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"Fight The Power"

Season 8 Episode 3
Canadian airdate: October 17th, 2008

Boycott the Caf name: "Jane's Song"
Important characters: Jane, Spinner, Peter, Mia
Issue of the Week: A girl on the football team!

Today's review features special guest, The N vommets who will help out by giving us pointless commentary on screenshots.

"Fight the Power" begins on the football field. Spinner's girlfriend is trying out for the football team. You have to hand it to Degrassi writers, they had an entire knew sport come to the school just so that they could do the tired clichéd plot of a girl wanting to play football. They could have just not introduced football this season and easily done all the football related plots with a sport like hockey, or even better not done them at at all but the Degrassi writers were just like "fuck it that's add a football team, who gives a shit anymore." As for the whole "a girl wants to play football plot", Degrassi does it better then Phineas And Ferb but worse than Little Giants.

Derek is going against Jane on a passing drill and is getting his butt whipped. Nobody cares that Jane is doing well, they just focus on how much Derek sucks. Also it appears she is the only person trying out for the team, everybody else already has a spot despite the fact that Degrassi is an expansion team. The coach even says he chose the weak link for the drill and makes Derek run laps rather then acknowledging that Jane is a good player. Jane asks the coach if she made the team but he says he has to check with the school board to see if she is even allowed to play. In America a girl can play on a boy's team if there is no female equivalent, but this is Canada, so I don't know if they have equal rights yet.

I only recognize like four people in this new theme song. As you can see even people who like the show enough to do the stupid vommets hate the song, as well as the cast. Also one person keeps saying that Peter is gay. Can't argue with that.

Billie says in one of the other reviews that theme song is sung by Shania Twain. That might be a joke but I'm just going to believe her anyways. They should have got Neil Young to sing it, he's Canadian and seems like a stand up guy. I'm sure he would want to help out the struggling Canadian television industry and could throw something together. Even if he wouldn't, they could have just gotten the rights to "Cinnamon Girl" and made that the theme song. Listening to "Cinnamon Girl" is more enjoyable then any episode of Degrassi. Oh, who am I kidding, Degrassi couldn't afford "Cinnamon Girl." They'd be lucky to be able to get the rights to something off of Trans.

Jane is pumped that she did well at the tryouts. She thinks she is going to be all up on the football team. That guy in the screen shot who I think is suppose to be a main character says that beating Derek is no big deal, a trained ape could do that. What's awesome is that Derek is right there behind him and doesn't dispute this. Derek has come to terms with how much he sucks and how everybody on the team hates him. I think he opposes Jane being on the team so strongly so that he can get other people to direct their aggression towards her instead of him. The boys leave and Jane starts talking to Darcy about how Darcy is going to Africa, but hasn't told Peter yet. This is a plot point that the writers have been planning for some time, not a quick way to write her character off of the show. I'm reminded of when Ashley needed to get off the show and took a trip to England which caused trouble with Craig, only this time I care less, which is amazing considering how little I cared then.

In the hall, Jane is trying to convince the coach that she should be allowed to play football. The trouble is that the coach is a huge asshole and says Jane should play a girl's sport. He also points that Degrassi has no football trophies and that he wants to change that. Degrassi has no trophies because they just got a team. Also having a girl on the team won't mean they will lose. If she is bad they can just not play her. Jane argues that she can handle football because she use to play rugby which is similar to football but without pads. In response, the coach then asks if she is doing this to meet boys. This football coach, kind of a moron.

As it turns out, the school board is making him accept her, and all of this was pointless. The coach makes sure to point out that she doesn't get any special treatment. She showers with the team. Also he doesn't give her any equipment, telling her to get some from one of the guys. I guess the coach gave random team members extra helmets or something. Maybe he just doesn't have a key to the storage room.

Oh, I guess she doesn't have to change with the boys. Reactions among the cheerleaders are varied. Holly J thinks Jane is a lesbian, Mia thinks Jane can help the team, and Anya is glad Jane isn't in the locker room oogling Sav. Hey Anya, Jane is dating somebody known on this planet as Spinner Mason. Spinner was more of a man when he was one year old than Sav ever will be. That's like saying "Hey you just got done driving Knight Rider but I hope you aren't jealous of this Huffy I found in an alley."

The guys on the team didn't give Darcy any shoulder pads so she goes looking for some. In response to asking where her pads are the teammates throw sanitatary napkins at her. Derek then tries to be menacing, saying there will be a lot of blood loss on the field. He could be talking about Jane or himself. Jane puts a couple of the napkins on her shoulders and says those are all the pads she needs. As the scene ends Derek watches her walk away, all angry. His teammates are jostling him around while he tries to do this. I think they like him less than they like Jane. So far it seems like everybody but Derek is just having some good natured ribbing with Jane.

Elsewhere, Peter is getting ready for an after football party. I don't think he is on the team but is throwing them a party. Peter just likes social networking. Darcy reveals that she can't help him get snacks because she is going to Kenya. "Like Africa?" Peter responds. It would be funny if it was actually Kenya, New Brunswick. Peter is understandably upset that Darcy didn't tell him until the day before she leaves. Also she can't make the avocado dip. Peter breaks up with Darcy. It's no biggie, Darcy could easily do better.

Kenya? I thought she was moving to Beverly Hills, HEY OH! Either way it's definitely greener pastures.

At the football game Spinner is standing with Sav's little sister and Darcy's little sister. I have no idea why. They're like half his age and he has never met either one before. I'm going to assume Spinner is only there to protect them from that fat guy in the background. Fat guy wants to rape them, or maybe eat them, but won't make a move if Spinner is around. Normally Spinner would just kill fat guy in the name of justice but he doesn't want to disrupt the game. The game by the way is being played on a field with no stands or P.A. system and a row of houses on one side. I guess they just found an empty lot to use as a field. The coach has to announce the players with a megaphone as they get off the bus. Nobody cheers for Jane. Jane thinks it's because they don't want a girl on the team but actually it's because nobody wants to risk inciting Spinner's jealousy.

The next guy is announced as Roose the Moose. He looks like Meatloaf's son and slaps Jane on the ass when he runs out. He better become a main character because so far he seems pretty awesome.

As the game winds down the score is tied. Webster is the quarterback and he says "Black 18" before the play. I laugh because he himself is black. Jane catches a pass but gets nailed because Derek doesn't block for her. The other team then picks up the ball and runs it in for the touchdown. People blame Jane for the loss despite the fact that Derek fucked up and then nobody tackled the guy who recovered the fumble.

At Peter's after party everybody is dancing and doing party stuff. Sav's sister and Darcy's sister somehow got invited and are playing Mario Kart on the Wii, which is way more fun than dancing. First they hang with Spinner, then they go to Peter's party, those girl's are nerds, but they have some great connections. DeadToFall thinks the party music is lame. I agree because they are not playing "YYZ" by Rush.

Peter is sitting on a couch being miserable. Mia comes and consol him, saying she knows what its like to be abandoned. So does Mia's baby. Peter says the party blows so the two of them go for a walk. While they are gone people steal all of Peter's stuff and have sex on his bed. At least that would happen in real life.

Spinner totally almost nails some girl with his car. He then implies that he and Jane will have sex at The Dot after it closes. Jane is upset about her fumble. Spinner points out it is Derek's fault for missing his block. Jane is worried that the team won't feel the same way. Then they show up with shirts on that say "Sorry I dropped the ball. It's my time of the month." It burns Jane but in a way that ensures no girl will ever date any of them. Come on Moose, I expected better from you.

Jane confronts Derek, Webster, Moose, and a third guy telling them to take the shirts off and that its Derek's fault anyways. Webster points out he doesn't care that Jane fumbled he just thinks the shirt is funny. Actually it's the only clean shirt he has ever owned. Jane tells them to take off the shirts, which Derek thinks means she wants to see him shirtless. That's just gross. The cheerleaders come by and all side with Jane. Good job, Derek. When you want to stop somebody from doing something the best way to do it is to offend people into supporting that person.

Over in Peterland, Peter reveals that he hooked up with Mia at the party. Danny says that leaving Darcy for Mia is like trading in a Porch for a bus pass. Ouch. Peter is feeling bad about moving on from Darcy so fast and tells Mia this. Mia feels betrayed even though all they did was walk around one night. Peter is finally honest and upfront about a situation and Mia shits all over him. Now he's going to go back to taking naked pictures of girls and putting them on the internet.

Jane brings Snake with her to practice to complain about the shirts. I think she brought Snake because he can bridge the gap between men and women. Coach sees no problems with his team wearing something that would offend roughly half the world's population. Oh and I found out the coach is also the principal, and apparently named "The Shep." It is obvious he is one of those principals who tries to make the kids think he is cool and that involves catering to the popular kids while making targets of the losers. You would think Degrassi would be really sensitive to bullying and teasing what with the school shooting a couple years ago, but apparently not. The coach decides to make the team do down ups until they cry as punishment, including Jane. That's what you get for being offended by a vulgar attack on you and your gender.

After practice Moose and Derek jump Darcy. Moose holds her down and Derek kicks her much to the surprise of 6Charlie67. I'm going to have to take back what I said about Moose earlier. At first I assumed he was a big fat party animal what with the silly nickname and butt slapping. Now he comes off as more of a person who is evil, what with the assaulting of woman. Even if Jane wants to be seen as an equal to the boys a two on one attack is still pretty low, especially when they both out weigh her by quite a bit. At least this sets Moose up to be a villain. Its been a while since Degrassi had a good heel and I think attacking a girl is a good way to get Moose down that track.

Jane runs into the locker room and tells the coach about how she was attacked. The coach downplays it saying "boys will be boys" and reminding Jane that she gets "no special treatment." The Shep is not only a horrible coach but a horrible principal and a horrible person. Even if she was a dude he should at least be kind of upset that she was assaulted. At least Webster is horrified to hear what happened. When Webster is the most sensible person in the room you know something is wrong.

Jane goes to The Dot and Spinner begins closing in preparation for their date. Its still light out so either Spinner is closing at 4:30 or Toronto is actually located on the Artic circle. Jane tells Spinner what happened and Spinner's first response is wanting to murder Derek. For real he says "Derek is a dead man." Jane doesn't want Spinner fighting her battles so he destroys some furniture in anger. He asks "What about Danny, Sav, the coach?" while making a mental list of people who may also need to be murdered in the future. The scene ends with Spinner asking if football is worth all this trouble; then the shot lingers on Jane's face while that music plays every time the shot lingers on somebody's face.

Peter decides to make things right with Mia. He does this by faking an announcement calling her to the office and intercepting her in the hall. This is because Peter can never be completely honest about anything. He always has to fool people. He and Mia decide to take things slow.

This reminds me of when I was in high school. There was this one kid that looked like a mad scientist. He had big glasses, blonde hair that stuck straight up about a foot, and he walked with perfect posture. He would never bend his back. We speculated what he would look like if he ran but wanted confirmation. The plan formed was that we would secure the principal's office, then use the intercom to call into the room he had that hour and say "Attention Mad Scientist, please run to the office taking the rout outlined on the map under your desk." Then people stationed on the way would videotape and take photos. We would have to call him mad scientist because nobody seemed to know his name. We assumed he would know we wanted him. Sadly this planned never worked because our principal packed heat and repelled our repeated attempts to take control of his office.

Darcy's sister and Sav's sister are going around with a cardboard box handing out presents sent by Darcy. Sav's sister makes a comment about the game that makes it sound like she has never heard of this fut baull before. Darcy's sister says they are planning on making posters for the next game but Jane says their may not be a next game, because she might quit! Jane has a big head if she thinks the game won't happen if she quits. Maybe Degrassi has exactly 11 players. Darcy and Sav's sisters say Jane can't quit because Jane is their hero. This does little to motivate Jane because they are both really lame people.

Doesn't anybody in Canada know what football is?

Darcy sent Jane a dream weaver. That will not help at all. Also do they even have dream weavers in Africa? Darcy is just at the Indian Casino outside of town.

Darcy's sister gives Peter a present. Then gives him the stink eye for hanging out with another girl. There is no reason to presumptions to assume Peter is dating Mia since they are just eating lunch, but Mia is a huge slut, so it is a really safe assumption. Peter throws out the present because of that whole horrible betrayal thing that Darcy did five days ago. After Mia leaves, Peter digs the present out of the garbage. Either he still has feelings for Darcy or he just wanted some cool shit from Africa.

In the locker room, The Shep is giving a speech when he notices Jane enter. He tells her she can't be in the locker room because it's the boys room. Jane points out that he is giving the team a talk and that as a team member she needs to be there. She then gives a heartfelt speech about how much she likes football and wants to play. Jane says that no matter what anybody says she is part of the team. The coach then disagrees with her, saying that she isn't. I'm sorry was his real name Sheppard, or Satan, because that is something Satan would say.

Webster, Sav, and somebody else I think is suppose to be a main character stand up to say Jane is on their team. Then the rest of the team but Moose and Derek stand up and accept her as a team member. The coach then reluctantly agrees that Jane should not be treated like some sort of monster for having the audacity of not sticking with gender roles. Jane no longer has to fight the power.

Rating: B-
This episode is Spinnerific! Or at least as Spinnerific as you can get without a story that is actually about Spinner. The Jane storyline is cliché although I suppose it is something that still happens in real life. I don't get people who don't want girls on football teams. It would be one thing if she sucked but Jane was pretty good. Way better than Derek. I'd rather have a good girl on my team than a shitty boy. Plus, Jane is dating Spinner, which means she has the blessings of God himself. That's only going to help the team.

The Peter storyline is pretty good. It actually makes sense. I can't believe it. This is like the first time a story with Peter in it hasn't been a complete cluster fuck. But here we are with Peter dealing with realistic feelings of betrayal and attraction. Who'd have thunk it? I'd say they should have possibly made it the A plot but I doubt the writers could come up with that much material that isn't retarded.

Does It Go There?
Moose and Derek basically risked death by Spinner by going after Jane. That's daredevil shit right there.

What Are The Forum Fags Saying:
I just watched this episode, and since this has been my first degrassi episode since about season 6 … I can honestly say that I'm glad I stopped watching. - Santeria

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