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"Working for the Weekend"

Season 6 Episode 7
American airdate: November 11th, 2006

Boycott the Caf name: "Spinner and Jimmy Sell T-Shirts"
Important characters: Spinner, Jimmy, Alex
Issue of the Week: Opening a small business

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

Man, things are not going well for our man Spinner right now. First, Darcy comes by and says she is sad about them breaking up last episode. But then she says it was the right thing to do and they stay broken up. What the hell? Why would Darcy not want to be with Spinner? I get that Spinner broke off the relationship first, so Darcy probably is just following his order, but Spinner is willing to give this relationship the go again.

Darcy doesn't know what she is giving up. The problem is Darcy never had sex with Spinner so it's not like she has taken advantage of all Spinner has to offer. Just making out with Spinner is still better than having sex with most non-black men. But having sex with Spinner is like eating a million cotton candy all at once and not getting that sick feeling you get from eating cotton candy. Actually, having sex with Spinner is way better than cotton candy. It's more like cinnamon buns. Warm cinnamon buns. Oh yeah.

Dating Spinner but not having sex with him is like owning a champion thoroughbred racing horse and never taking it out into a wide open field to have sex with it.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

The next bad news for Spin is when he reads his career aptitude results. Ashley and Jimmy and everyone else get to be lawyers, but Spinner's results are clown, police officer, and lumberjack. I don't know how strong the market is for clowns since no one goes to the circus anymore, and Spinner doesn't want to be a clown. I figured he got that because everyone knows Spinner is a comedic genius, but if they gave him a career option that was actually funny, like stand up comic or sketch comedy actor, as opposed to clown, he would do the Jim Carey thing and move to the US like all Canadians who are the least bit funny. That's why all Canada is left with is Rick Mercer, a comedian with about as much wit as your grandma (not my grandma though, my grandma is awesome and you had better recognize). They want Spinner to be a clown because then he will have no choice but to move to Quebec in be in one of those Cirque de SolGay things in Montreal. Spinner would fucking hate that but everyone would enjoy seeing his bulge through those tights.

Spinner also doesn't want to be a police officer because because Spinner doesn't want to enforce any laws that aren't his own. The cops have also been hassling his friend Sean since Sean was born and deafened the doctor who delivered him. As for why he got lumberjack, I don't know. 77% of Canada's job market is made up of lumberjacks so they probably try to fit that choice into as many aptitude results as possible.

Also, Jimmy gave up art as a career in favor of pursuing a job that earns money. So that ends Jimmy's five month stint as being interested in art. Jimmy was an "artist" like a lot of kids in high school are going to be in a "rock and roll band."

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

Spinner has been writing depressing poetry about his breakup. Jimmy doesn't want to Spinner to turn that angst into an emo/nu metal Linkin Park type homo band, so they get together with all the older kids who are still in Toronto plus Paige and have a party. Out of nowhere, Paige brags about how great her college meal plan is. Paige is going to be one of those annoying people who come home during break and brag about how awesome their college is. All you current college freshmen should know that every college is about the same in terms of how nice it is, so shut up about it when you get home. And even considering how much fun college is, you are still going to want get away and come home every once and while. The only people who don't are kids who really hate their family.

Paige takes a look at Spinner's pecks and notices the shirt he is wearing. Jimmy made the design on the shirt and then everyone says that Jimmy should make t-shirts for a living. That's good advice since no one is going to hire a lawyer in a wheelchair.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

Spinner thinks Jimmy should sell t-shirts for a living and offers to go into business with him. Jimmy is hesitant to risk putting it all on the line, but you can't say no to Spinner, so Spinner and Jimmy go to business designing and selling t-shirts. They do well selling out of cardboard boxes on the street, because, hey, Spinner is selling something out of a box on the street. Who can refuse?

They do so well on the street that Spinner wants to take this on the next level and lease a building downtown. Spinner saved up some cash working at the Dot and Jimmy is rich, so they can afford it.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

The store is a smash success as well, though I don't know how Jimmy made it inside since it doesn't have a ramp. People really want to pay $20 for a shirt with a black jagged drawing of a person. Two punk ass looking jive turkeys come by and notice how much money Jimmy and Spinner have. I wonder if we will see them again.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

The gang celebrate the success of the store and all the money Jimmy and Spinner have made. That's when Dylan pipes in and points out that they still have to pay taxes, book keeping, insurance, overhead and hydro--which I assume means water or Dylan could just have made that up to fuck with them and steal their money. Now Jimmy and Spinner have very little cash left. Looks like Marco is paying for the pizza.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

Jimmy is tired of the t-shirt business and wants to quit. But Spin takes the brilliant move of charging $40 for a t-shirt under the idea that they will make twice as much money! That makes perfect sense there. Jimmy argues that they should just liquidate everything and quit and this makes Spinner mad. Spinner leaves to get some coffee and play Crazy Taxi at the arcade.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

With Spinner gone, the two jive turkeys come back to steal the store's money. Spinner and Jimmy keep their cash in a lunch box instead of a cash register which makes it vulnerable to theft whenever Spinner is not around. The jive turkeys wrestle with Jimmy for the money, which you'd think shouldn't take two of them since Jimmy is in a wheelchair. Spinner hears Jimmy's cries for help from halfway across Toronto and runs to help. There he takes down one jive turkey in the store and slaps that cracker up against the wall. The other robber flees with the money, but he won't get far thanks to Spinner's strategically placed tiger pit in the sidewalk.

The police show up and take it from there. Jimmy and Spinner decide to close up the shop and Jimmy agrees that Spinner is a crime fighting super stud. Jimmy's dad comes by and this is a problem for Jimmy because he used his college fund money to lease the store. Spinner tells Jimmy to just tell his dad and Jimmy does. The episode ends.

Of course, Jimmy isn't taking to his dad about that. He is actually reporting to his commanding officer about his experience with primitive 21st century capitalism. Jimmy is from the future, after all.

B plot:

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

For the B plot, we have Alex studying at Degrassi. What? What is Alex doing back at school? Wasn't she a senior last year? Not that it matters. Most of the seniors last year are back in high school. Degrassi must be a pretty shitty school if they only have a 30% graduation rate. Turns out Alex is taking some classes over to up her marks to get into college. She wants to be a physical therapist which I guess is very hard to become. Principal Hotass recommends Alex take up some extra curricular to help get into college. Why?

Listen up high school kiddies, extra curricular activities aren't that important to getting into college. I didn't do shit in high school and I still got into a really good college. Of course my college slipped about 30 places in our US News and World Report ranking since I enrolled and our president fled the country while under indictment last year, but it has a good geology department. We also have a shark tank.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

Alex and Paige get together and talk. This scene sucks because they didn't make out. Alex mentions that she is trying to be nice and Paige is all like, "a tiger doesn't change it's stripes over night" and you think she is going to touch Alex's breast but she doesn't and then I have to zip up my pants and the girl next to me in the computer lab gets grossed out and calls for campus security and then I have to run away really fast.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred seven

Alex is forced to join the lacrosse team for extra curricular credit, but one girl on the team doesn't like her. During the game the one girl totally doesn't pass to Alex and then I think Alex scores, or maybe the other girl does. The scene with the game was hard to follow and I don't know anything about lacrosse except that lacrosse players like to party with strippers.

Turns out Alex used to bully the other girl, but Alex doesn't remember her. Which upsets the girl all the more. Alex was really mean to this girl too, Alex totally blinded her broke her bones on a few occasions. Alex is intense.

Rating: D-
Ok, does everyone involved in the show just not care anymore? Anyone who watches this episode from the twenty something virgins who are old enough to spot every logic hole, right down to the 13 year teen queens who are going to die from radiation exposure to "pimped out" Myspace pages were all confused as to how two high school students were able to open up their own business. It seems like there would be forms to fill out and government regulations to comply with and Sean has to go through all this trouble to try and open up his own shop, but Jimmy and Spinner did it in ten minutes. I know the Degrassi producers have never been big on making sense, but they could at least not have blown a Spinner episode. I never imagined Spinner without the stupid hair could star in a bad episode.

Degrassi is just losing it. Check out next season when Degrassi has school ON THE MOON! That's right, Degrassi is moving to the Moon. Never mind that would be impossible because Canada doesn't have the technology to go to the Moon. No one on the show gives a shit about anything. They just want their paycheck and to get home before noon.

Also, no young person is going to pay that much money for a t-shirt unless it has some retardedly amusing slogan on it such as "More Cowbell" or "White Flour."

Intensity Level: 25% Intense
That robbery was intense enough, I reckon.

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