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"The Power of Love"

Season 3 Episode 22
Canadian airdate: April 5th, 2004

Boycott the Caf name: none
Important characters: Sean, Jimmy, Mr. Simpson, Caitlin
Issue of the Week: Dances

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

It's the end of the school year and the night of Marco's Stupid Gay Indian Dance Party. At Jimmy's palace, he, Spinner, Paige and Hazel (the cool crowd) are getting ready to dance, dance, dance the night away. Since it's a Stupid Gay Indian Dance, the gang has purchased authentic gay Indian clothing. The thing is, Jimmy accidental ordered female Indian clothing for himself. The gang all has a good laugh over it, and Jimmy feels like a dumbass, but I'm not sure what the problem is, because from here, male and female Indian clothing all looks the same anyway. Christ, Degrassi writers, teenagers aren't going to be that fucking anal about clothing from another continent. Give your diversity shit a rest.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

Anyway, Jimmy also paid for a limo to ride to the dance in. The limo is driven by none other than Billy Ray Cyrus. I guess writing shitty country songs hadn't turned out as lucrative as he had hoped.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

Meanwhile, Joey has asked Caitlin to move in with him, so she does.

But later that day, Caitlin's boss comes by with big news: Caitlin has to go around the world for a year to cover AIDS and she has to leave tonight. C'mon, man, that's way too short notice. You don't just decide to leave home and go around the globe in one night.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

Back at the school, Sean has been working on a computer project to boost his grade above failing. Mr. Simpson gave him this extra credit project so he could keep his grades up to stay on student welfare. Sean is so touched by Mr. Simpson's gesture of goodwill he admits to stealing his laptop, which Mr. Simpson thought he misplaced when his chemo made him crazy. Now Mr. Simpson is angry. And you don't want to get Mr. Simpson angry.

Without warning, Mr. Simpson rips off his shirt and becomes THE INCREDIBLE HULK! He lunges at Sean and Sean is only able to save himself by beating the Hulk to death with a computer monitor. At least that is how this scene should have played out.

Later on, Sean offers to make it up by fixing Mr. Simpson's shitty American made car.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

At a restaurant, Caitlin tells Joey she gave up her world trip to move in with him. Joey asks her, "Why the fuck did you do that? You just blew a huge opportunity." Caitlin is heartbroken because she takes Joey's telling her to go to mean he doesn't love her, instead of what it really meant: she's ruining her career because she's a dumbass. God damn it Caitlin, you are fucking insane. I hate you.

It takes some more convincing by Joey and a few more hours before her meds to kick in, but Caitlin finally decides to go on her trip. This means she'll be gone for a few episodes next season, which is good.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

Meanwhile, at the school, Marco's Stupid Gay Indian Dance is underway. Everyone else went through great effort and money to dress up in authentic Indian clothing, but Sean and Ellie were like "Fuck it, jackets and hoodies are good enough." Awesome. You know, in real life, pretty much every kid would have followed Sean and Ellie's example on this. Yeah, Marco may be really enthusiastic about Indian culture, but he's also really enthusiastic about butt fucking. Teenagers don't care about other cultures or putting effort into anything that won't get them drunk or laid.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

Jimmy treats the gang to a fancy restaurant, the same one Joey and Caitlin are at, because that is the only restaurant in Canada. They are served by Gay Waiter, in now his third appearance on the show. He could be a main character soon. He already has more lines than Hazel ever did in her first three episodes.

Gay Waiter one ups the cool kids when he presents them with a bill for three extra meals. In "I Want Candy" Spinner, Ashley and Paige skipped out on that bill. Jimmy pays for the extra meals because he is rich.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

Back at the Gay Indian Dance, Great White comes out to play and the school catches on fire when their pyrotechnics hit some curtains.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode fifty nine

Everyone is evacuated to the parking lot, where they get back to partying down. The cool crowd pulls up in a cop car because Billy Ray Cyrus was arrested at the restaurant on charges of sucking more than the legal limit of ass. They ask what is going on and Craig explains, "Those curtains that Marco picked out, there, like, totally flammable." Yes, of course they are. They're curtains, not rocks.

Craig is stupid.


Rating: C-
Man, this episode highlights what utter hacks the writers can be. It's not so much how I've been repeating that no kid would care about going all out to look authentic for that goddamn dance. Yeah, I know there was that 80's dance last season, but only, like, eight people made costumes for that, and it's way easier to find clothes for an 80's dance. Take that India.

No, my problem is with this Joey-Caitlin plot. Does it bug anyone else that every Joey-Caitlin story we've had during the entire run of the series has been completely retarded? That whole going around the world and leaving tonight was just ridiculous, and if you think that was stupid just wait until the end of season 4, when Caitlin leaves Joey because she was somehow attracted to the fat comic book geek that is Kevin Smith. No really, that's what happens. It's a three episode story arc too, so I'm looking for people to sign up for my class action lawsuit against Degrassi for the brain damage everyone who's seen those episodes has suffered.

The thing about Joey and Caitlin is that I honestly think the writers and producers have no idea what to do with these two. It's like, "They were a popular couple during the old show, so we should have them get back together now. Plus the actors need work." But no one knows how to actually go about this. I mean, seriously, they book Kevin Smith, and then decided, "Hey, why not use him to break up Joey and Caitlin? Why the hell not?" Whatever. I have never seen the old series, so I don't care about those two, but they keep fucking up the new show every time they have a scene together. I hate Liberty, and Caitlin comes off as almost as unlikable as her. I hear Caitlin won't be back for season 5, so that is good. It's not like anyone on the creative staff knew what to have her do. Caitlin was just a clumsy attempt to link the old and new Degrassi series, and it did not work out.

I was originally going to give this episode an A, but lowered it when I realized that I hate too much of it. Take that Degrassi.

Intensity Level: 89% Intense
The school was on fire! Next year it will be the site of a school shooting. Adding insult to injury, Liberty goes there. Degrassi can't get any breaks.

Final Thoughts:
Despite how much this episode, "Holiday" and "Take on Me" all blow, Season 3 has been my favorite season. True, there's been a lot of Marco, and that is gay. But this is the season where Sean comes out in front. He and the Candy Bandits have gotten tons of air time, and that has been sweet. I call this season The Rise of Sean for a reason. Sean and the CB are the best.

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