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"With Or Without You"

Season 8 Episode 6
Canadian airdate: November 16th, 2008

Boycott the Caf name: none
Important characters: Emma, Manny, some other people maybe...Salve...
Issue of the Week: Islam's treatment of women

A bunch of Degrassi students are going on an educational ecology camping trip led by Mr. Simpson. The students are all the new people I don't like and don't even know most of their names. The black kid Simpson adopted talks to the lesbian about collecting moths. Mullet kid is nearby enjoying a good book so he tells him to shutup. The black kid is all like, "But I was just telling her about my moth collection." Mullet kid sighs and says, "Don't make me pound you." Mullet kid really doesn't feel like bullying right now. He knows what's expected of him as Chief Bully, but his heart just isn't in it anymore.

In the girls bathroom, Salve's sister and Salve's girlfriend are putting their makeup on, because you have to get your makeup just right to go camping in the woods. Salve's sister tells Salve's girlfriend about their family dinner and Salve's girlfriend is upset that she was not invited even though she is not a member of Salve's family.

Salve's sister is smitten for Mullet kid because he picks on her friends. She tries to talk to him, but Mullet kid would rather read his book.

As everyone sets up their tents, Mr. Simpson announces they will play a game of Survivor, where each student will be an animal and the only way to win is to be alive at the end of the game. Mr. Simpson is going to take his rifle and hunt the kids down in the woods.

It's some time later. Snake has killed twelve students (including four seniors), and Mullet kid is sitting with his book when Simpson's adopted son comes by and grazes Mullet kid with his moth net. Mullet kid responds by punching a hole through Simpson's adopted son's moth net. Salve's sister is greatly impressed by this show of toughness by Mullet kid. I guess that's a show of toughness compared to Salve and the other wimps Salve's sister hangs around. Really, Mullet kid is phoning it in today. Wrecking a bug catching net isn't much when you consider he helped kill a kid two years ago. Mullet kid is more interested in the joy of reading.

I wonder what book Mullet kid is reading. It's a thin book with a white cover. I think he's holding a copy of the script. The actor probably always had trouble memorizing his lines so the producers said the hell with it and are going to have him read off the script while they are filming.

Hey, it's Chante Black! You know, she's now one of the senior most members of the show. You'd think they'd give her a bigger part now, but the producers are giving her the Hazel treatment. Since the producers obviously don't pay that much attention to the show, they probably think she's Hazel. Chante offers Salve a hotdog, but a bigger black person takes it first. That reminds me of a certain time a big black kid took a basketball from a Mr. Jimmy Brooks. In the black community, the bigger the black person is the more power he or she has over other black people. That is why all blacks regard Shaq as their king.

That night, Salve's girlfriend goes into Salve's tent. To win his everlasting affection, Salve's girlfriend says she will convert to Islam. Apparently, Salve is a Muslim. Salve finds religious conversion so hot that they make out.

Meanwhile, Salve's sister finds her way into Mullet kid's tent where they play poker. The card game is interrupted when Simpson's adopted son places a garter snake in the tent, scaring the poker players. Garter snakes are pretty common in Michigan and everyone here knows there are no snakes in this state that cam harm people. Ontario has the same environment as Michigan, so I'd think the Degrassi kids would know that too. But a girl is going to freak out at any animal that isn't small and looks like a bunny rabbit, and Mullet kid thought that the garter snake in his tent was a message that Snake was going to kill him.

Salve gets mad at his sister for being alone in a boy's tent. Salve's girlfriend points out that she was also alone in a tent with a boy, so by Salve's logic, she is also a dirty slut. Salve is cool with that because he wants a dirty slut, but then Salve's girlfriend tells him that men and women are equal. Salve is a Muslim so that is the first time he has ever heard someone say that. Salve's girlfriend says by that logic, it means that Salve was just as bad as her sister. Salve's girlfriend breaks up with him because she wants to be able to get a job and drive a car and not want to have to wear a burka. She is now Salve's ex-girlfriend.

It's probably worth mentioning that Emma and Manny have a plotline too. They both think their boy roommate has a crush on them and argue over who gets to claim him. This leads them to talk about how they tend to crush on/date the same boys--Craig, Damien, Jay. "I don't know how to put this," Manny says to Emma, "but I don't think you actually went out with Jay." Score one for Manny because Emma is even a bigger whore than Manny is, and that takes a hella lotta slutiness.

Manny and Emma spend so much time trying to figure out which one of them their roommate likes that they forget to do an assignment and lose a whole letter grade in that class. We don't actually see Manny and Emma spend more than a scene talking about their roommate, but we'll just have to take the show's word for it since they haven't done any school work. They go to their room to find Male Roommate making out with a girl who is not one of them. It turns out their roommate doesn't like either of them. It's Emma and Manny so of course he doesn't.

Emma and Manny gang up on Male Roommate in his office and demand to know which one of them he likes. Male Roommate and his chest hair point out that they all made a rule about not dating roommates so he doesn't like either of them. He also doesn't like them because Emma is shrill and annoying and Manny is always masturbating in the bathroom when he needs to go poop.

Rating: F-
I don't even want to bother to write about this episode further. I seem to say that alot in my rating paragraph, but I can't help it that this show is horrible.

Does It Go There? No
You heard me. Move along. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.
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