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"Redemption Song"

Season 5 Episode 10
Canadian airdate: November 21st, 2005

Boycott the Caf name: "Spinner Joins a Cult"
Important characters: Spinner, Darcy, Jay
Issue of the Week: Jesus (II)

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

blah...blah...blah...Hazel wants to spend the summer with Jimmy driving around the Deep South. That's not safe for two black kids at all. blah...blah...blah...Ellie likes Jimmy...blah...blah...blah...Jimmy heads up the painting of a mural at school that for some reason only the main characters are participating in...blah...blah...blah...Ellie is a bitch...blah...blah...blah...Hazel breaks up with Jimmy...yadda...yadda...Whatever, nobody cares.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Darcy is all changing into her hot Christian bikini for her weekend Christian camping trip when Spinner waltzes into the changing room and starts making the love to her. This is one of Degrassi's hottest scenes ever. Darcy is sliding her hot little body into a tiny bikini, and Spinner is defying the "no men in the lady's dress room rule". Take that, law.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Jay tells Spinner about an awesome keg party in the Ravine. The area right behind their high school is an awesome place to drink beer and party. But Darcy wants Spinner to appear at her Christian Club's campout. Spinner tries to get out of it by telling the Christians that he has to spend time with a friend. When one of them asks if his friend is a believer, Spinner says, "Yeah, he believes in beer."

Jay comes to the Dot and pours a flask into his coffee and talks about the keg party some more. Spinner has second thoughts about attending that party because he doesn't want to wind up a big drunk like Jay is.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Darcy takes Spinner to her Christian club's camping trip. Spinner's kind of fish out of water here, being a heavy metal Satanist among all whole bunch of evangelical Christians. Still, Spinner is having a good time until he talks to Linus, who may be the pope of Christian Club. Linus believes each and everyone one of us is going to hell unless you accept Jesus into your life, and even then there's no guarantee you won't go to hell anyway. Jesus doesn't love everyone.*

But anyway, Linus is a virgin. Yeah, I guess if your name is Linus, that's a given. Nobody named Wendel has ever gotten laid either. Spinner is fine with that, he's known Toby and Jimmy for years. What freaks Spinner out is that Linus is pre-engaged to a girl and they have pledged their abstinence to each other. So they aren't going to have sex until they get married. This is a confusing concept for a sex god like Spinner. He can't fathom how someone could be in heavy relationship and not be having sex.


Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Spinner is so frightened by the concept of abstinence that he calls Jay to get him out of there. Jay drives up but realizes he wants to stay awhile with all the hot Christian girls. Almost all the girls here are virgins and Jay loves new pussy. He makes it his mission to stay awhile and deflower as many maidens as he can. As Jay says, "I was just about to redefine bible thumping."

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Later, Spinner, Darcy and Jay hang out in the woods. Darcy surprises the guys by bringing them some beer from Jay's car. Darcy is one cool Christian. One cool enough to go into someone else's car and take their beer. At this point they play a song bit that starts out like it should be Fleetwood Mac's "You Can Go your Own Way" but then changes into something lamer. I don't know who wrote this song (probably Jake Epstein) but I think Fleetwood Mac should sue.

Jay then tells Darcy that she is in trouble. Manny is moving in on Spinner because she needs sex so badly. Craig can't satisfy her libido enough and she wants Spinner's beast within on the side. This is all Jay's lie, but it's so believable because Manny really is a whore. Darcy is worried that she has to put out or she'll loose the hottest man in Canada.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Check out Spinner sneaking the beer.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Spinner comes back to find Darcy sitting in the words waiting to make love to her. Spinner all like "Fuck yeah!" and starts making with the foreplay. Spinner's a considerate lover, making sure his lady is in the mood. But Darcy is scared she will be going to hell for this, so she keeps crying as Spinner arouses her breasts. Spinner doesn't think anything about this since Paige used to cry all the time when they had sex. It's a byproduct of Paige being a whiny rape victim.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety one

Meanwhile, Jay is playing volleyball. He spikes the ball and then yells "Who's your savior now?"

Then everyone rocks out to redemption song.

Rating: A+
I'll hand it to Degrassi, this was a genuinely good episode. I really liked it, and not how I usually like Degrassi episodes that are so campy and bad that they just have to be good. "Redemption Song" was very well written and played out. There was a certain level of depth here that Degrassi rarely enters (and with no glaring plot holes, a rare feat), and we haven't seen quality like this since the Rick Returns stories of last year.

And a lot of this depth comes from Darcy. Darcy is one of the most interesting characters we've seen. Unlike ALL the main characters, she is not one-dimensional, but actually has more than one side to herself. Part of this is probably because she is new, so any unexpected aspect of her personality doesn't seem like it was made up on the spot (Jimmy's an artist? Ok, weird how we were given no hint of this over the past five years.) Darcy is awesome. Too bad I know with something this cool, the producers are just going to gay it up later on. I mean that literally too. Degrassi is going to turn every character gay at some point.

Granted, this praise doesn't extend to the B plot, which was fucking retarded. But as far as I'm concerned that part of the episode doesn't exist. Go to hell Ellie. You too, Hazel, why are you even in the opening credits when you don't do anything? You and Toby need to be dropped.

Intensity Level: 100% INTENSE

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