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"Heart Like Mine" part 2

KC wakes up the same way many of us have, hung over in a strange hotel room with a shirtless man. What happened? Did they just watch porn together, or had the gay sex? Maybe they just jerked off next to each other. That's cool as long as you keep your eyes on the movie right? Right?

At school everybody on the basketball team is says they are bummed that KC got a one on one with Couch. Last night KC was the one getting bummed, Hey Yo!

Alli seems to be more upset about KC leaving Claire then Claire is. She tells Jenna to go back to



Hey Lance Storm you get out of here, nobody likes you.

Fiona doesn't like that Declan bought Holly J a coffee so she steals it and licks it suggestively.

Degrassi is having another pep rally. They have like more pep rallies then any other school ever. KC is either hung over or feeling upset about being near Couch cause he runs off and vomits. Last night he was throwing up too, throwing up dat ass for the couch!

Fiona and Declan are having marriage problems. She likes sitting alone during lunch and acting stoic while he likes interacting with people. Declan tells her to take on an extracurricular activity. Fiona decides to try out for the school musical. For some reason Declan gets the final word on who gets the lead role and he declans to give it to Fiona.

Couch is on KC's ass because KC did bad at practice. Last night he was also on KC's, oh forget it. I like how this couch will rape a player on his team but still hold him accountable on the court. He is professional and doesn't let his personal life effect his job. He won't play favorites no matter how many times the two of you make out.

KC is scared because the basketball championship is tomorrow. Couch wants to teach KC how to conquer his fears so he takes him out to his car and shows him his Glock. I said Glock, as in a gun. Nothing proves how not scared you are like keeping a large hand gun in your car.

Fiona is so excited about being the lead in the musical that she can hardly wait until they get home before having sex with Declan. Declan has a couple of pizzas so who can blame her?

Couch's by the hour girlfriend comes by the hotel room. This makes KC feel pretty awkward. Its one thing to have sex with your basketball couch, but bringing a prostitute into the mix is a bit much. Now they're going to have to wear condoms.

I wonder what's going on in the ho's mind. She's sitting their while Couch tries to convince KC to have sex with her. Now that has got to be awkward. I don't know why the prostitute would agree to have sex with a 15 year old anyways. That's like way more illegal then just being a prostitute. If she was a man she would totally go to jail for doing that. KC takes off, leaving the Couch to cover the bill.

It's the championship game! A band that sounds like Jet but isn't them is playing as to set the mood. KC isn't on the court though, he is outside breaking into Couch's car so he can steal that gun. This probably isn't good.

For whatever reason Fiona is having a costume fitting during the championship even though she only got the role yesterday. Usually costumes come along towards the end of a play production, not the beginning. Declan tells Fiona she sucks at singing and is out of the play. I don't know why. It didn't seem like he came to any realization about his corruption, not on screen at least. Chante Black has been given the lead in the school play. That's for the best, they're doing The Wiz. Fiona is going to be making costumes. All right, that's one storyline out of the way, lets get back to the A plot.

Claire asks KC why he isn't in the gym being everybody's hero. I think he is going to go hero himself in the bathroom. That or shoot Couch. Either way it's going to be a damper on the championship game. KC enters the locker room where he has a short confrontation with Couch. KC says he is going to expose the couch for the scumbag he is while Couch smoothly yells "I never touched you with my penis!" That's not a suspicious thing to yell.

Mrs. Hassafrass and Snake are standing in the gym watching the game when they notice KC coming in. KC tells them something is wrong and hands Mrs. Hassafrass the gun. Well. that's one in her hat I guess. Raditch couldn't prevent any shootings. This is the one highlight of her career.

Couch is led away by the police while some band plays. I don't know who it is but I can tell you who it isn't, awesome singer songwriter Neil Young. Come on Degrassi, he's Canadian. He will probably let you use his songs in exchange for a tax write off. I really need to learn how to make Youtube videos. It would be like when somebody puts "Enter Sandman" to footage from Dragonball Z but I would do this scene and the song would be "Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)". Anybody who wants to do this for me go for it.

The next day Connor and the other Connor ask KC what's up with Couch being arrested, but vamoose when Jenna shows up. KC tells her that Couch is in fact a creep and they hug. This ending is not as good as the one a couple of minutes ago with Couch being led away while the music played. The episode should have ended there. Heart like mine.

Rating: B
WTF mate? A high rating for an episode this season? That's right. This definitely shows that if the writers try they can make a good episode. KC is fitting prey for a predator. Previous episodes show that he suffers an identity problem due to his situation in life. Its not far fetched to believe he would seek the attention of his basketball couch. This is why he keeps going back to him despite the initial rape. KC is torn between having somebody in life who is older showing love towards him (even in such a twisted way) and the act which disgusts him. The combination of confusion, revulsion, and betrayal logically brings KC to steal his couch's gun and I was seriously anticipating the ending. I thought for sure he would either kill himself or the couch. The ending was a but of a let down from a dramatic standpoint but I guess they don't want to lose the character. That's a disappointment, I think this could have been one of the great moments of Degrassi is the producers had the balls to go through with something permanent. Instead its just going to be another incident none of the characters ever mention.

That being said, despite my praise for the A-plot I must say that all the subplots suck severe ass. Jesus Christ, do I have to go on? For one thing Marco does not know Holly J, also I don't give a shit about Declan fucking Fiona unless I get to watch it, okay Degrassi people?

In summery, the A plot is the shit and the B plot is just shit, which is why the final grade is only a B .

Is There Enough Content For This To Be Two Episodes?
Yes there is. The extra time really allows the story to develop. First we have KC leaving Claire and Couch taking advantage of him, then the second part is pretty much all KC dealing with what happened. It also helps that plot points like Jenna liking KC and KC being troubled were set up in previous episodes. While the B plots could have been cut to make it fit within half an hour I think the episode would have felt rushed. Simply having the extra time, even when it wasn't addressing the story, made the situation feel more grave. It gave the viewer time to digest what was happening and made it feel like KC must be thinking about it the entire time as well. Its just a shame the B plots were so completely worthless.

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