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Degrassi On The Set

Degrassi On The Set

These were two to four minute web videos during season 6 that took us behind the scenes of some of our least favorite episodes.

"Back to School" 101

On The Set 101

The cast is back for their first day of filming for season 6. Everyone hugs one another. Remember being a teenager and how everyone always hugged each other? I miss that. Miriam's (Emma) ass microphone gets messed up. The kid who plays Peter helps her fix it, which is of course an excuse to poke her ass.

Miriam mentions that they work 75 days a year. Wow, that must be tough.* You work less than half of the year and spend most of those days on the set goofing around and stealing food. How do you manage?

*NOT! I'm being sarcastic.

"Anatomy of a Street Race" 102

On The Set 102

They show us how they filmed the racing scene from part 2 of "Here Comes Your Man". Turns out they did not actually hit a guy with a car, that was just a stunt person. Also, they weren't really driving cars. They just threw a blanket over two horses and fixed it up with CGI.

"Nina's First Day" 103

On The Set 103

Nina, the girl who plays that girl who is a teenage mother and for some reason had an attraction to JT, joins the cast. Shaneae (Darcy) and Cassie (Manny) have already extended the hand of friendship and allowed her into their dressing room, which is very exclusive. I imagine the place where the two hot girls dress would be closed to most people. They also like her because she digs Elliot Smith music, which is at least an improvement over liking N'Sync. Do teenage girls still listen to N'Sync? They did when I was in high school, but I think the group broke up and Justin Timberlake only does Michael Jackson type songs with black people in order to get on BET.

Anyway, they have two children lined up to portray Nina's kid. At first, they are a set of twins (The Olsen Rule) who are actual babies the show purchased from an orphanage. But both of them would not stop crying, so the show had to return them. The producers then gave Nina a doll, but they had to ditch that idea when they realized it might look fake on camera. They finally hired a three year old girl. That makes Nina's character look like even more of as slut, but if anything, Degrassi could use more sluts.

"It's The Aubrey Graham Show!" 104

On The Set 104

The dude who plays Jimmy gets some time to plug his album. Not much happens here other than seeing Shane (Spinner) get frustrated and order the crew around. He obviously runs the show.

"Shenae Bares All" 105

On The Set 105

Shanaee (Darcy) talks about having to wear very little clothes for "Eyes Without a Face" in front of the whole crew. I bet this was one of those days where no one called in sick, much like anytime they are going to film Paige and Alex kiss.

"Stacey's Big Kiss" 106

On The Set 106

The girl who plays Ellie gets ready for her makeout scene with Editor guy. It is her first big kissing scene, as she has only previously kissed the actor who plays Sean and the gay kid.

"CSI: Miami on Degrassi: TNG " 107

On The Set 107

A couple of actors from CSI: Miami visit the set. I don't watch any CSI, so don't know who these guys are, but I have to say that the nerdy guy with the nerd glasses is way to buff to play a nerd guy. But such is TV that a real nerd will never be put on the air (Toby doesn't count because Canadian TV doesn't count as real TV). It turns out CSI is produced by the same company that puts together Degrassi, so something like this is called synergy in the biz. They give one guy the cheapest Degrassi shirt ever, it's black with just the word "Degrassi" across it. Someone ironed that on ten minutes prior.

The Degrassi kids are just really impressed that real actors from a real show come to visit them. Nina tries to jump ship and get hired on CSI.

"Prison Break" 108

On The Set 108

Remember that opening scene in "Crazy Little Called Love" where Sean gets out of jail? Neither do we, but it was filmed at a real jail. Yeah. There were prisoners exposing their junk to Miriam the entire morning they were filming.

Miriam and Daniel (Sean) also practice their lines in a crazy Jack Nicholson way. I wish that was how they acted during the actual episode, it would be one of the 1,291 areas where this show could be improved.

"Jack Epstein Needs Some Money" 109

On The Set 109

Jake (Craig) returns for his cocaine episode. He arrives with his rock 'n roll posse, AKA the one black lady. A gang of crazy Craig obsessed teenage girls cornered the guy who plays Snake in New York City and demanded he pass along their phone numbers to Jake or they'll knife him. Jake calls them so it will be safe for he guy who plays Snake to go back to New York. Jake then asks the producers if they will pay him in cash up front.

"Taking Back Sunday on D:TNG" 110

On The Set 110

We see some behind the scenes stuff from when Taking Back Sunday visited the show. Pretty hair guy eats food from off the floor. That just proves the old saying: there is a fine line that separates every wuss rock band from a gang of hobos.

"Ryan's Last Day" 111

On The Set 111

It is Ryan's (JT) last day as they are filming the episode where his character dies. Ryan and all the girls cry while the crew just wants to know if they are going to have to stay late because of this.

"Spirit Squad Gone Wild" 112

On The Set 112

The cheerleaders dance for us.

"Ultimate Degrassi Party" 113

On The Set 113

The cast talk about going to New York for the big Degrassi party. They were all grateful to get the fuck out of Canada for a few days. The crowd of fans was very frantic and five people died, so it was like a less intense version of every Guns N Roses concert.

"Lauren Loooves Turkey" 114

On The Set 114

Choice quotes from Lauren (Paige):

"They were saying that like, 'Yeah, if we pull really hard it's probably going to end up all over your face and in your hair. So we're going for, like, medium strength.'"

"It just went like blaaa and, like, dribbled all over itself, instead of all over me."

"That was a big splat, and it didn't get all over me, which is always nice."

"It was absolutely perfect. Perfect splatter. Yeah, I'd like to go shower."

"It's The Aubrey Graham Show! Pt. 2" 115

On The Set 115

Everyone talks about how much they hate Aubrey Graham.

"Shane's Excellent Dominican Adventure" 116

On The Set 116

ET Canada (The Canadian Department of Elk and Trout) sends Shane on vacation to a Caribbean palace, normally used by Queen Elizabeth, but they kicked her out for a week so the kid who plays Spinner could use it. Canada wants to get Shane out of the cold weather to recharge himself. It's for the good of the nation, really. You don't want your most valuable citizen to have pale wintery skin.

Shane gets to ride a horse on a beach, which I am pretty sure would be illegal for anyone who isn't Shane, what with the manure that will end up on the beach. Shane names his horse Chocolate Death and demands a sword so he can ride his steed to liberate the countryside.

The guy who plays Snake was allowed to come along and Shane lets him sleep on his balcony. The guy who plays Snake is grateful for the privilege.

"Adam Does Stuff" 117

On The Set 117

The guy who plays Marco acts gay.

"This Way To Paradise" 118

On The Set 118

The girl who plays Alex prepares for her stripping scene. She says they had to turn the heat off in the studio because the heater kept making a noise, but I think it was just an excuse by the producers to make the place cold so her nipples would harden.

"One Last Dance" 119

On The Set 119

The cast says goodbye on the last day of shooting for the season. They reflect on what fun it has been and the kid who plays Toby is just happy he got to have some lines for the first time in four years.

Oh my God, look at that cast and crew photo. Who is that in the front? It's Jack Torrance from 1921. The Shining! AHHHHHHHH!!!