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"Ghost In The Machine" Part 2

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Degrassi The Next Generation episode sixty

Paige is flabbergasted that Dean walked free. Marco tries to talk to Paige because Marco is always helping out when others are in a pickle. But the pain of Dean's acquittal is too powerful for Marco's gay advice giving abilities and Paige is still upset.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode sixty

The cool crowd and Marco go to a party at Dylan's college. How about how Dylan and Marco's bump and grinding? Dylan is really courting the edge of stautory rape laws with Marco.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode sixty

Damn Hazel has a big mouth. Her mouth is almost as big as her huge breasts. Paige can't stand her huge fucking mouth, so she bolts.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode sixty Degrassi The Next Generation episode sixty

Paige relieves her stress by setting out to be the biggest whore she can be. She lets about a hundred college dudes feel her up in one night, which is an average night for Manny, but you have to give Paige her dues for being so much more loose tonight than she has been since the last time a bunch of dudes felt her up (last Wednesday).

Degrassi The   Next Generation episode sixty

Spinner tracks Paige down, and Paige immediately starts undressing Spinner. Oh yeah we get to see Spinner's tummy. That's hot. Paige can't resist Spinner's rock hard manliness and tries to rip away his pants so she can reward him with the blowjob he so richly derserves. Now, Spinner may be pissed that Paigehasn't wanted to have sex with him but he doesn't want to boink a drunk girl, because having sex with Spinner is one intense workout. You have to put all your concentration into it just to keep from dying, and being drunk means 1) you won't be able to keep focused on the job and 2)  you'll be too dehydrated to keep up the energy needed.

Degrassi The   Next Generation episode sixty

Paige makes her way to the frat house where Dean is pledging. She yells that Dean raped her, which isn't shocking to anybody, because, hey, Dean is joining a frat. Of course he raped someone. Paige can't get justice in courts or fraternities, so there is no where left to get justice except for the street. Paige takes Spinner's car and rams it into Dean's car. Take THAT, Dean's penis!

Degrassi The   Next Generation episode sixty

Why are Terri and Marco in a photo together? I don't think they have ever appeared in the same scene together. Marco doesn't seem to be happy having Terri right next to him.

Degrassi The   Next Generation episode sixty

Dean calls the police on Spinner's car and Spinner is arrested. Ever the gentleman, Spinner takes the rap for Paige. Spinner has nothing to fear from prison, even when the police plan to hold him in the specal containment cell they held Magneto in at the end of the first X-Men movie.

Paige realizes if Spinner is in prison, she won't have access to his penis, unless they do congecal visits and they only allow you to have a few of those each week. So Paige admits to the cops that she was the one who hit Dean's car. White girls can get away with crime, and Paige is sent home without having to go to jail.

Paige apologies for wrecking Spinner' car and begs him to take her back. Spinner agrees and they have sex right there in Spinner's front lawn. Paige is now over her fear of sex, and just in time because she can't believe she put this magical experience off for more than a year. Talk about wasting your life.

Degrassi The   Next Generation episode sixty Degrassi The   Next Generation episode sixty

Meanwhile, Craig has taken his big bucks and purchased a fancy guitar. Joey is mad Craig is wasting that money because Craig sucks at guitar. Also Joey needs cash because no one is buying used cars these days, so Joey might have to sell his body for medical experiments again (that's how Joey lost his hair).

Craig tells Joey to go to hell and runs off to live with Sean for a day. Craig becomes such rebel, he starts eating fries in a bowl with a fork. Well, Mr. Simpson has to lay down the law. Check out that screenshot of Snake. That's right before he unleashes the rage and slams Craig's head right threw the wall. Take that Craig.

Degrassi The   Next Generation episode sixty

Mr. Simpson knocked some sense into Craig. Craig goes back to Joey and is now helping the business stay afloat by using his pretty boy charms to get lonely single woman to buy used cars. Way to go Craig.

I hope none of those cars have a ghost in the machine.

Rating: B-
This was an alright way to kick off season 4. We get to meet our old pal Dean again. That was cool. Even Craig and Ashley managed to have a plot that wasn't totally lame, only 50% lame this time.

Intensity Level: 100% INTENSE   
Yeah, why not?

"Ghost in the Machine" Drinking Game:
Take a shot every time Paige gets pouty.

Final Thoughts:
Dylan and Dean go to the same college. That has to be awkward. What happens when they pass each other by? I know Dean will just give a shit eating grin, but Dylan must be pissed he can't do anything. I hope they don't have the same major, or else they are going to have a lot of classes together

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