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Degrassi Mailbag #2

Date: 6/18/2005
From: Michelle
Subject: N/A

just fyi, you list manny as a latina. her character originates from the philippines, so she is actually asian.

- give blood and save a life

Hey geniuses, The Philippines are in South America, go buy a map.

Date: 7/13/2005
Subject: Comments About Manny's Race.

Dude, I'm filipino, and the country is not a part of Latin America, and hasn't been since the Spanish American War. The best term would be Asian, or pacific islander. Though, I can't blame you for calling Manny Latino...she seriously looks it.

I don't know what crazy country you're from but Manny's family comes from The Philippines which is in Latin America.

Date: 7/19/2005
From: Jon B
Subject: Goths, spicy Latinas, Sparco

Ellie isn't the typical goth, I don't think. Because she has fun with Sean and Marco. The typical goth doesn't have fun with anyone, they just write angsty poetry about stuff they know nothing about. Kinda like Ashley.

The Philippines aren't in Latin America. They're actually just northeast of Malaysia. Nice try, though. Spanish is sometimes spoken there, but Tagalog moreso.

About Spinner and Marco, in VC, he's staring at Sean. This all explains why Marco and Ashley are so interested in Sean and Ellie's sex life. The big Spinner/Marco action happens in season 3. Gotta love how they just keep denying it, though.

Spinner: I'm not gay.
Marco: That's fine. I don't like you.
Spinner: Why not?
Marco: Because your hair's bad.
Spinner: It's just like Dylan's. Which is something I
have to bring up with Paige.
Marco: And your shoes? They don't make you look gay.
Spinner: But this is where you're all wrong. You just
have bad taste in men.
Marco: And you know this because . . .

BTW, the original's easy to make fun of too. It even has hot lesbian action between Caitlin and Miss Avery. And Spike gets pregnant while still in middle school! And my favorite line: "You dumb jerk, should be kicked in the head!" Wow, the wisdom of a retard.

Ellie tries to be the typical Goth, it's just that she fails at it and accidentally has fun. She isn't a normal person as much as just incompetent at being a Goth. Once again I shall point out that The Philippines are not in Asia. Look at Manny, she is definitely a spicy Latina not a rice eating Chink. As for Marco being attracted to Sean and not Spinner, I just don't see how that is possible. Sean is just a watered down Spinner, a Spinner light, if you will. Sean is Diet Pepsi to Spinner's Pepsi, not as good as the original but toned down and alright in a pinch. No Marco definitely wants Spinner to make love to his anus.

Date: 7/11/2005
From: "katherina g"
Subject: what the hell?!?!?

dude half of your information for the episodes and characters are wrong. Emma and Sean first broke up because he PUSHED her not PUNCHED HER. And in the episode jagged little pill no one curses idiot!!!! and Sean's friends aren't called the candy bandits there called the Montreal crew. And yes a lot of people like Emma she is very important to the show. she's one of the main characters. And him joining the Montreal Crew wasn't a good move for him. Why would it be a good move for anyone to join some crew that steals things? And him and Emma make a good couple because since they are opposites they attract. when he was with her he started getting better. He wasn't so thuggish anymore. and Sean is not poor retard if not he wouldn't be wearing clothes etc.... Man u need to fix ur site cause its all messed up. For the episode summaries u just say stupid perverted stuff instead of what really happened.

1. Watch the episode again, Sean totally clocked Emma right in the face
2. There is cursing in Jagged Little Pill, you need to pay more attention to the episodes
3. The Montreal Crew is the group who comes to Sean's party when he is trying to study. The Candy Bandits are Sean, Jay, Alex, and sometimes Towerz
4. Nobody likes Emma
5. Joining the Candy Bandits was good for Sean because he started doing some really cool shit, like stealing laptops to buy candy.
6. Just like how Degrassi is 100% intense our website is 100% correct. It is you who is wrong.

Date: 6/19/2005
From: Ryan R
Subject: I love your website

I've been looking for a site that was like your's for a while now. I found a site that is like yours (but not as well done) that is about the original Degrassi. After reading that site it seems like all of the old Degrassi episodes and subject matter have been recycled for Degrassi: The Next Generation.

I love all the commentary though, I was laughing so hard at the character descriptions, episode summaries and whatnot. Please keep up the good work, you guys are doing great!


Ryan Retcofsky

Neither me or Billy have actually seen the old Degrassi but we have had our suspicions that the Next Generation had been copying it. Mostly because the episode descriptions on specifically say which episode they copied. I guess whoever made The Next Generation was just hoping that nobody who watched the old episodes would see these ones or something, or if they had they wouldn't point out the blatant copying.

Date: 6/19/2005
From: "Arielle"
Subject: N/A

You keep saying that amy died of alchohol poisoning...she didn't. Amy is in secret (the one with emma and jay at the ravine).

Get your facts straight that was Amy's sister at the ravine. Don't feel to bad it's a common mistake seeing how much they look alike.

Date: 6/19/2005
From: Ellie g
Subject: degrassii

ur a bitch how can u
call terri the fat girl
jimmy spinners slave
manny a slut
sean a fake spinner
liberty a stupid bitch
ashely a gothjr. itz calleed punk stupid
dylan n marcohomo itz gay they should have the respect of bein called gay not homo
rick the guy who put terri in her placeshe was nice she did not belong in the hospital asshole
ur a bitc terri was kool asshole not a fuker how can u say this shit asshole
go fuk urself

I shall address every point in this email
1. I am a man so by definition cannot be a bitch
2. Terri is fat and a female
3. Jimmy is black so he could be a slave if this was pre-Civil War America.
4. Manny dresses like a hooker momma and has sex a lot so by definition is a slut
5. Sean looks like Spinner so that's just a nickname we gave him before we knew his real name. Don't worry most consider it a compliment
6. Ashley is called goth jr. because she started dressing like a goth in order to impress Ellie, and she is a goth not punk. A while later she toned down the punkness so I guess that could be considered punk.
7. Homo is short for homosexual. Dylan and Marco are homosexual, homo is just easier to type.
8. I agree Rick was nice, but I disagree that Terri didn't belong in the hospital.
9. Terri is a bitch and enjoys kool-aid
10. I don't need to because I have middle school Degrassi fans literally throwing themselves at me, so I just take a few down to the "ravine" every night.

Date: 6/15/2005
From: Katie H
Subject: You are SO funny!!!

I was doing some degrassi site surfing and ran into your awesome website. I just wanted to let ya know that I think you guys are hilarius and I love your site.

Webmistress At Degrassi Addict

Sweet even other Degrassi websites love Boycott the Caff. Make sure to check out Degrassi Addict. I don't know the url so just search for it on Google or Toby Tracks

Date: 6/19/2005
From: Kehli
Subject: About your site!

You stupid racist! I saw your site. I figured why you felt you had to hate on Jimmy so much because you're jealous you are not famous like he is and you are mad cuz your skin isn't beautiful like ours. You tan thinking you'll get darker but you will never look as good as Jimmy or Me you idiot. If he met you, you know he problably tell you that you are some trailer trash and you need to go get ready for your date with your sister! The next time you use the "N" word remember we are better than you, you want to be us, and you want to be called that to.


If you don't like me how I am, let me be you. Since I can't, let me be me.

Actually I do tan pretty dark. People have said I look like an Indian, and one girl once asked me if I was an Eskimo, so I can relate to my black cousins.

As for the "N" word I assume you mean Noggin. That is the name of The N before five p.m. when instead of showing constant repeats of The Fresh Prince of Bellair they show constant repeats of Little Bear.

Date: 6/21/2005
From: LoVe2LoVeYou22
Subject: hi

are you racist? just curious. notice you use a lot of racial terms on your site.

I'm not racist except when it comes to those potato eating Micks.

Date: 6/27/2005
From: Kevin P
Subject: OH MY GOOOOSH !!!

hey peeps 4rm DEGRASSI !! how r uguyz doing?? well jus wanted 2 let all u no that ur show is THE BOMB !! i thought my all time Fav. TV show was Desperate Housewives... but UNFORTUNATLEY NOT ANY MORE!! all u guyz are great. makes me want to be in one of ur that possible? its cool if i cant cuz i dont wanna interrupt the ORIGINAL DELEMA. any ways once more, u guyz are THE BEST !! take care all of you !!

to whom it may concern,


And once again the internet makes the English language weep.

Date: 6/28/2005
From: "lynn b"
Subject: N/A


Thanks for the declaration of love but we don't make the show.

Date: 6/28/2005
Subject: hey

i like your show my favorite person is jimmy he is FINE sean is the hottest i like u sooo bad

Sorry to break the news to you BECKY KING but Canada makes the show not us. Next time email Canada.

Date: 6/24/2005
From: Coxworles
Subject: (no subject)


I am not Paige and I will not hang out with you

Date: 6/20/2005
From: "Dan W"
Subject: i love this show

hey my name is kristen and i love ur show especially the one were ashley and craig compete in singin they both are really good i love YOU CRAIG!! u are so HOTT and have a really good voice well cant wait till ur knew eposode to come in well g2g watch another eposode of DEGRASSI!!!

We don't make the show and the best song on Degrassi is Spinner's rap. It's so awesome that they named is Spinner's rap even though Jimmy also sings it.

Date: 6/21/2005
From: chandralebeaux
Subject: hi

i watch your all the time it is so kool when paige and manny are going to fight

I'm glad you enjoy watching me and drinking cool refreshing Kool-aid. OH YEAH

Date: 6/27/2005
From: "Vanessa C"
Subject: Hi

I would love to talk or meet Aubrey Graham!!!!! Please help me!!! ~ Thank

Damn it can't you people figure out that we don't make the show, we just make fun of it.

Date: 6/29/2005
From: XKoOxKoOxBuBbLeS
Subject: Hi

Hello! My name is Jayca and i just wanted to say good job on making this
Degrassi web site because it is the best!

For a second I thought you were going to say show which would have pissed me off. Luckily you said web site which made me say "sweet Jayca has finally approved"

Date: 6/24/2005
From: Christina S
Subject: N/A

hi is it true that in canada there is an episode were manny has a abortion ? if there is way didnt it air in new york city


from Christina

The episdode is called "Accidents Will Happen" and the review can be found on this very site. Go to episode reviews and check it out. It wasn't aired in America because it was way to intense for The N.

Date: 6/27/2005
Subject: i love degrassi

why did emma get with jay the bad boy. she needed to stay with sean

Sean is also a bad boy, but he doesn't live in Toronto anymore, so Emma decided to wrap her mouth around something a little closer to home.

Date: 6/27/2005
From: Molly M
Subject: hey

hey i was wondering how uve seen all these degrassi episodes? it kicks ass. write me back


We watch The N a lot, also Billy owns two seasons on DVD and downloads episodes before he reviews them.

Date: 6/29/2005
From: Jon B
Subject: Who cares about the old cast?

Actually, that's mostly a ratings grab. But the old series is pretty good, actually. I mean, Spike got pregnant in GRADE 7! Then there's Caitlin. She dated Joey, Rick (no relation to Rick Murray, but maybe some relation to Sean), and this one faggy goth kid Claude, but she once thought she was a lesbian. And your opinion of Joey will improve; he was actually a lot like Spinner and JT.

Oh, a bit of trivia: The episode where Rick debuted played out in much the same way as WDC. The difference is that Sean played the role of Joey and Craig played the role of Rick; in other episodes, Craig's the philanderer and Sean's the bad boy.

The old Degrassi sounds way more intense then current day Degrassi. Manny is the slut and she only has sex with like five people, but Caitlin is out there running around fucking everything with a pulse, even the stupid Goths and woman get in on the action. If only The Next Generation would copy the lesbian stuff. A sex scene with Manny and Paige would be like 100000000000000000000% intense

Date: 7/1/2005
From: Brylee W
Subject: i just lovvdegrassi plz write me back it would make me feel special i watch degrassi every day

spinner i think u r so cool but get a hair cut and u and paige are the perfect couple so don't go with manny.
paige u r so popular i wish i could be like you. u r pretty and somtimes nice and u and spinner are awsome.
jimmy what can i say u r rich and cute. but why would u become friends with rick u just know he would turn on u.
ashley u were so popular then u went gothic then punk why. i like u punk and u r so cool. u and craig are perfect but i would still be mad at him for cheating on u and getting manny pregnet.
terri u are beautiful i don't know why u tried to hid that u r a model. i am really sorry about rick i just felt so bad when he put u in a coma.
hazel u r so pretty and why try to hide ur religion just be urself u and jimmy great together.
emma i just can't get over the way u r i am so much like u and u r so lucky to have dated sean i so wish i was u. u r so perfect and u r my fav character.
jt u r awsome and keep asking manny out she will come around soon.
toby keep it up with kendra
SEAN i just have the biggest crush on u you r so hottttttttttttttt i really wan't to meet u in person u were so funny in model behavior. i think u and emma should go out i love u so much
manny i am srry about craig gettin u pregnet but u were so sweet and inocent then u became hot it is so weired. but u r really pretty.
kendra i think u and spinner need to talk keep it up with toby
craig i am srry about ur father beating u but that was no reason for cheatin on ashley u 2 were so perfect. i am so ashamed.
ellie i love ur style and u and marco are perfect i so wish i could meet u u r my second fav charatcer.
liberty u r really smart but can be annoying like my sis
marco i think u r really cut 2 have fun but u really should date ellie
rick u r horrible for beatin terri and i can't beleiver u shot jimmy and paralized him for life and then went after emma i am so ashamed
chris i reallly don't know u much but u r cool

plz read this and write me back i am a big fan

You must really not know much about Chris since you said he is cool.

Date: 7/07/2005
From: "Alex B"
Subject: The N is a bunch of losers

Hello there-

I just thought you should know i emailed the N to let them know that they are a bunch of pussies for not airing the Abortion episodes in the united states. I asked for a response....

That was 2 weeks ago. They still havent replied. Just thought you should know.


A pissed off 16 year old.

xo B r i g s xo

Give'em hell Brigso, your name sounds like it should belong to a Viking, or some sort of breakfast sandwich at Hardee's. The Brigso Bacon Broiler. I like the sound of that.

Date: 7/08/2005
From: "nikki l"
Subject: Alex and Amy in degrassi

your description of alex and amy is terribly. First of all amy did not di of alcohol poisioning because she is in secret a later episode. plus sean said she wpould be ok. dying is not ok. and alex is a very important character she has been in many episodes and was never played by a different actress. If your gonna talk about degrassi make sure you know what your talkig about

Sean hates Amy so her dying was ok by him. I wrote those character reviews before Alex became a staple. I suppose I could always update them, but I'm a very busy man. Maybe if the "wheels" were "greased" a little I could update them, if you know what I mean

Date: 7/08/2005
From: awsumsauce255
Subject: Hey, i have a clean canadian joke for u guys (srry it cudnt b dirtier)

ok, here it is
(it doesnt deserve any great intro.. its not that good)
They ("they" will remain nameless for the time being) were naming Canada (this was b4 it was named Canada.. obviously) and they cudnt think of a good enough name (like canada is so great) so one guy picked random letters out of a hat. The first letter he picks is c, so he says "c, eh", then he picks N "n, eh", then D, "d, eh". the person writing all this down happened to be american (because americans probably secretly owned canada, what a cover-up, and they had to have an american oversea the naming of canada) and this american couldnt understand the guys canadian accent "correctly" so he wrote down CA NA DA.
sincerely one of ur newest fans~

That was fucking retarded. Here's a joke for you:

Awsumsauce255 told a shitty joke and nobody laughed. THE END

Date: 7/11/2005 21:36:19 -0500
From: "Ruby W"
Subject: N/A

i read your fan mail and, don't get me wrong i love this website, but goths are not the only ones who cut. i do and i couldn't be farther from a goth if i tried.

You may want to stop cutting since nobody will believe you aren't a Goth once they find out you cut, and you don't want people thinking you're a Goth do you?

Date: 7/1/2005
From: Mrscrab
Subject: i love degrassi

i love the show degrassi. i think it is the best show ever bc i can relate my like 2 it in every way. all the exact same stuff happens to me at my skool. my favorite character is Spinner he is so hott and so funny. my dream is to one day be a part of the show and cast of degrassi. it would make me so happy to  b a part of the show. i hope u write back to me.

i am 15 and would love to be a part of the show
the worlds biggest degrassi fan
(i also lave Jay and Sean)

The stuff in Degrassi has also happened to me. I will never forget the time I boycotted the school cafeteria, got my first period, and got shot in the spine by Rick.

Date: 7/3/2005
From: "Lara"
Subject: u rule...jeje

Hi...i'm a big fan of Degrassi and i just want to thank you, since my dad is an A-Hole and took off the satellite i've been missing every single degrassi episode..since...well...since i stated watching makes me sad...but now..thanks to you i at least know some of the things that are happening...I also think that US sucks for taking out all the sex parts....FUck, as if ppl and kids aren't having sex already....dumb asses....

When my dad is being an A-Hole I just tell him he better lock his doors at night, and then I start cleaning my gun. He is rarely an A-Hole anymore. I hope this story helps you out.

Date: 7/6/2005
From: "Irma G"
Subject: Jay and Emma

Ok what the hell is up with Jay and Emma? Emma never struck me as a bad girl, but jay he is hot hell I would fuck him if I had the chance, come on. I hope he is that bad in real life. But Emma I don't know if jay was just trying to get some are he really has a thing for Emma but then again Emma is turning into a slut and is cold I mean Alex has a sexually transmitted decease and she is still trying to get some ,come on.

Jay only likes Emma because she is a slut. That's why he was able to spread his disease to every woman in the school, he is constantly fucking sluts.

Date: 6/17/2005
From: Redseagreysky
Subject: Hey

I just wanted to let you know that your website is fucking hilarious.
You rule, kid.
Do season five.

I'll do whatever I want. You're not the boss of me.

Date: 7/6/2005
From: Brittany B
Subject: Your site! : /

Look no offence but you have ALOT of mistakes in that page on the Adults...I'll tell you what they are!
Spike: had a boy named Jack

Coach Armstrong: Didn't FUCK LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashleys dad: Never dated Marco nor Dylan for one that took place in season one or two and Marco didn't come in till season 3 and Dylan season 4 so that proves my point

Thanks and i will be checking back and i hope to see it updated or i will get the site shut down!!!

Thanks again,

Coach Armstong did fuck Liberty. That whole learning disorder thing was just a cover up. Liberty is way to smart to be disabled. The only way she is retarded is socially.

Ashley's gay father may or may not have dated Marco and Dylan. I just figured that since there are only four gay people in Canada it probably happened.

Date: 7/6/2005
From: Amber R
Subject: FALSE iNFO

on ur degrassi site ALL THE iNFO iS WRONG. Amy doesnt die and Emma doesnt have sex w/ jay she just gives him head. get the info RIGHT

No YOU'RE wrong. Amy is dead. Emma had got ass fucked and Spinner did too stab Ms. Kwan.

Date: 7/05/2005
From: "Christina D"
Subject: omg

Do you really and honestly masturbate to Spinner?

I do too.


Date: 6/29/2005
From: "Lisa B"
Subject: Your Site Rocks!

OH MY GOD!!!! We love love LOVE your site! We just got finished reading all the biographies--and you are hilarious!!!! Our favorite was Liberty's, because, well....we HATE her as much as you do. She is our nemesis. Liberty sucks ass. We can't watch her on TV without screaming at her big fat ugly lips. God she's ugly.

We are continuing to look at the rest of your brilliant site momentarily--it is passing our workday rather nicely. Yes, we are two 27 year old American girls, who are obsessed with Degrassi: The Next Generation. Sue us.

We've just been spending the last 6 days watching every episode, since they were running a marathon over the weekend. We printed out a picture of Liberty and put her on our dartboard. Jesus Christ we hate her.

Lisa and Casey

p.s.--We love Spinner too

Its nice to see that not only are there Degrassi fans over the age of consent but also they hate Liberty and Spinner. If this email didn't seem like a suspicious attempt to lure me and Billy into a trap I would say we should hook up.

Date: 7/1/2005
From: Paula L
Subject: N/A

You have the best and most informative Degrassi website ever. I worship it and you, for your unhealthy obsession with Spinner.

Marry me... And join me on my next pilgrimage to Degrassi St. in Canada.

Marry you, let me check. Yup girl name, alright lets head to Vegas and then to the promise land.

by Johnny Dangerous