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"Turned Out" Part 1

Season 5 Episodes 7 & 8
Canadian airdates: October 31st & November 7th, 2005

Boycott the Caf name: "JT the Drug Dealer"
Important characters: JT, Liberty, Jay, Mr. Simpson
Issue of the Week: Drug dealing, teen pregnancy (III)

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

JT and Liberty have met with Ms. Sovey, the school guidance counselor, for help dealing with Liberty's pregnancy. Ms. Sovey isn't helpful at all, though. For a guidance counselor, she is really forgetting the whole guidance thing. JT and Liberty are arguing about whether they should keep the baby or put it up for adoption, and Sovey's like "Whatever. Figure it out yourselves. I'm going to go smoke a joint. Nooch, losers."

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

JT has been hosting a local children's show at Caitlin Ryan's TV station, which I presume is the only TV station in Canada. Caitlin Ryan is supposed to be Canada's biggest celebrity and she works there. Toby shows up and mentions how JT's life sucks now. Toby has not been given a story of his own for a couple of years now. He just gets to appear randomly and comment on what JT is up to. He's been downgraded to what Hazel and Manny originally were.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

In addition to school and TV, JT is employed at a pharmacy in the mall. I think this might be the same mall as Paige's theater, but that is as of yet unconfirmed. But it is hard to believe Canada has more than one mall. In fact, I will now call this mall the Mall of Canada.

JT is busy stocking diapers, when who should show up but Jay. What has Jay been up to since getting expelled? I don't know, the show should focus more on his antics because a Jay episode is never a bad episode. Jay has shoplifted a bunch of stuff from the pharmacy. What is cool is how he manages to stuff way more things into his jacket then is really possible to fit in a jacket. Jay is Baggin Saggin Barry.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

In Media Immersion, the class is going to be studying preschool television. Damn it Mr. Simpson, the kids don't need to learn about that. When you are starting on preschool TV, you've really hit all you can concerning Media Immersion. The kids have been in your class for five years now, they've learned more than they need to about media. Let them take a history class for once in their lives.

Actually, I think Simpson just uses that as an excuse to show a clip of JT's show and embarrass him. Mr. Simpson is a jerk.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

Now the episode gets weird. I don't know what is up with Craig and Manny this week, but they have been spending all their time at the Dot looking goofy. Emma will come by and they'll look at her like they're planning to eat her. But instead they'll try to set her up with dates. They hook her up with that kid who plays basketball with Jimmy and hates people in wheelchairs. Meanstwhile, Peter has a crush on Emma and expresses it in his normal creepy Peter way, by stalking her.

I think Craig and Manny have just been sitting in the Dot for the past two days. Well, Spinner does spend a lot of time there working, so I can see why they would want to stay where they can breathe in his scent.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

Liberty finally goes to the hospital, which you want to sometime when you are six months pregnant. They decide they need to tell their patens/guardians about this. They are also going to rent an apartment so they can raise the baby like a family.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

First they tell JT's grandmother. It appears that JT has been raised by his grandmother. JT doesn't have a mom and a dad. Ha ha. Orphan.

JT's grandma is heartbroken that JT threw his life away for Liberty. In grandma's day, the races didn't mix. But grandma is unaware that Liberty is the best JT can do at this point. But Grandma won't help JT and Liberty raise their little bastard mulatto, so the kids are out on their asses.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

Emma goes on a date with Jimmy's friend. It goes badly because Jimmy's friend likes eating meat. Emma tells Jimmy's friends he sucks and leaves. Emma is such a bitch now. Along the way, she runs into Peter and the two of them go see a movie together. No doubt a movie where someone exposes her breasts.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty eight

With no help from grandma-ma, JT must find a way to afford the apartment and to support Liberty himself. Because Liberty won't get off her fat black ass and consider getting a job, JT has to earn all the money, but is alarmed at how much baby food and diapers will coast. Yeah, JT, maybe if you shopped at a Wal-mart or another large retail store instead of the tiny pharmacy in the Mall of Canada, you could save some dough.

Jay comes by again to tell JT he could make big money stealing some pharmacy drugs and selling them. Turns out, people like to get high. Desperate for money, JT swipes the pills. Awesome!

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