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"Don't You Want Me" Part 2

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Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

Lextasy was really traumatized by stripping. She doesn't want to do it again, but she's poor and poor people have few options in Canada's vicious social hierarchy other than to continue the vicious cycle of poverty given to them by their parents.

Let's talk about the exterior shots. On the left is the strip club. It is called Zanzibar. I wonder if that is a real strip club. Johnny brought up the fact that in the Tenacious D song "Fuck Her Gently" they mention ordering food from Zanzibar and wondered if they were referring to this strip joint. I thought that was wild speculation. I would not want to eat food from a strip club as I don't want anything from a kitchen that close to all those bodily fluids. Yeah, they'll try to be careful to comply with health regulations, but you know with all those people there at some point something you don't want to eat is going to slip into one of their apple pies.

Check out the exterior shot of Lextasy's home. I wonder if that is a real life low income housing area. Whether it is or not, I'm sure the people who live there will appreciate being used to showcase where poor people live. Though, as I understand it, no Canadians actually watch this show as the entire fanbase is located in the US.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

Jay meets Sean at the Dot and learns that Emma may be pregnant. Yeah, they are still concerned over the pregnancy thing even though the test came back negative. Jay tells Sean that he is set for life now. Jay thought they could sell the baby for money. He knows a place in Chinatown where you can get $10,000 for a baby, double if it's blonde with blue eyes.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

Jay, Jay's girlfriend, Lextasy, Paige, Marco and Ellie are all at the club together, for some reason. Ellie meets Editor guy there and they get to talking. I find this unrealistic because it is impossible to have a conversation in any normal club, the shitty music is too loud and people are usually too drunk to understand words anyway. This club is awesome, though, because they serve a lot of nachos.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

Lextasy and Paige are lesbian lovers again, but Lextasy wants to hide the fact that she is now a stripper. That doesn't work out to well when Paige actually comes by the strip club and sees her stripping. They get into a fight and Dracula guy assumes Paige is applying for a job. He tells Paige that auditions are on Thursdays and she'll need to drop twenty pounds.

Paige doesn't want Lextasy to strip, but Lextasy says she needs the money to not become homeless. Paige gets Lextasy an internship at her mom's company and tells Lextasy to swallow her pride and accept the job. I think Lextasy already swallowed her pride when she became a stripper. I hate to think about how demeaning this internship will be if Lextasy has to swallow more pride than she already does working as a stripper. I don't know what internships are like, but if the intern on Dilbert is any indication, you'd be better off as a stripper.

Paige and Lextasy break up over this. At this point, I think Lextasy and Paige hold the record for most breakups in the same relationship, previously held by Sean and Emma.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

Hey look, it's snowing. Why this is the first time Toronto has had snowfall in over three years! Degrassi is so excited about this that they make plans to hold a Winterfest dance. To make room in the schedule, they uninvited Al Gore, who planned to come and give a lecture on global warming. He was obviously lying.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

Emma tells her mom that she is pregnant. Come on Emma, the test was negative and you haven't even gone to the doctor's. Emma just wants to be a pregnant teen to fit in with everyone else. But then she lets out a girlish yelp and we learn she just got her period, which means she is not pregnant. Manny, Emma and Spike all dance because Emma got her period. That's what girls do when one of them gets her period.

Sean enjoys hearing that Emma is not pregnant and got her period. Sean is always excited when Emma gets her period. But things are still not peaches and roses for Emma and Sean, because Sean is still going to enlist in the army. Emma needs to stop worrying, the army will be great for Sean. He does enjoy killing, after all.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

At the strip club, Lextasy has to deal with a divorced middle aged man named Alan. Alan asks if the name Lextasy is French. No, it's made up. Alan doesn't care that Lextasy is a lesbian. He wants her to come to Vegas with him for some good times, which probably involve her having sex with him for money. It's good times for Alan, at least. Alan touches Lextasy, which makes her quit.

I wish Lextasy would have taken Alan up on his Las Vegas offer. That would be a kickass focus for the next season...mostly the parts where Lextasy would be forced to live as a sex slave for Alan and other desperate middle aged men because she has no money or way to get home. Talk about the best TV show premise ever.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

Lextasy's mom used her stripping money to get Chad out of jail. Lextasy is so upset over this that she leaves home. I guess Lextasy's mom really is a complete dumbass.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

The Winterfest dance is on. Ashley and Jimmy try to be in denial about Jimmy's paralysis by trying in vain to dance together. At least the guy on the side who is trying to dance with them is is having a good time. Toby and Darcy win Winterfest king and queen. Toby just won on the sympathy vote because his boyfriend died.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode one hundred eighteen

For some reason Paige is at the high school dance. Ok, I guess Alex invited her and you can have graduates at a high school dance, but then Paige still decides to come after they broke up. Spinner is at the dance, so that's a good enough reason to still show up.

Alex arrives in a new red dress. She must have changed in a McDonalds bathroom on the way there considering she wasn't wearing that when she left home. Since Alex is no longer a stripper, Paige and Alex can be partners again.

By the way, I don't get why homosexuals will refer to their significant other as their "partner." That's a bad term because whenever someone who is gay mentions their partner, I first assume they must run a business or something. I don't know where in the gay handbook it says you can't use the term boyfriend or girlfriend. It's not like you are even hiding anything. Everyone knows you are gay when you talk about your partner anyway. Get real, gay people.

Rating: A+
This was a solid episode. They did a good job of putting Lextasy under some real pressure, the kind that would really drive her to strip. Even though the money problems got worse and worse to the point where you have to think that Lextasy's mom is a fucking idiot, well, then she bails out the guy who put her and Lextasy in this mess and also beats her. So Lextasy's mom really is that messed up. Two thumbs up.

You could tell the people who make the show were getting into putting this episode together. If you asked someone who produces the show, they'd tell you, "You know kid, whatever your name is, sometimes I don't know why I got into the business of making low budget teen drama shows. But after six long years of this crap, I know why I did: to dress an 18 year old girl in tight clothes and have her dance for me. Yeah, this is the sweet life."

I also like how Paige was a bitch to everyone who worked at the strip club, including Lextasy. Then Lextasy makes an ultimatum that Paige has to accept her as a stripper or they are done, and Paige turns it around and makes it sound like she is breaking up with Lextasy. That's our bitch.

Does It Go There? Yes
Come on, you can't disagree. We get strippers. I like that in the background of the strip club, the show implied that prostitution goes on in the back rooms. That's realism. At the strip club down the freeway from where I went to college, you can get a hand job in the backroom for twenty bucks. At least that is what I have been told. Not that I have any first hand experience, heh heh. Just ignore where I'm tugging at my shirt collar awkwardly like steam is coming out. But I would occasionally joke to people that we can go down there and split a hand job for ten bucks each, reasoning that the stripper has two hands, after all. We could even have a curtain over her halfway for some privacy. That's one way to lose friends in college.

Final Thoughts:

Check out the cat design coat hanger in Lextasy's home. It's really hard to tell in that picture, but it's a large gray cat in between two smaller white cats. The thing is, it doesn't look like a daddy cat, mommy cat and baby cat because the white ones are both the same size. It looks more like a male cat with two bitches.

Season 6 has been really uneven. I would go so far as to say it is the worst season so far. It started out really bad and then stayed really bad until Paige came back and went nuts. I've been watching and analyzing this damn show way too much for the past five years and I've seen them go through the motions and half ass it before, but not like this season. For a long time it was like no one on the show cared, which was probably true from the first season. I think the thing is, not only did they run out of ideas last year, but they film the show in the summer so it's nice out and everyone wants to wrap it up as soon as possible every day so they can go swimming. That can explain why the return of Sean wasn't anywhere as awesome as it should have been. At least the season picked up after they got rid of JT and started focusing on interesting characters instead of Peter.

Finaler Thoughts:
Ok, if you've been following along at home you'll notice that we now have every Degrassi episode reviewed, as i have caught up on all the older episodes. This means there will be little new content until the show returns in the fall. Johnny and I also recently graduated college, so hopefully will we have jobs by then. If not, expect a lot of new content.
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