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Degrassi Degossip #8

Degrassi Goes to Cuba

In October once filming for the season was over, the entire Degrassi cast and crew took a trip to Cuba, Melinda Shankar's home country. However, one Degrassi starlet did not enjoy that several photos from Cuba were leaked by Degrassi DeGrossip. Annie Clark, the teen heart throb who plays Fiona on Degrassi, had the following harsh tweet for us.

Degrassi DeGossip's resident gossip queen--ME!--spent 47 hours combing through Facebook to find these photos. This is the Degrassi in Cuba that Annie Clark doesn't want you to see!

Degrassi Goes to a Football Game

The Degrassi actors who could not afford to go to Cuba, for one reason or another, instead bought tickets to a Canadian Footbal League game. The Saskatchewan Roughriders vs the Montreal Alouettes.