how certain cable networks like The-N try to appear cool and hip to young people? Because if there's one thing a teenager can relate to, it's a cable television channel. They'll air stupid little promos with cartoon teens saying how hip they are, how much they are just like you, and are on your side. Then they pull this shit and ban something, because as far as they're concerned, we're not allowed to see it. Hmm...Maybe The-N isn't actually run by a bunch of ultra cool young sixteen year olds. Maybe they're really run by a bunch of uptight middle aged pricks.

    Fuck you, The-N for being a bunch of spineless douchebags. I guess Degrassi is just too intense for your phony ass. We know you're full of bullshit, no matter how cool you try to seem, or how much Flash you have on your website, or how many episodes of Moesha you air.

    And bring back Pete & Pete you cock suckers.

    Emma should have been aborted.

    DATELINE UPDATE: Well, readers, The-N has aired this episode in August of 2006, just two and a half years later. Of course, they only show it around one in the morning. But our tireless campaign has finally wore those fuckers down and succeeded. You don't need to thank us.
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