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Degrassi Degossip #2

More Season 10 News! 48 Episodes!

vh1 canada

Big changes are coming to Degrassi. First, Degrassi: The Next Generation has been booted off of CTV. The show faced immediate cancellation, but producers were able to sell the show to VH1 Canada. Degrassi is now moving to cable in Canada, just as it is in the United States. Canadian viewers know VH1 Canada as the station that plays Nelly Furtado 24 hours a day. Degrassi will fit right in!

There will also be A LOT more Degrassi in 2010. 48 EPISODES! 24 of which will be a daily soap opera over the summer. When asked about how Degrassi will be able to keep up the quality we've expected over the past 9 seasons, story editor Matthew Heuther told Degrassi Degossip, "Fuck it. Just fuck it all to hell, this show and everything."

Alli Not Invited to Movie Premiere (of Movie She Was In!)

Melinda Shankar, Alli, was refused entrance the the premiere of Disney's 2010 Harriet the Spy movie. Melinda co-starred as Jane Gibbs, the plucky BFF to the titular character. However, things are not warm and fuzzies and ponies between the short brown mammal and the rest of the cast and crew. When Ms. Shankar took to the red carpet in her stylin' Britney Spears by Candies purple and brown sundress, she was turned away by security and not allowed to enter the theater. Melinda was sent home and had to get her first viewing of her first movie on TV!

My sources tell me Melinda made herself a monster to the cast and crew and they wanted nothing to do with her once filming had wrapped, and in fact went in mass to Disney executives to demand she be barred from any further events related to the movie.

"She was a mega slut," says one cast member who asked to remain anonymous but was in fact, Aislinn Paul, the teen heartthrob who plays Clare Edwards and her costar who played plucky Beth Ellen in Harriet the Spy. Degrassi Degossip was told that, in addition to constantly delaying shooting due to her diva midget attitude, underage Melinda would often walk around the set in short miniskirt and tube top and bat her heavily eye shadowed peepers at every middle aged man on set. She was hunting for a sugar daddy and none could be captured because they were all creeped out by her advances. Looks like one young lady is headed for Jail Bait City!

Harriet spys a bitch

Conner Catches a Basketball Game with Family

AJ Saudin, the teen heartthrob who plays Conner DeSomething, recently took in a Toronto Raptors game with his wife, Jaquay, and their three year old son, Barack. Degrassi Degossip's own team of Paparazzi was able to borrow his mom's car to get down to the Air Canada Centre to get us this candid snapshot of the Saudin family.

Saudin Family

Darcy's Cocaine Addiction Spirals Out of Control

Hollywood vices are following Hollywood semi-success for Shane Grimes, the teen heartthrob who played Darcy Edwards. When she was hired on 90210, CW Network executives told the teen to lose 20 pounds or "haul your fat ass back to Canada and use that blubber to keep warm." The 110 pound starlet had to drop weight fast or return to Degrassi like a loser. She tried diet and exercise, but it wasn't working fast enough. Distraught, the teen queen starting experimenting with cocaine, because Canada is culturally stuck in the 1980s and everyone from there thinks cocaine is the hot new drug.

Rumor has it the cocaine addiction the 90210 star picked up in order to stay thin is now consuming her very soul. She got as low at 75 pounds, allowing her to stay on her show. But keeping her body at starvation level required constant intakes of the Columbian fairy fun dust. Shane soon become a massive cocaine addict.

"She had a $10,000 a day habit," said one friend who will not be named because she is not famous. "We had to help her before she went the way of Chris Farley."

Shane's friends intervened and sequestered away for a weekend to force her to quit coke cold turkey. Word is, she's suffering massive withdrawls. We paid one of her friends forty bucks to bring us this photo of Shane's detox.

shane grimes cocaine

Good luck, sweet Shane. We'd hate to see one of the few Degrassi actors with any teensy bit of talent fall by the wayside.