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Degrassi Degossip #3

Kids' Choice Awards 2010: The Stars Were There, as well as Some Degrassi Actors

nickelodeon kids choice awards

March 27th 2010 was the biggest night of my life! The 23rd annual Kids' Choice Awards aired on Nickelodeon Canada, and I was there live! watching it at my mom's house (I can't afford cable). Stars like Kathy Perry, Tina Fay, Steve Correl, Carrot Top, Snoop Dogs, Tira Banks, and host Rosie O'Donald lit up the night.

Degrassi actors Sam Earle, the teen heart throb who plays KC, and Melinda Shankar, Alli, were also there, having scored tickets to the event by winning a contest from, and got to cheer along with the rest of the audience when Jamaican singer Reeyana performed her many hit songs.

Kathy Perry Kids Choice Awards

Degrassi Kids Choice Awards

Tina Fey Kids Choice Awards

Carrot Top Kids Choice Awards

Kathy Perry Kids Choice Awards

Reeyana Kids Choice Awards

Rosie Kids Choice Awards

Katy Perry Kids Choice Awards

*finger snap* fierce!

Mia Gets A New Dilator

Nina Dobrev, the teen heart throb who played Mia, recently tweeted in excitement about receiving her new dilator in the mail. She named it Kendal and it is ten inches long! Nina needs to insert this medical device daily into her surgically constructed vagina or it will close up! Oh, the perils of new womanhood.

Cassie Parties It Up, Joins a New All Girl Singing Group

We all knew she would have to do this one day, but Cassie Steele, the teen heart throb who played Manny, has given up acting. She turned to music and has joined up with an all "girl" pop group, The No'ginas, who she hooked up with one Saturday when she was out clubbing. The members are Victoria Era (the blue one) Carrie R Pigeon (the pink one), Helena Hard On (the green one) and now Cassie Steele (the genetic one). They are now called The No'ginas (+1) and their tag line is: the Girl Group with Something Extra. You can find them performing in mostly gay themed clubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Cassie Steele Girl Band

You can watch to a performance of Cassie with Helena Hard On at the Toronto gay bar, Buddies In Bad Times. The song is called "Underwear" and it does have lyrics and music, kind of, at least.

In other Cassie news, the Latina lovelya has been partying hard in Los Angeles. She tweeted about waking up in a up in a pool of her own vomit. At least she hopes it's her own vomit!

Darcy is Back on Cocaine, Steals to Support Her Habit

Her intervention didn't work and now Shenae Grimes, the teen heart throb who played Darcy, is back to snorting cocaine every day to maintain her slender 75 pound frame. Her addiction has become so bad that she's resorted to stealing from her friends to pay for her habit.

Grimes Cocaine

*finger snap* fierce!

Clare Cast as Mom in 'That 70's Show' Movie

Looks like someone from Degrassi might actually have a movie career!


Yes ma'am!

Aislinn Paul, the teen heart throb who plays Clare, has been cast in the role of Kitty Foreman in the upcoming movie adoption of the Fox TV series That 70's Show. Producers felt that 59 year old, Debra Jo Rupp, the teen heart throb who played Kitty on the TV series, was too old to be in movies and they wanted a younger actress to portray the mother of 31 year old Topher Grace, the teen heart throb who played Eric Foreman.

Filming is set to begin as soon as studios and producers can agree on a title for the film. Currently there's a debate between naming it That 70's Show: The Movie or That 70's Movie.

Aislinn Paul