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"Love My Way"

Season 6 Episode 16
Canadian airdate: April 16th, 2007

Boycott the Caf name: "Paige Gets Double Teamed"
Important characters: Paige, Editor Guy, Alex, Spinner, Emma, Snake
Issue of the Week: HOT TEEN SEX (III)

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen

Ok, so Paige has settled in to being a college dropout. She has taken the position of being the manager for Spinner and Jimmy's t-shirt store despite the fact that the position doesn't pay and the shop was supposed to have closed. Paige takes to her job and tries to get ad space in the college newspaper that Ellie works for. She talks to Editor guy and asks for free ad space because the t-shirt shop has no money. This would normally be refused, but Editor guy wants to get in Paige's pants, so he allows them to put ads in the paper for free.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen

Paige and Alex have a lesbian tea party. Alex advised Paige that if she is going to date dudes, she should keep it casual, no attachments. But Alex is surprised when Paige starts seeing Spinner again. Alex is a lesbian, so she doesn't have the same animal lust for Spinner all straight woman and gay men have (and straight men!) or at least has to pretend she doesn't. Making it apparent that you find Spinner attractive will get your membership to the Lesbian Club revoked. Then you can't get into the clubhouse to play golf and they take away your card that gets you 10% off Timberland boots.

Paige and Spinner are going to keep it casual though. Paige makes sure that Spinner understands that they are just fuck buddies. Like last year, Paige just wants Spinner for his cock. Can you blame her? Spinner's cock is as essential to life as water and oxygen. In fact, when Paige has sex with Spinner she doesn't need to breathe for a week.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen

Speaking of fucking, Sean and Emma plan to and they go to the pharmacy to get condoms and birth control pills. Since this is the only pharmacy in Canada, Snake just happens to be there at the same time. Snake is thick as a brick, and not in the cool way like that rocking Jethro Tull song, so he doesn't know what is going on. Emma shows him the contraception and says, "Snake, Sean is going to work my pussy like a manic!"

Emma discussed the fucking with her mom, but Snake feels left out. He wants to be kept in the 411 of what Emma is doing with her vagina. But when Snake starts to demand something in the house, Spike and Emma are ready to yell at him and shoot him down. They make sure he knows that he has no authority in this house. The order of power goes Spike, Emma, whichever friend is staying in Emma's room, baby Jack, and then Snake.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen

The t-shirt store is going to have a fashion show to promote their clothing. Paige helps Alex get dressed in a pink shirt (because Marco doesn't look good in a pink girl's zip up, no matter how much he wants to) and they talk sweetly to each other. Boy, I don't think this will lead to anything!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen

In keeping with the whole casual thing, Paige is seeing two guys at the same time. First there is Spinner. Paige likes him for the sex, of course. The AMAZING sex. But Paige is also seeing Editor guy. Yeah, he broke up with Ellie. That was kind of sudden. But come on on it's Ellie. You can only stand Ellie for a week at best, after that you have to be buzzed on vodka to tolerate being in the same room as her. Paige likes Editor guy because he can dance. If you think it is incomprehensible that Editor guy's dancing could somehow compete with Spinner MIND BLOWING, LIFE ALTERING sex, you should remember that very few straight white men have any idea how to dance or even enjoy doing it.

Of course, this guy is competing against Spinner, so for now on I am going to assume he dances so well because he is a tremendous flammer.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen

Ok, so Snake is uncomfortable with the idea of Emma having sex. Yeah, it's his problem for having reservation about his teenage daughter having sex with a guy who was in jail. I know every other father would be cool with it. Mine was when I had sex with a guy on parole. Snake tries to keep his mind off it by wrecking computers and then trying to repair them.

Now it is time for some Media Immersion! Liberty gives a presentation on herself.

To get back at Snake, Emma's presentation is about her having sex. She shows several graphic pictures of her and Sean going at each other. Oh yeah, I did not manipulate that screenshot in any way. Snake realizes the error of his ways and he gives Sean thirty bucks for a motel room.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred sixteen

Spinner is upset about Paige dating Editor guy. The thing is, Spinner doesn't use a condom, so if Paige isn't using a condom with Editor guy it means that Spinner is one degree away from having sex with Editor guy. And Spinner don't play that.* Paige breaks it off with Spinner. Yeah, now she is feeling healthy, but the next time she has a stroke she'll miss the healing touch of Spinner's shaft.

Turns out Alex still likes Paige and they kiss. Oh yeah! You think with all the same sex kisses Degrassi has, we'd get used to it. Yeah, when Marco and Dylan kiss it's ridiculous and the show should stop. It's been overdone. But Paige and Alex haven't been lesbians for as long as Marco has been gay, so there is more time we need to explore this relationship. It's a fact, Paige and Alex are Degrassi's hottest couple, right behind Spinner and whoever is with Spinner that week.

*I like this line of reasoning because then I would like to have sex with musician Kathleen Hanna. You see, she dated Dave Grohl back when he was in Nirvana. So having sex with her is as close as I could ever come to having sex with Dave Grohl.

Rating: B+
This was an alright episode, a pretty good follow up to last week's adventure. It's not as strong as its predecessor, but was still pretty good. I forget what it was I didn't like about it, because I had everything written about this review a week ago except for this single sentence.

Does It Go There? To an extent
I guess it has its moments. Mainly the girl on girl kissing.
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