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"Together Forever"

Season 5 Episode 13
Canadian airdate: December 12th, 2005

Boycott the Caf name: "Craig Leaves"
Important characters: Craig, Liberty, Ellie, Toby
Issue of the Week: Teen pregnancy (IV)

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three

Craig hates school. Instead of continuing school, he wants Downtown Sasquatch to get its big break by playing Woodstock Canada and cut an album. And talk about luck, Downtown Sasquatch is going to play Woodstock Canada. Downtown Sasquatch rocks the crowd by playing another crappy funk-rock song. Or maybe it's the same crappy funk-rock song they played in that wedding episode, which just could be the exact same crappy song they played at the car wash a year ago.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three

But Downtown Sasquatch faces stiff competition in Woodstock Canada when they are followed by the Mooney Suzuki, whose lead guitarist is the dishwasher at the Dot.

The Squatch attracts the attention of a record executive who wants to manage the band and bring them Canada wide fame. Check this guy out. You may recognize him from the hit drama Prison Break - only on Fox. I've never watched Prison Break, but judging by the promos they play during Arrested Development, I'd say it's him. Maybe this is part of the elaborate scheme to bust his brother out of prison.

Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three

This guy really needs to shave. Are we sure he really is a record executive? What kind of record executive hangs around in Canada recruiting crappy high school bands? More likely this is a homeless guy just trying to warm up to the kids so one of them will let he sleep in their bathroom for a few nights.

One thing is for sure, record executive or not, this guy really hates Ellie. He has the same first impression of Ellie I had, but I first saw her when she was a dirty Goth girl. Still I don't blame him for hating Ellie. He is also doesn't care too much for Marco or Jimmy, which is also understandable. You see, this guy is torn between wanting to sign the band, but troubled by the fact they suck so badly.

Anyway, Craig gets a letter in the mail from a university telling him he has been accepted with a full scholarship, despite the fact that he has poor grades and can probably afford to go to university just off of his father's inheritance. It's nice to go that full ride won't go to a kid who actually needs it because the show needs to set up some boring conflict when Craig has to decide between going to school for free or pursing a music career. When Craig is homeless on the streets of Los Angeles after his label drops him, and he has to give blow jobs to men for food money, boy is he going to look back on his decision right now and laugh. The laugh will be raspy due to the gonorrhea he contracted from giving all those blow jobs.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three

Also, Liberty is about to have her baby. And she's about to have it in Toby's car. Toby ain't liking that. Toby can open his mouth wide. I'd wish he'd do that in more episodes, it'd mean he'd get some actual screen time. Like, when his parents catch JT and him looking at internet porn, Toby can be like "Whoa no!" - wide mouth! Or how about Toby finds a girl who also is turned on by anime "Whoa Kendra!" - wide mouth! Or that other time Toby had an episode about him. I can't think of it at the moment. Toby is really under utilized.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three

Craig ends up going to Woodstock Canada 2 alone, because Jimmy, Marco, and Ellie never actually wanted to be rock stars and that executive wasn't going to tell them about Woodstock Canada 2 anyway. Craig sings with an acoustic guitar. After seeing how shitty Craig is with an electric guitar, it's a interesting turn to see how much he sucks unplugged.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three

Intertwined with this melody, we see Liberty have her baby. I guess when you combine a black and white you get Asian. Liberty gives the baby up for adoption. That's the end of that horseshit.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode ninety three

Craig says goodbye. I think they were trying to have a montage here and show some classic Craig scenes before leaves Degrassi forever, but the only clip we see is of him making out with Manny. I'm not complaining. Then Craig hops in a car and takes off. Craig is going off to be the next Bryan Adams.

Craig and Degrassi will not be together forever.

Rating: D-
This episode seemed very rushed. Considering that Craig is leaving and Liberty is having her baby, you think they would have made this a two parter, considering half the episodes now are two parters. I guess no one really cared about Liberty or Jake Epstein and just wanted to get it over with quickly. I agree with this move. This episode sucked.

Intensity Level: 0% Intense
Even though Liberty had her baby and Craig left for fame, it still feels like nothing actually happened here. Leave it to Degrassi to make baby deliveries boring. That one time Spike had the baby was pretty boring too. I don't even remember when that happened, it was so boring. Spike and Liberty need to leave the show.

Final Thoughts:
So Craig's gone. That's actually a good thing because now every other episode won't be about him. On the other hand, we're going to miss all of his new opportunities to have sex. He got back with Manny and it looked like they were as horny as ever. And with Ashley finally out of the way, there was potential for Craig to star in episodes that didn't blow. Oh well. With Craig and Sean both gone, there is a serious lack of cool people on the show. Spinner is too busy getting orally pleased by Darcy to pull the extra weight in Craig's absence and Jay doesn't even bother to steal candy anymore.

How about the show Prison Break? I guess the first season just ended and they are still in prison. That's a let down. I guess if you want to keep the series going for a few years you have to make sure it takes them a while to break out. But if they want the show to go on for seven years, the guys will just get released anyway when their sentences are finished. What a waste. Don't watch Prison Break.

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