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"Free Fallin'" Part 2

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Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen

The RA puts out the fire. I like that there are a bunch of kids outside Paige's room watching the RA put out the fire. Apparently, this dorm does not have people evacuate during a fire alarm. Though like most college kids, they must have realized by now that a fire alarms in dorms just mean that someone doesn't know how to use a oven or didn't want to go outside to smoke.

The RA tells Paige she will have to sleep in the lounge because her room is all burnt up and she has no friends to stay with. This is going to screw up Paige's procrastination. Paige is freaking out, man!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen

At Degrassi, Peter is in big trouble for driving. His parents yell at him and also yell at each other. His parents are divorced so they are always angry at each other. Darcy sees this and is a bit turned on.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen

Paige needs to finish her paper by 5pm today or she will get the boot. Having to live in the lounge, she faces problems because, as a girl in a public place in a college, annoying guys try to hit on her while she plays solitaire.

Desperate and with time running out, she buys an essay from the web. That's not a good idea, especially when you go to a large college where it's more than likely other lazy students have purchased the same paper. The professor catches Paige's plagiarism and fails her. Boy, in keeping with the realism, that professor really looks like a college professor. I bet this is how her conversation with her parents went.

Professor as a Teenager: "Mom, dad...I want to be a university professor."

The Mom: "We know dear. We've known for a while."

Professor as a Teenager: "What? How?"

The Mom: "Well, you have really short hair and never look like you are having any fun."

The Dad: "It's like your a TV station broadcasting the Dyke Network 24/7 all over Canada."

The Mom: "What?"

The Dad: "I'm drunk."

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen

Even after the other day, Darcy is still interested in Peter. She agrees to a date at the park. The date actually involves Peter doing community service picking up dog poop in the park. Peter has to do a lot of community service now to avoid getting sent to jail. Well, this is the third or fourth last straw for Darcy and she walks out on the date. I like how a guy can hook you up with a pedophile, violate his probation in front of you, and you're cool with it. But if you see dog shit, it's over--at least for a few hours.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen

Exiled from Banting, Paige heads back to Degrassi. Alex wonders why Paige is back during the week while school is in session. Paige avoids the question by kissing Alex. Then she pretends like she never even kissed Alex. The mulitple strokes have fucked up her memory.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen

Peter goes to Darcy's window late at night. He was going to steal her bike, but Darcy woke up and thought he was trying to woo her. Peter plays along with it, and Darcy is smitten once more.

Darcy agrees to date Peter because Darcy is a God damn moron. I think she is attracted to Peter's troubled life and believes Peter just does bad things because of the stress of having his parents divorced and at each other's throats. But I think Peter does bad things because he is evil as shit, though I only base this on having watched multiple times every episode where he has appeared.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred fourteen

Paige heads to a karaoke party. It is a party because Spinner is there. Marco got a little tipsy off Cherry Coke mixed with regular Coke and uses it as an excuse to rub up against Spinner. Spinner is a bit uncomfortable with it, but doesn't make a scene. He realizes by now everyone wants to touch him, and he just needs to learn to take the good with the bad.

By the way, where the hell did Ashley go? She wasn't at karaoke party, but Alex was. I think she still goes to school and is dating Jimmy. No one wants to hang out with her anymore. I can't blame them.

Paige spills gasoline on her shoe and this leads Alex to learn that Paige failed college. Paige's mom finds out but everything is cool.

Rating: A+
Wow. This was actually a good episode. And during season 6. The Degrassi team actually put some effort into this one. They did a good job of showing the pressure Paige was under. I remember how my first year of college was. I didn't set my dorm on fire, but I did snap and push a guy out a third story window. Luckily, he still thinks he tripped. The dialogue was pretty good too, and unlike most episodes where Spinner isn't present, there were some good lines, including Marco and Dylan's attempt to conceal that they are sleeping together in front of the parents. We were also clued into the fact that Paige is still attracted to Alex, even before they kissed. That's better than we can expect from a plot development most of the time. It is about time we had an episode that did not suck.

The Darcy-Peter plot, while showing that Darcy is dumb as shit, also made sense. Young girls often go for the "bad boy." I don't know if a girl would usually go for a bad boy who sent a pedophile after her, but then again, Darcy is really fucking stupid. Young girls are often dumb as shit. I can't wait for the episode where Peter viciously rapes Darcy with a broom handle. Darcy is initially upset but decides to forgive him after seeing his parents argue over alimony.

Does It Go There? Most Surely It Does

Final Thoughts
It's Thanksgiving? This episode airs in March and April, so what I would guess is that the farming season in Canada is only good for a month starting in March. After that, the weather is too poor. But according to Wikipedia, Canada has its Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. Wild man, wild. I guess the show is going to be all kooky with the timeline and season 7 will be the second half of this school year. I guess that is a better idea to continue the show at the school than have several of the characters fail their senior year again. Degrassi is pretty bad with getting their students to graduate on time. This also means the 13 episodes of the season we've seen so far have all taken place in the span of about a month-month and a half. Shit moved fast.
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