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Degrassi Degossip #10

Degrassi Meets Michelle Obama

Jessica and Samantha Are Besties!

Jessica Tyler, the teen heart throb who plays Jenna, and Samantha Earle, the teen heart throb who plays Casey, were recently spotted together at a pot luck dinner at the Temple Beth Shalom in Toronto.

Girls Night Out

Melinda Wants to Be White

Melinda Shankar, who plays Alli, is an Indian from India-type Indian. In addition to being on Degrassi, she stars in an Indian themed show in Canada called Outsourced. However, her Hindi pride is only made up poop. Sources tell us Melinda is taking steps toward making herself appear white, including bleaching her skin and listening to Coldplay. She was recently spotted by our roving reporter wearing blue contact lenses. She totally looked natural!


That New Girl Has a New Man

New Boyfriend

Jahmil Parties with His Boss

Stephen Stone, the crazy person who produces Degrassi, tweeted the following photo, showing him hanging at Applebee's with Jahmil Black, the French teen heart throb who plays Dave Turner.

Jamil Stephan