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"Here Comes Your Man" Part 2

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Let's get Ellie out of the way. That's what you want to do to Ellie.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

Ellie has the B plot today as she is moving into her dorm room. Marco helps her move in by carrying all her stuff but Ellie should carry her own stuff. Ellie is stronger than Marco.

They sarcastically comment on how "cozy" Ellie's room is, but come on, it's twice the size of most freshman dorm rooms. Ellie actually gets floor space between the two beds. We then meet Ellie's roommate, who is mentally ill. She likes pink and hides all Ellie's weird Goth stuff. That's actually a good thing. You see, Ellie doesn't like her roommate because they are polar opposites; her roommate is warm, friendly and likeable. It's a modern day Odd Couple!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

Ellie is a budding journalist and she goes to the school newspaper with a story she wrote, a report on dorm life. Ellie has only been in college one day, yet she feels knowledgeable enough to write an article about it, trashing the administration as well as personally insulting her roommate. The school newspaper, being the professional operation it is, proudly prints the article. Ellie's crazy roommate doesn't take kindly to Ellie's bitchiness and kicks Ellie out and takes her room key, which I don't think Ellie's roommate has the authority to do.

With no where else to go, Ellie moves in with Dylan and Marco. Marco celebrates by watching a Saved by the Bell marathon, yes he is that gay. It's interesting that kids in Canada apparently watch Saved by the Bell, America's great high school teen show, while American kids watch Canada's very own Degrassi. Ellie is happy but I imagine she will still get charged for room and board for the semester.

A plot time. Freak out:

Sean drops Emma off at her home, where Manny and Peter are waiting. Peter is anxious for Sean to come in, but Sean does not, having just kissed Emma.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

The next day Peter comes to school dressed all tough with a wife beater to impress Sean. I remember the time I went to school in wife beater hoping to look tough. The problem was I accidentally wore a camisole instead and got beat up. Peter gets mocked by Spinner and Jimmy for being lame, and you do have to be pretty lame for a cripple to be able to make fun of you. Peter asks Sean to come to the races with him again, but Sean says that Emma doesn't like it. Peter says they can go to the races without her. Man crush!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

Sean thinks the kiss was enough to mean he and Emma are together, but Emma is still turned on by Peter's money and car. So Sean gives Emma some very expensive earrings and this appeals to Emma's materialism enough to ask Peter to take in break in their relationship and give each other some space. Peter gets angry, accusing Emma of breaking up with him and being in love with Sean. Peter also accuses Emma of sleeping with Sean, to which Emma replies, "I'm not some kind of slut. Except for that time I went down on a guy for a 5 cent bracelet."

 Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

Now things gets dramatic. Principal Hotass finds pot in Sean's locker. Sean says that is not his and someone must have planted it there. Hotass don't have time for any of this "defense" and Sean is suspended indefinitely from school. He tells Emma that Peter must have planted the drugs as he would have access to the locker keys in his mom's office. Emma isn't sure about that and now suspects Sean may be a drug dealer. That would explain how he was able to get her those expensive earrings, Emma reasons. No, that's not how it happened, Emma. Sean had to trade in 20,000 Hershey's points to get you those earrings.

 Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

Sean is pissed off about being kicked out of school. Jay tells him that the best revenge would be to beat Peter at a race. Ah...yeah...that will settle the score. "Pain 101," Jay says, "my favorite subject." Jay has really slipped from being a top tier villain when he considers a street race the ultimate way to take a punk down. Jay has been watching Grease too many times.

I at least like this scene because it appears to reveal just where Jay lives: in the loading dock of a grocery store.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

Sean and Peter race down a street. We see a man jogging late at night down the street, because jogging at midnight in dark clothes down a road instead of the sidewalk is the best way to burn stubborn belly fat. Well, we all know where this is going. Sean hits the man with his car. I mean he really hits him. Dude rolls over the hood.

Sean and Peter stop to look at the body and call an ambulance. Jay drives up and tells Sean that he has to flee the scene because he is an adult and can go to prison for this. Jay is like the anti-Marco, he only gives really bad advice.

 Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one

We then go to the Simpson-Nelson house, where the family plus Manny are discussing what happened. Peter was arrested but posted bail while Sean is still at large. Snake and Spike send Emma to her room to rest while they have a private talk with Manny about her choice of clothing. Snake has been getting aroused and it's caused some troubles for the marriage.

 Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred one  

Emma goes to her room and is surprised to see Sean sitting on her bed. Emma is always finding people hanging out on her bed late at night. There was that one time she found Spinner on her bed eating a French dip sandwich. Emma thought this was so awesome that they went outside and played volleyball in the dark.

Sean begs Emma for help hiding from the cops, but Emma is a cold hearted bitch and tells Sean to turn himself in. The episode ends with the cops taking Sean away.

Rating: D
I had high hopes for this season since it will explore the senior year of high school and the freshmen year of college, two years I have fond memories of. But this episode was just weird. Degrassi does The Fast and the Furious. Oh, for crying out loud. I thought the first part at least had potential because it was setting up nicely the love triangle we knew would happen once Sean returned, but the second part just blew that build up by going"OMG drugs, car race, jail." I liked it better back when show didn't take itself too seriously and thought it was the next Melrose Place. Or The OC. I don't know, I don't keep up with primetime soap operas so I don't know which one Degrassi is trying to follow, but it feels like they are going down that path. When your big idea for an episode is a car race you should maybe not do episodes anymore. I also liked it better back before Sean was a crybaby.

Intensity Level: 2% Intense
I refuse to cave into what happened in the story and consider this episode in any way intense. Take that Degrassi.

What The N didn't want you to see (banned in America!):

  • They cut out Darcy calling Paige a "ho" or so I heard on the internet. I don't have The-N here at college. I have Night at Night, which means I can only watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ten hours a day instead of the full twenty four I could if I had access to The-N.

    What We Learned Today:
    Paige really likes piņatas.

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