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"Just Can't Get Enough" part 2

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It's the morning after.Mia slept over in the factory because Mia has decided to abandon her child. Peter stayed up all night playing Super Duck Hunt. Mia calls Peter a meth addict. Peter only took meth once but this is a show aimed at teens, drugs have to be unrealistically powerful on first time users. Why let facts get in the way of talking to teenagers?

Peter takes more drugs before school. He still had a lot of that little thing left over from last night. I don't know how much meth you can take, or what it does to you or even what meth looks like, so whatever. Damn you Degrassi, you've escaped my eagle eyed examination of your many plot holes this time.

Peter signs up for a passport online. Jock Marco sits down with him and is sad that Peter is taking his skinny wiener to France. Declan or Fiona (the boy) stops by to make sure Peter didn't try anything on his sister/common law wife and shows Peter a website with before and after pictures of meth addiction. I don't think that's meth addiction in the picture above. I think that guy just turns into the Incredible Hulk.

Holly J has the B plot in part 2, which is good because there was so many lesbians in part 2 that I was getting really turned on. And those lesbos are, like, ten years younger than me. Blew has drawn a scrap book doe Holly J highlighting the newspaper clipping from the night of Spinner's shooting. Blew cannot wait until his is as big and strong as his hero, Holly J. I enjoy the headline "Plucky Waitress." I wish more waitresses had pluck. I'm not sure where to go with that.


Mia drops out of school so she can go to Paris. Principal Peckerhead is happy to see her go. Since she has a child, he assumes Mia is a secretary or cafeteria worker who got a better job offer.

Peter quits Studz but won't let the band continue without him because he wrote all the songs. You have to hand it to Peter. He fronted a popular band, got a drug addiction and quit all before he graduated. He also saw a lot of naked ladies a long the way. Peter Stone is the Canadian David Lee Roth.

Peter falls asleep in science class. That means when the teacher said,"Grab your apparatus and come see me for chemicals" Peter couldn't say "That's what she said!" for big laughs and cheers all around. Johnny steals his iPod and throws it into some acid or something. Johnny just gave up a free iPod. It's Peter's so the iPod had only incredibly shitty songs on it. Destroying it was for the best.

Mia is modeling in France. The crazy photographer is barking orders in French. Then Peter comes in and gets really jealous of Mia and is all drugged out and crashes some lights and is kicked out. Then they go back to Peter's factory and Mia calls him a poophead.

Oh, I guess they aren't in France yet.

Peter Stone is stoned (ha ha HA) for a third day in a row. He is all hyped up in the morning but then cuts class to go back to the factory and crash on his couch, He then poops his pants.

A dance is underway. Holly J has been heading up all the preparations for the dance, which includes finding hot tubs. They have hot tubs on the dance. I am not lying. People are also cannonballing into them. Holly J got them those expensive and unnecessary things because I guess Holly J is principal of the school now. Everyone is coming to her with crazy demands and problems that need fixing. Connor wants to know how he was split into two different people, one a grown man, the other a 5 year old child. The answer: it's a science project gone awry! Like when Steve Urkel became Stefen Urquell. I fully admit that I only thought up with that analogy between Urkel and the two Connors because they are both black.

That blonde lesbian from part 1 plays guitar for the kids. Her songs aren't very good, but she can at least play an instrument, so Studz is going to have trouble following her. Peter isn't around to sing or play guitar, so Studz is going to be much better. The remaining power trio worry about what they are going to do with out their really bad singer. Actually, only Salve and Webster worry. Spinner always plays it cool, looking like the Terminator in those shades. He also shouldn't be in the school. The writers need to make him the new principal or a teacher who gives advice to the kids. We all know what class Spinner would teach: How to Be a Sexy Beast (Advanced Level).

Peter went to the scuzzy part of Toronto (where Sean and Alex are from) to buy more meth. Then he comes to the dance and goes all druggie crazy cause he is a weakling when it comes to getting high. Peter is hopping mad that Studz is still playing mediocre rock without him. He takes the stage but with his drugged out druggness he sings even worse than usual and is kicked off the stage. Then Chante gets all in his face either her damn videocamera for the school blog. I'm not sure how this would be appropriate for a school's website. Peter socks Chante in the face, which is the first time I have ever rooted for anything Peter has done. Peter then runs off in a big huffity huff.

Everyone keeps partying without him. No one cares about Peter and there are hot tubs. Blew is disappointed that Holly J didn't do something about the fight on stage after it already happened because Holly has had to put the entire dance together and then man the ticket booth all night so she wasn't even in the main room when it happened. Blew feels betrayed by something that doesn't involve him at all, as well as let down by his prince in shining armor, Holly J, and Blew breaks up with her--kind of sort of. Not that they were dating before, I don't remember. Blew just wanted to be the woman in the relationship, have Holly J make all the decisions and do the hard work and fuck him up the ass.

Peter ends up stuck in that platform thing between two roads and very scared about the traffic. He is too dumb to know how to use a crosswalk.

Peter tries to cross the street but a semi truck hits him. Peter's legs and arms are torn from him and his stump of a body falls on the pavement, spewing blood out of what used to be his shoulders and hips. For a brief second he is still alive, fully aware of what just happened to him and in the greatest, most horrific, intense pain he has ever felt. For that brief second his life flashes before his eyes and he relives all the sins his committed and people he has wronged. He's alive to see the massive truck's tire crush what is left of his body. The last thing he sees is the dog poop on the tire as the it crushes his skull, sending blood and fragments of body parts all over the road. There isn't enough of him left to bury. What bits and pieces of him remain are mopped up into a bucket and dumped in the trash. A hobo comes by during the cleanup to eat his liver which he found lying in a bush.

And who was driving that truck?

Sean "Mad Dog" Cameron.

No sorry that is only what should have happened. What happened for real was that Spinner walked across the highway and all the cars stopped for him. He then coddled Peter and gave him and blanket and bottle and a diaper change. Principal Hotass returns to Toronto to look after Peter, because I guess he has been living without parents for a year. Hotass tells him that if he does drugs one more time then he is off to rehab because Peter is so lame he turns into a giant stoner in just three days. Mia goes to Paris to star in a shitty Twilight ripoff on the CW.

When it comes to doing meth/being an unrepentant asshole, Peter just can't get enough.

Rating: Z
I would say that Degrassi has past its prime and run out of good ideas, but I've been saying that for five years now and Canada hasn't listened. I've said how much I don't like Peter and don't buy that he isn't anything other than an evil jerk in every Peter episode I've reviewed. I have no sympathy for Peter. The only way he could redeemed is if Sean came back and kicked his face in. That would be Peter's undoing, since no one has fought Sean Cameron and left without permanent disability. Sure, Jimmy was paralyzed four years after they fought, but his injury while fighting Sean severally weakened him enough that a shot to the kidneys made it so he could never walk again.

Does It Go There? NO!
Someone has gotten high or drunk at least once a season and the stories keep getting lamer each year. Nothing can top Ashley taking E. I mean, that episode had toilet drinking and a water melon. All this one has is Peter not knowing how to use a crosswalk.

What The Forum Fags Are Saying:
"Except that's not at all how meth makes you act, from my experience. It turns you into a paranoid recluse. I guess different people react differently, but I wanted to see Peter scratch his own eyes out." - Three

"I did buy that with Jay in the movie. Even if his ability to play drums came out of nowhere, Jay is totally the type of burnout loser who would still hang around with high school kids, because they're the only ones who would think he was cool. Spinner is not that pathetic, he wouldn't hang out with Sav and Webster. And he would downright dislike Peter since he was around when Peter was still an evil little shit." - absintheaddict
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