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About Fahat Fhagg

Fahat FhaggFahat Fhagg is the world's foremost Degrassi gossip blogger. A professional blogger, FF lives off of the remainder of court settlement from 2004 as well as generous welfare payments provided by the province of Ontario, where FF resides.

FF was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1974 and right from an early age his whole family knew he was destined to be a star. Always the center of attention, FF constantly cried and cried as a baby up to age 22. FF first began writing about the lives of Degrassi actors in 1988 when he was just 14 and watching Degrassi: Junior High at his youth home. FF began writing and publishing a 'zine' named "Exposing Degrassi Kids" which collected any news and information young FF could find about the actors in the days before internet access.

"Inside Degrassi Kids" ran until 1992 when Degrassi: High ended and FF found that he couldn't continue to follow the careers of the actors because none of them had careers. So FF went on with his life, until 2001 when Degrassi returned with a new generation of kids. FF went back to his miniature printing press and started cranking out new issues of his zine. In 2006, his partner at the time informed him about things called blogs. When his partner saw all the issues of "Exposing Degrassi Kids" and Tiger Beat stacked in his bedroom closet, his partner left him. But FF had a new plan: to become the world's top Degrassi gossip blogger. After Blogspot kept deleting his blogs without warning, he got fed up and contacted Billie Green, webmaster of Boycott the Caf. FF can now be read on BtC, the best place for insulting Canadian teenagers.

FF currently lives in Toronto, but watch out Hollywood because FF is coming to LA as soon as he can save up enough money. The rent his grandmother charges him eats up most of his welfare check and he needs to find a way to be able to collect payments if he moves to the United States.