The Web BtC

The Mini Web Episodes - Season 3

Hey, these are from season 7 and I am just getting to them now.

"Roommatus Interuptus"

Boycott the Caf name: "Interrupting Roommates"
Important characters: Ellie, Paige, Marco, Editor Guy

Mini 3

Ellie is making out with Editor Guy in her bedroom when Paige and Marco burst in and argue about buying more cable channels. Now Ellie will not get felt up which makes her mad.

Grade: F
Does It Go There? No

Hey, Ellie, you don't need to stop making out. It's only another woman and a gay man in the room. No reason they can't watch.

"Six Months"

Boycott the Caf name: "JT Memorial"
Important characters: Ellie, Paige, Marco, Editor Guy

Mini 3

The original Grade 7 kids, + the Websters + Paige all converge on the spot where JT died to remember the sixth month anniversary of his death, the rain having washed away the pee.

Grade: F
Does It Go There? No

Why didn't they go to his cemetery plot instead?

"Who Would You Date?"

Boycott the Caf name: "Emma Talks to Mia"
Important characters: Emma, Manny, Mia

Mini 3

Emma, Manny and Mia talk about how they find Toby and the Websters attractive. Obviously, this is one of those minis that takes place in a parallel universe.

Toby and the Websters sit behind the girls and overhear this. They must have traveled to this parallel world using a Slider device Toby crafted. The boys contemplate a move on the ladies, not knowing that this dimension's Toby and Websters are actually bodybuilders.

Grade: B
Does It Go There? No

"Queen Bees"

Boycott the Caf name: "Paige vs. Holly J "
Important characters: Paige, Holly J

Mini 3

Paige and Holly J get into a bitch-off at the Dot.

Grade: A-
Does It Go There? No

"Degrassi of the Dead"


Reviewed Here

"Degrassi Party Etiquette" (1)

Boycott the Caf name: "Sexy Party"
Important characters: Sean, Emma, Toby, Ellie, Holly J

Mini 3

There is a party at (I think) Ellie/Marco/Paige's house. A whole bunch of strangers show up because this party is getting out of hand!

Toby shows up and acts attracted to Marco. Then Sean shows up and Marco acts attracted to him.

Holly J has the holly jollies for Toby and throws him down on a bed in order to ravish him. Of course, Toby blew his load the moment she talked to him.



"Degrassi Party Etiquette" (2)

Mini 3

Liberty catches Holly J with Toby. Holly calls Liberty "Mrs. Urkel" which is the coolest put down Holly J has ever thrown out. The two girls chase after Toby. Only one of them will get access to his two inch penis.

The original grade 8ers, along with Jay, Darcy and Jane play Truth or Dare in the kitchen. Jane says she does something 12 times a week. She was referring to the amount of times she cooks Spinner a Reuben sandwich.

Paige and Darcy kiss on a dare. Why did they save that for a fucking web only clip?

"Degrassi Party Etiquette" (3)

Mini 3

Manny, Darcy, Jane, Paige and Jimmy line up to ask which one of them was Spinner's favorite kiss. Spinner hems and haws before admitting it was Terri. What? It's true. It's because she always had hamburger on her lips.

Ellie changes into something sexy to get Sean's attention. By that, I mean she changed into gray tank top. And Ellie wonders why she has trouble getting boys.

"Degrassi Party Etiquette" (4)

Mini 3

Ellie drunkenly forces Sean to kiss him. Sean is disgusted and wants to talk to Emma, even though Emma is being a rude bitch to him (but that's how their relationship has always been). Emma is seeing Damien (remember him?) now. Sean is hit on by Toby and then grabbed by Holly J, even though she would not know who he is. Holly J and Toby want him for a three way.

Grade: F
Does It Go There? No

"Back to Degrassi" (1)

Boycott the Caf name: "Time Travel"
Important characters: Emma

Mini 3

Emma travels back in time to 2003 to prevent the death of JT. I don't know why she didn't go back to the night he died in 2006. She encounters 9th grade Manny and Liberty. Man, the make-up and wardrobe people needed to do a better job making the actresses look like their younger selves. Liberty is way too big and Manny has no moustache.

"Back to Degrassi" (2)

Mini 3

Emma returns to the future. Prime Minister Liberty wants to send her back through time again or else send her to prison. Toby is the scientist overseeing the device. They look up Manny in the future computer and we learn she married Jimmy. That's not from Emma messing with the timeline, that's from the writers always sticking the kids into nonsensical relationships.

Emma returns to the 2000s and bumps into her teen self.

"Back to Degrassi" (3)

Mini 3

Yeah, this isn't working. The production, I mean, not the fictional storyline.

"Back to Degrassi" (4)

Mini 3

Emma returns to the future. But instead of being an eco-terrorist fugitive, she is a housewife married to Sean. She altered the timeline when she spoke to her teen self.

Emma goes back in time to correct that and returns to the timeline where she is on the run from the law. Liberty says she is going to prison, but Emma just walks away. I guess there are no guards anywhere.

Emma is Snake Plissken.

Toby cheers "Booyah!" Hey, Adam said that in a season 10 episode. It's the thing you say when you are a boy without a penis.

Grade: F
Does It Go There? No

They went through all the trouble of dressing up the kids like they were freshmen and they forgot Emma's dolphin pants? WTF?