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"Didn't We Almost Have It All"

Season 8 Episode 4
American airdate: October 24th, 2008

Boycott the Caf name: "Liberty Fills a Quota"
Important characters: Liberty, Holly J
Issue of the Week: Women are bitches

Liberty is looking at joining a sorority. Emma says Liberty should be independent. Emma tries to play it like she is above the Greek system, but we and Emma know there is no group of women who would ever want Emma in their circle. She's had the same two friends since she was 12. Liberty wasn't even a friend, originally. Emma hated her at first, but realized she was never going to get into the Paige crowd like Manny did, so she had no choice but to be nice to Liberty. You could count Toby as her third female friend, but who knows where Toby is now?

That boy who is sharing a room with the girls points out that Liberty is dressed too fancy for the occasion. Liberty tells him that you wouldn't wear t-shirt and jeans to a job interview. You would for a job you could get during college. I don't think Pizza Hut or the gas station next to it are going to be big on a dress code. Hell, I've worn a suit to several job interviews after college where my interviewer was in a t-shirt and jeans.

Liberty wants to join the sorority her mom was in, but another super fancy sorority asks her to pledge. They only accept the best, so the big question is why they want Liberty to join. This question and many others will be answered at the exciting conclusion of Degrassi: The Next Generation episode 147!

Liberty tries out for the fancy sorority and she and the other pledges gather at the sorority house to meet the big wigs. Each pledge has to begin by talking about the hardest time in their life. One girl says her boyfriend gave her a mullet while Liberty describes the time she had to give her baby up for adoption and then the father died. "In a gang fight?" someone asks. "Not exactly," says Liberty, choosing to end it there rather than explain that he was stabbed and died in a puddle of pee. Now the sorority assumes Liberty is a hip hopping black sista' from the inner city. Does Toronto even have an inner city? I guess the part where Jay and Alex live is the bad part of town, but it can't be that bad if it's in the same school district as Jimmy's mansion.

Back at Degrassi, Holly J has a conundrum. It seems that every member of the cheerleading team has had sex except for her. That makes sense because if Holly J were ever nice to anyone she'd have found someone to have sex with by now. Holly J may think she can get by just by being hot, but every girl at Degrassi looks exactly like her. Apparently, Degrassi used the Terri incident as an excuse to implement a no fat chicks policy for the school.

Holly J puts lose her virginity on her to do list. She crosses out the names of Degrassi boys she considers and then rejects. She finally goes for a new boy who impresses her by having read the book for English class. If you have ever experienced a high school English class, you would realize how remarkable that is. Holly partners with the boy in art class, as he will draw a picture of her. The art teacher assigns the task and then bitches than the fascist school board will not allow them to do nude portraits. Degrassi really nailed their art teacher portrayal.

The sorority hosts a CRAZY college party. Everyone likes having Liberty here because they are all really drunk. Liberty has to represent her sorority by having sex with a pledge from a fraternity. Man, I know that hazing can be pretty severe, but forced to have sex with Liberty? That's cruel. The pledge sure as hell won't go there. He and Liberty sit on the bed and then he asks Liberty for her panties. Liberty gives them to the boy and then his hand falls off.

Holly J gets herself drawn (poorly) by the boy. She gets ready to make her move by taking off her shirt. Now she is only in her cami and skirt and all the other clothes she still has on. They make out and I forget if they have sex. Anyway, we then learn that one other girl on the cheerleading team is a virgin because she is dating Salve and Salve doesn't have a penis. Now I think Holly J is sad she had sex with some flaky art class dude. Or she didn't have sex and is embarrassed she almost gave into peer pressure. I don't know. I will not watch this episode again to find out.

Liberty gets really drunk at another sorority party. Liberty has never had alcohol before, being a dorkus malorkus, so she gets so smashed that she and three other pledges go streaking. The streaking was captured by the student newspaper with a story claiming to have spotted Bigfoot. Liberty worries this will get her kicked out of the sorority, but they really need her to join. They need at least one minority or they will lose their funding. Liberty is sad to learn that they do not want her because they like her. But she's been Liberty her whole life so she should know better by now.

Rating: B
Hey, a reasonably good Liberty episode? What is this, Crazy Opposite Day?

Does It Go There? Sort Of
I like it whenever Degrassi tries to do a race plot, because it makes it apparently how utterly white the writers and producers are.
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