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Degrassi Degossip #1

Degrassi Season 10 Begins Production

The entire cast and crew of Degrassi: The Next Generation got together Tuesday, March 9 to begin the read through for the first FOUR episodes of Season 10. Right now, we are Degrassi Degossip are waiting to hear if there will be more than four episodes in the 10th season.

Four new cast members will also be joining the show for the upcoming season, bringing the cast to an impressive 188 people!

Word is, Melinda Shakar, Alli, is planning a reunion party for the cast. Melinda and several other non famous people will attend.

What's in Store for Season 10

The Season 10 cast participated in read throughs and costume fittings for the first episodes of Season 10. Degrassi Degossip was given exclusive access to photos taken during that time by Jessica Tyler, the teen heart throb who plays Jenna Middleton. Let's see take a sneak peak at the new season:

Anya - Braces = Can Eat Corn on the Cob

Samantha Munro, the teen heart throb who plays Anya McPerson, got her braces removed on Tuesday, March 9. Production of Season 10 was delayed until SamMu's teeth were straight and braces free.

"We can't have people with physical flaws on the show anymore," said one producer. "What is this? Season 1 through 3?"

SamMu plans to celebrate by eating corn on the cob and showing her boyfriend a good time.

Looking forward to seeing that million dollar smile!!!!!!!

Alli & Snake??????

Melinda and Stefan:Degrassi Couple??? Gross!

There is a new romance blossoming behind the scenes. Melinda Shakar, Alli, and Stefan Brogren, the teen heart throb who plays Snake, are now a couple. Their stupid couple name is MeS. Cast and crew saw the two love birds fondling each other backstage. But all is not heart and rainbows and sunflower seeds. The new coupling is raising concerns about Melinda possibly receiving preferential treatment from the producers.

"She thinks she can sleep her way to the top," gripes one cast member who asked to be kept anonymous but is in fact Scott Paterson, the teen heart throb who plays Johnny DiMarco. "Too bad this is Degrassi, so her career isn't gonna go anywhere and she's just going to get her boobs squished by Stef's gorilla hands."

Manny Broke! Looks into Porn!

Little Cassie Steele, the teen heart throb who played Manny Santos, was frustrated at being unable to sell her vintage 2003 Sears apparel on the streets of Los Angeles. Looks like Lalaland has not been lalalikable to our young "actress" and "musician" and she is having trouble with rent and food. To make ends meet, Ms. Steele is in talks to appear in a pornographic video!

We always knew her career would end up this way.

Mia Gets Back from Thailand. Now Post-Op

Nina Dobrev, the teen heart throb who played Mia Jones and can now be found on Twilight: The TV Series on the CW, recently hit the beach in sunny LaLa Land to celebrate her recent sexual reassignment surgery, which finally allows her to wear a bikini.

Nina, whose legal name is Nathan Justin Dobrev, flew to Thailand over the Christmas holiday to turn her outie into an innie! Now that the weather has warmed up and Nina is all healed down there, our born male starlet can finally fit into the two piece she's been dying to put on for years. That transsexual teen titan is tired of tucking!

You're all woman to us now, NinDo!

Post Op No Bulge!

Marco Dates His Dog

Adam Ruggiero, the teen heart throb who played Marco Del Rossie, recently tweeted about sleeping with and spooning his dog! Stick with human penis, you munchkin!

Snake Dines with Teens

Looking for New Talent, Willingness to Keep a Secret

Stefan Brogren, the teen heart throb who plays Snake, recently put out an open casting call to "do lunch" with any hot young teen actors or actresses who may be interesting in auctioning for Degrassi or just going to Stefan's home to pose for some photographs for his private collection.

Sav Goes to a Concert. Dances on Stage!!!

Raymond Ablack, the teen heart throb who plays Sav, attended a Muse and Silversun Pickups concert at the Royal James Carey Ballroom right here in Toronto! The brown skinned Degrassi actor was a special celebrity guest and was asked to dance onstage while Muse played "Dancing in the Dark."

Connor Vows Off Drugs, Alcohol, Sex

AJ Saudin, the teen heart throb who plays Connor, recently vowed to never consume drugs or alcohol when he signed a virginity pledge during a Purity Ball on March 9th. Good luck resisting temptation, sir. We at Degrassi Degossip expect AJ to easily remain a virgin for many years to come.

Alli Locked Out of Her Car

Melinda Shakar, Alli, caused a scene in downtown Toronto recently when her little siblings locked her out of her mother's car, which she had asked to borrow to go to Fashion Bug and Wal-Mart, but had to take her fellow Shakar spawns with her as a condition. Onlookers were distracted by the screaming and crying of that the browned skinned Degrassi midget. As of this press time, no word yet on whether her siblings unlocked the door and let her in!