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"It's Raining Men"

Season 3 Episode 19
Canadian airdate: March 15th, 2004

Boycott the Caf name: "Marco's Gay Date"
Important characters: Marco & Dylan, Spinner, Emma
Issue of the Week: Gay dating

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Today, we get to meet Marco's parents. This is nice since it means we get to find out Marco's ethnicity, and it turns out Marco is Italian, extremely Italian, as we will later find out. I mean so Italian that is family only eats pasta and has a hard time speaking English and may be involved with the mob. It's such a racist depiction of a people that you'd think I was making it up on this site, but the show will do that itself. Marco's parents don't yet know he is gay, but Marco's dad is apparently Saturday Night Live's Horatio Sanz. Now we know why Marco grew to suck so much.

Marco is organizing a Stupid Gay Indian Dance because he likes Indian (the cow is God kind, not the drunk casino owning kind) culture almost as much as he likes man sex. Too bad no one else at Degrassi cares about India or man sex, so no one is that excited about Marco's stupid idea for a dance..

Marco also has a crush on Dylan, homosexual athlete. That's going to be the focal point of this episode, so we are in for a VERY gay 22 minutes.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Meanwhile, JT has become the spokesperson for Supafly Fries, which means he gets a cardboard cutout of himself in the caf and a commercial on TV. JT orders Toby to let him throw a party at Toby's house so everyone can see his commercial. Actually, the party is just a front so he can get with Manny. JT always goes through elaborate schemes to get girls. I bet the only reason he did the commercial was so he had reason to throw a party so he could invite Manny.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

On the more homo side of the dating front, Marco wants to ask Dylan out. Surprisingly, Spinner comes to Marco's aid to help him work up the confidence to ask Dylan. Just half a season ago Spinner really hated queers. I guess Spinner overcame his dislike of homosexuals pretty fast.

It turns out Marco has competition. Gay Tom is the third gay person we meet in Degrassi. And since Degrassi only has three gay people, that means one person is going to have to date Dylan and the other is going to be left in the lonely KY-less dust.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

What's going on here? Is Spinner talking to himself in the mirror? Actually, that's Dylan, who looks exactly the same as Spinner, and Spinner is speaking to Dylan to get him to date Marco instead of Gay Tom. Spinner really comes through for a friend. Dylan is reluctant to go out with Marco because he is so much older than Marco. Damn straight. As far as I can tell, Dylan is at least in his late twenties and shouldn't even be in the high school to begin with. But Spinner orders Dylan to date Marco, so that's that. When Spinner give you a direct order, you obey.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Dylan then asks Marco out with probably one of the creepiest faces I have ever seen. Man, Dylan is a freak. He goes around high schools cruising for boys fifteen years younger than him.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

After school, Spinner is just sitting at his desk playing with his dinosaur toys, when Marco bursts in the room having a hissy fit. Marco needs Spinner's help to pick out clothes to wear because Dylan and Spinner have the same taste in fashion. Dylan just keeps copying Spinner, first he copies Spinner's hair and then his clothes. Maybe Marco just really wants to have sex with Spinner (who doesn't?) and is just confusing that with Dylan.

Spinner picks out Marco's outfit. How about Kendra there in the doorway? She doesn't know what's going on.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Meanwhile, JT's party is underway. Manny is not having a good time sharing the couch with Jason Mewes. She has quite the rep now thanks to her abortion and doesn't like to be around large crowds who will gawk at her and says things like "Hey, there's that girl who had the abortion. She's such a dirty whore." or "Hey, Manny, where's your fetus? Oh, yeah, I remember. Ha ha."

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Hey, it's JT's commercial, and what a crazy commercial it is. I can't fucking describe it but it does feature a dog. "Hey don't be all up in my fries, dog."

Everyone at the party hates JT's commercial. And high schoolers are not a tender bunch. Oh, they mock JT horribly. Even Chris says something, though whatever it was, I don't know.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Marco and Dylan start their date at the movies. They enjoy a zombie flick, and from the sound of it, it's the most awesome movie ever.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

The queers exit the movie giddy and dandy as can be. The two are quite merry until out of the blue, as they say, Marco's wop parents show up. Not knowing Marco is on a gay date, they take him and Dylan to dinner. They must be at an Italian restaurant. Italian people only eat Italian food, that's why they're so greasy.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Here's a new character we'll meet a few more times in the last episodes of this season, Gay Waiter. He works at the restaurant and is somewhat fagish. Not too much, just enough for Marco's dad to call him a fairy and mention how much he finds gay sex disgusting. Marco's dad really, really hates gay sex. I don't know why he is so disturbed by it. I assume he must have seen it in person more than a few times, or maybe participated in his younger days that he isn't proud of it.

Dylan is so annoyed by Marco's dad's anti-butt sex feelings, he leaves the table.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

The next day at school, people continue to mock JT's commercial, even Raditch gets a few off on him. Manny tries to make JT feel better by pointing out that people mock her too. Yeah, I think the things people say about Manny are a little different than the way people rip on JT's commercial. This is a bonding moment for the two, though, and JT then chases Manny down.

Check out Manny's jacket; it's made out of carpet samples. I bet her dad owns a carpet store and made her that jacket so she can wear it around school to help promote the different types of carpet he sells. Manny probably didn't want to wear it, but her dad was like, "Dammit Manny, if you don't want to be living on the street, you will help your family and PUSH THE PRODUCT, you dirty whore!" That may seem like a stupid plan but you have to consider how many people look at Manny's chest during the day.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty six

Marco is worried that Dylan no longer likes him, but the two make up by kissing at school. Yeah, that's a good way to keep your secret, Marco. Talk about 100% GAY.

It's raining men.

Rating: A-
Despite the mammoth gay-osity, this was an alright show.

Intensity Level: 18% Intense
I don't know. It just is. Leave me alone.

What The N didn't want you to see (banned in America!):

  • The-N cut a hard core anal sex scene between Dylan and Marco. I found the deleted scene on the internet and have it in my computer. Interestingly enough, in this scene Marco and Dylan are both young Asian men for some reason and they appear to be fucking each other in a dojo. Also, there's a panda bear. Whatever. No one I've talked to online has heard of this scene, and tell me I've just been viewing some random Asian homosexual porn. But I tell you, it's from Degrassi. It said so on the search results.

    "It's Raining Men" Drinking Game:
    Take a drink every time Marco says he is too girly. He says it an awful lot.

    More Awesome Spinner Quotes:
    "On the down-low, dude's got scabies." (said to Dylan, about Gay Tom)

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