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Is Jimmy Faking Being Paralyzed? Yes He is.

We get a lot of mail here. As you might have noticed most of it stupid, while the rest is usually just retarded. However, on rare instances we actually receive mail that makes us think. Reader Jelk Forum's email was not once of those, but it did present an interesting discovery.

Date: 8/2/2005
From: Jelk Forum
Subject: Is Jimmy faking the whole wheelchair thing?

First off love the site. Hands down the greatest Degrassi site ever. I especially like the way you guys totally ripped apart the super lame Breakfast Club rip-off episode. Anyway this is something I've long suspected and now finally have proof, Jimmy's bullet wound wouldn't have left him paralyzed. Take a look at this screen shot of the shooting I found on another Degrassi site (see attachment). The bullet goes no where near Jimmy's spine, at worst it broke a couple ribs. But broken ribs don't put one in a wheel chair. So what's the deal? Is he faking to use the sympathy to score chicks or what. I trust you guys can find out or at least publicize the lies Degrassi producers have foisted upon the viewing public.


Jimmy Shot

Neato. After seeing that, it should be perfectly clear to anyone that Jimmy was not paralyzed, and is just pretending to be crippled. The evidence is obvious and speaks for itself.

The question now is, why is Jimmy pretending to be confined to a wheelchair? Here is what we know about Jimmy:

1. Jimmy is from the future. This explains Jimmy's considerable wealth and access to all sorts of advanced technology including mp3 players, 50,000 channel satellite TV, Marco tracking devices and warp drive.

Since Jimmy is from the future, we can infer that he knew what Rick was going to do, and took the time to prepare. This still only explains how Jimmy avoided becoming paralyzed, not why he is pretending to be. Maybe he just wanted some sympathy from the girls. Maybe he wanted to be front row for Kid Elrich. Perhaps he wanted to end any suspicion that he was from another time period. Losing the use of his legs would certainly accomplish that. We also know that Spinner was expelled from school as a result of what happened to Jimmy, because Spinner basically told Rick to shoot him. Maybe Jimmy wanted Spinner to get kicked out of Degrassi for some reason. Maybe Spinner was catching on to the fact that Jimmy is from the future; Spinner is smart boy. Therefore, Jimmy must have faked becoming paralyzed so Spinner would be expelled and no one would believe him if said Jimmy was not from this century.

I don't know if that is the answer, it is but one possibility. However we now know that Jimmy is able to walk and just faking it. What a fucking jerk.

by Billie Green