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"Bark at the Moon"

Season 4 Episode 13
Canadian airdate: November 23rd, 2004

Boycott the Caf name: none
Important characters: Spinner, Manny, Paige
Issue of the Week: Love, I guess

Spinner and Manny have been seeing each other casually for some time now. Spinner wants to make their relationship official and become boyfriend and girlfriend. But Manny likes their arrangement now as it is, where they are just two people who get together to fuck once in a while. Damn it Manny, Spinner wants love, not just to make love. Unlike you, he has emotions. The Fonz felt the same way toward the end of Happy Days, and even Uncle Jesse tied the knot with his smoking hot wife. And Spinner is more mature/has had more sex that both of those men, so of course he will want a real relationship while still in high school.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy

Manny is giving the new kid a tour of the school. He is Chester, the Eskimo kid, who has moved to Degrassi after a seal shortage in the Artic had plagued his tribe.

Craig meets up with Manny and apologizes for that whole silly getting her pregnant/abortion thing. You see, Craig was insane at the time, so you can't blame him for that silly incident.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy

Breaking news! Principal Raditch has been let go by the school board. Why? Well presiding over a school that just had a shooting isn't a good thing to have on a resume. That's understandable. He kind of ignored Rick in the days up to the attack. Rick would come by his office upset that Jimmy had pulled down his pants in the caf and farted on his burger, and Raditch would tell him to handle this himself and find some way unique to show Jimmy how upset he is.

What is baffling is that Ms. Hotass has been promoted and is now the  new principal. Why did they do that? They probably gave her the job to get her out of the way because the school wanted to drop science for another hour of Media Immersion or Drama.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy

Spinner needs to woo Manny so she will agree to be his official girlfriend instead of merely casual fuck buddy.  This is harder than you might think. While Spinner is a government certified sex machine on both sides of the border, Manny is only in this relationship for the amazing sex and not the whole "love" thing. Spinner might be able to get Manny to become his girlfriend if he threatened to withheld sex from her, but that would not be healthy for either of them.

So, Spinner gives Manny a stuffed llama doll. Ok he's got her set, who can resist an adorable llama toy? Not me, I'll tell you what, that's how I got scammed out of my new house. But Manny still just wants to stick to "having fun." Once Manny's got the biggest penis in Canada to herself, why would she want more?

Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy

Problem is Manny seems to have a crush on Chester the Eskimo. He helps her set up a school dance where couples are chosen by entering info into a computer. Too bad this idea fucking sucks. How do you match up a boy and girl based on what movies and superheroes they like? Guys and girls have totally different tastes. Girls like movies such as Princess Diaries, Cinderella, and Full Metal Jacket, while boys will prefer Air Bud and Cop and a Half. Girls will also select girl superheroes like Wonder Woman or Jubilee, while boys favorite superheroes will be Warren Buffet or George Bush Sr.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy

Oh hey, lest I forget, Paige is getting serious with that teacher aide. This is the B plot. Moving on...

Degrassi The Next Generation episode seventy

Well, in contest between Spinner or Eskimo Kid, the choice is obvious. Manny knows she has to get over her fear of relationships since the Craig incident because not every boyfriend is going to make you have an abortion. Spinner's masculinity is just too much for Manny to resist. This will last for, like, two weeks until Spinner confesses he got Jimmy shot.

Liberty's a dog, so she will bark at the moon.

Rating: C
This felt like a filler episode and you can tell Shane decided to keep his A game at home. He knew the script was shit from the get go. The whole episode was pretty half assed like most episodes from the second half of the season. It was a throwaway episode because the writers wanted to focus all their energy on the next episode, where Emma sucks dick.

Intensity Level: 2% Intense
An average episode of Touched by an Angel rocks harder than "Bark at the Moon". And as much as I stood up for Spinner in this review, I feel the real reason Manny did not want to officially date Spinner is because with that gay haircut, he looked too much like a girl. Manny had trouble bringing herself to kiss anyone who looked like her older sister. At this point Spinner could walk into a lesbian bar and be hit on by a few bull dykes.

I would rewrite the review to reflect this, but I don't like writing more than one draft of any review. Revising is more effort than this site is worth.

More Awesome Spinner Quotes:
Manny: You'll have to promise me...promise me that you'll never ever break my heart.

Spinner: ...ok?

Manny: No. Not ok Spin. Promise me.

Spinner: Manny I promise I will never hurt you...with my tremendous cock. I'll just need to lube up first. Yeah...lubin' my cock.

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