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"Heat of the Moment"

Season 8 Episode 12
Canadian airdate: February 15th, 2009

Boycott the Caf name: "Holly J Runs Afoul of the Internet"
Important characters: Alli, Holly J, Peter
Issue of the Week: Internet hatin'

Holly J looks longingly at the cheerleading team, to which she had been cast out from for being a bitch. Alli and Claire come by and Alli off hand comments that Holly J is bitter about being kicked off the squad. She suggests Holly J spend her free time to look for a boyfriend. I am surprised that Alli knows this about Holly J or who Holly J is.

Holly J does just that when she then looks longingly at some boy. I think that was the flake who likes Pink Floyd way too much. Maybe he could like more recent bands--some of them aren't lame. I suggest Queens of the Stone Age. Some people say Radiohead reminds them of Pink Floyd. I think it is because Radiohead also have a lot of good songs, but also a lot of songs that are way too long and don't go anywhere. By the way, is this boy a cast member? This is his second appearance and so far, he's had more lines than the girl who played Hazel did at this same point.

Alli says she has a boyfriend, and when Holly J presses her, she reveals it's Johnny DiMarco. Holly J questions Johnny in front of his posse, which brings him much dishonor. He denies all knowledge of even knowing Alli exists. Their secret hookup is over after, like, two episodes.

Alli pleads with Johnny to stay with her. But Johnny can't keep it going now that the cat is out of the bag and running amok. Alli whines at Holly J for destroying the relationship. Holly J says, "Yeah, must have been a really solid relationship if one comment destroys it." There is Holly J again, saying something true but in a way that is incredibly mean. Alli replies, "It was, it was really good." I assume Alli is referring to the relationship rather than Holly's comment.

Downtown Sasquatch II is practicing in the abandoned factory Peter lives in. Spinner is still in the band for some reason. I think these guys are a band in the sense that they play Rock Band together. It makes sense that Spinner would be on the drums since drumming is the only instrument in the game that translates into musical skill in the real world.

Peter's dad enters and drops off Peter's baby sister, Petra. Peter has to babysit and also he has a sister. Peter does not want to babysit, but Peter's dad says he has to because Peter is allowed to live in the factory his dad used to run before he shut it down and moved all the jobs to Mexico. Peter decides to see if the baby likes guitar and plays his electric guitar in front of her. That really hurts the baby and she cries. Considering what a horrible person Peter has been, this is actually the least bad thing he has ever done.

Mia loves the fact that Peter has a baby to take care of. She wants to coach Peter as a nanny 911. A cute uniform will be involved. I think Mia has an adult baby fetish. It would kind of make sense for her to develop one since Mia is a horny teenager but has to spend lots of time changing diapers.

Moose and Derek pick on Alli for thinking Johnny was her boyfriend. Moose and Derek are bullies, but they are bullies who only ever pick on girls. They have given up on ever dating a female. Anya pulls Alli away and they talk about how Holly is a cunt for she has wronged them both. Holly J waves to them from across the caf. Holly J must have Asperger's too. She doesn't understand social rules and thinks you can be good friends with someone after being mean to them.

Alli fights back the only way her nerdiness allows her: by starting an "I hate Holly J" group on Facerange, Canada's knockoff version of Facebook. These kids are too cool for MyRoom. Chante Black shows Holly the group, which upsets her. In other news, Chante Black is still on the show. You think now that the show is focusing on characters that are her age then the producers might have promoted her to a full cast member when they hired 50 new people. Maybe this is like The Office, where Chante is also a writer who has a supporting acting role on the show. What am I saying? The Office is a good show, it is nothing like Degrassi. To get back at Alli, Holly J tells her she saw Johnny take another girl to the ravine. It's good that the new kids are continuing the tradition of the ravine being a great place to get it on. All schools need a place where teenagers make out or have sex nearby.

Peter and Mia schedule some makeout time, but the crying Petra ruins it. Peter can't handle taking care of a baby, which deeply offends Mia. Of course he can't take care of a baby, Mia, he's a teenager. That's why what you did was so stupid. Also, where is Mia's child right now? She's trying to be all high on the horse when she left her child outside in the alley. I bet Mia saw a 20/20 piece on baby snatchers and is hoping if she leaves her baby unattended enough times someone will take her. It's tricky, because if she just leaves her baby behind, she can get into big trouble with the law for child neglect, but no one can blame her if the baby just gets kidnapped. It turns out that being an unwed teenage mother kind of sucks.

The Facerange group spreads like chlymedia throughout Degrassi. Hundreds of kids have joined and posted messages saying that they too hate Holly J. Everyone chants "I hate Holly J!" and drives her out of the cafeteria like she was Liberty.

Peter's dad doesn't know how to fit Petra's car seat into his car. Since he must have driven her countless times, I assume he usually just threw her in the trunk. Peter shows his dad the proper way to put Petra into the car, demonstrating that after one day, Peter has learned how to take care of a baby.

The Facerange group celebrates exiling Holly J from the caf. Derek threatens to lynch her, because Holly J is a girl. If Derek were to ever pick on a boy he might have to get into a fight some time, so he plays it safe. The group gets Alli in trouble with Mr. Simpson and her (Alli's, not Simpson's) dad. Mr. Simpson suspends Alli. Simpson can actually act pretty tough when he's dealing with a four foot tall girl.

At home, Alli is polishing the family's magic lamps. This isn't because she is grounded, but as she is a girl in a Muslim home, she has to do a bunch of chores every day. Her brother, Salve, on the other hand, gets to sit around with his guitar. Salve is one of those people who can't play guitar, so he just carries it everywhere to make people think he is a guitar player.

This matter is not settled. Holly J's parents called the Mounties and now Alli has to go to the Royal Mounted Police's main fort for questioning. Alli says the police should be out catching real criminals, but this is Canada, so it's probably the first crime the town has had all day. The Mountie who questions her was probably really excited to get to deal with a death threat and just because he is talking with a 9th grade girl is no reason for him to not play the tough cop for the first time in his career. Alli gets a warning place on her juvenile record. Alli's father is very ashamed at Alli's dishonor and was planning to throw acid in her face, but the drug store was already closed.

Peter's dad comes by he factory holding a bass guitar. Peter is offended that his dad doesn't even know he plays lead guitar. I am offended that Peter thinks he knows how to play any guitar. I think Peter's dad wanted to audition for the band. Peter's dad admits that Egad! he has been a bad dad. Mia is just happy that Peter has learned how to take care of a baby. If Peter and Mia get married it will be funny when Peter's sister wants to know why she has a niece around her same age. Peter will say,"You see little Petra, my wife is kind of a slut. That's why I married her!"

Alli meets Anya at the Dot, where Anya has been waiting for over an hour or a burger. Food is coming in very late because Holly did not come to work. Of course, Anya is going to wait because nobody can beat Spinner's special recipe for hamburgers. Anya then takes Alli to Holly's house, where she is bedridden with the vapors. Holly J does not want to return to school, but Alli and Holly J make up and I think Anya is going to be Holly's friend again, so now Holly J will have one friend.

Holly J should take the opportunity to think about why the entire school hates her. Nah, she's not gonna do that. But now Alli will know to not get so wrapped up in the heat of the moment.

Rating: F
I bet the Degrassi producers were jealous when they saw Mean Girls. Here comes Tina Fey, who doesn't have a background in education or produced a poorly put together teen drama in the 1980's and she manages to create a movie that is more entertaining and realistic than anything Degrassi has ever done. Also, that movie was filmed in Toronto. I like to think that the Degrassi producers were often watching the filming (from behind a fence) while shaking their fists and scowling. They wanted to get on the set to sabotage some stuff, but--as many of the actors have found out--being involved with Degrassi doesn't open a lot of doors for you in Hollywood.

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