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Degrassi Mailbag #6

Date: 10/19/2005
From: kels
Subject: [No Subject]

Hey, I was wondering, where do you get all the information on what is going to happen in this season? If a response could be sent to ****, it would be muchly appreciated. Thank you!

Billy imports them directly from Canada, so everything we say came straight from the 100% intense horse's mouth. Those pussies from The N have no way of stopping us now.

Date: 10/12/2005
Subject: lovin is what i got remember that

Is it true that liberty is getting pregnant by JT?

Yes in fact it has already happened.

Date: 10/09/2005
From: Lauren L
Subject: this is disgusting liberty is such a fatass

omg your gunna throw up
liberty gets pregnant from JT! I think the episode comes out on the 21st(in the US). I found this site where loser obssesed fans like you and me can read upcoming scripts. if you want the web site my email is **** ....

... are you hott? because you sound hott... yeah sorry that was weird

i L<3ve your site your so funny
"oh emma leave it up to you to wear pants with flaming dolphins on them" thats the funniest thing ive ever heard.

I am very hot. If you put an egg on my head it would start to cook, that's how hot I am. You wouldn't want to try that though because then your egg would get hair in it. Also if you put egg in your hair, it makes your hair soft. That's the sort of hair care advice you can only get at Boycott the Caf.

Date: 10/18/2005
From: B-dog freitas
Subject: Ellie

Im a girl... and I think Ellie's HOT! I think she's gotten so gorgeous---especially this season. Dont you guys think she's gotten better? I mean, do you hate her even a little bit less?

I will say that recently she has gotten better looking, although this is mostly because she looks less Goth. This started around when she and Sean were dating, so I'm guessing he must have set her straight. To bad he had to flee the county before he could finish the job.

Date: 10/28/2005
From: Gerry W
Subject: Bangability

Hi fellow dipshits,
Are you guys insane? Paige, Hazel and Ellie ahead of Emma and Ashley?? What the fuck is that? Paige is moderately attractive at best, Hazel is a coon, and Ellie is irrelevant. Emma has turned into a full blown, smoking hot piece of ass who needs a man like me to treat her like the dirty whore she surely will become before too long. And you notice how they keep making her wear that jog bra for fear that she will become the new Manny. Expose those melons already. She has a bit of experience with Craig, which is good, but she still needs me to bury my bone in her backyard to show her the meaning of the word ecstacy. (pun intended)

Since you said "fellow dipshits" that means you are also a dipshit, which seems accurate. Emma got the score she did because she has an incredibly ugly face. Stop staring at her boobs for a second and you will realize that her skin is barely able to cover her skull, and I find that a little frightening. As for Ashley, she has ugly hair and is really annoying. Plus she's a tease, she is always saying that she will sleep with a person but then she backs out.

I did find it funny that that the only reason you think Hazel is bad is because she is a "coon". People call us racist but we at least have the decency to point out which blacks are hot and which ones are not.

Date: 10/25/2005
From: Katrina
Subject: JT likes other boys

First of all, I love your site and you guys are hilarious. The bangability analysis was weirdly enough really accurate, too. But come on now, where are the reviews for the rest of season 1 and 2? I completely get your skipping season 4 on account of how it sucked (except for the blowjob episode, of course, and the one where it's confirmed that JT has a tiny wang), but like, "Under Pressure"? "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"? "Drive"? That's are some quality Degrassi right there! And you have to cover that awful, random Liberty episode that I don't know the name of where she became field hockey coach or equipment manager or some shit and broke Manny's leg or something, and then the girls team had to play Spinner and Jimmy for some reason, and everyone just hated Liberty even more than usual. That one had the intensity of maybe .005%, but I'm sure your review of it would be funny.

P.S. JT is SO queeny it's ridiculous. The actor is simply not playing JT as a straight guy for whatever reason. He's seriously gayer than Marco this season. I think it's kind of like a silent protest on his part for the writers making his character so lame that he had to pork Liberty. What do you think?

Don't blame the actor, it's just that JT's penis is so small that he must act feminine simply due to a lack of testosterone.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Bangability analysis, it cost about 10,000 taxpayer dollars to run, but I feel it was money well spent. As for episode reviews, Billy will get to those when he damn well feels like it, so stop pushing him or he might snap and kill us all.

Date: 10/23/2005
From: Cassie L
Subject: Love your site!!

Your Degrassi fan site is sooo awesome! I found it a few months ago while searching for good Degrassi sites. I've loved it since then and also love your episode reviews. I felt I had to email to tell you how awesome it is (though I'm sure you already know how great you guys are) after reading you Bangability ratings. Spinner completely deserved his score of perfect 10, I would bang him, and Manny deserved her 10 also, even though she's a slut, she's a hot slut so people will want to bang her, I would also if she were bi or lez. Why did you even rate Liberty No one would touch her unless they were completely desperate, I mean come on JT even Toby wouldn't do THAT! Ewwww! Well, keep making your site even more great!


Unfortunately it has been shown that JT will touch Liberty which is so gross that I just vomited onto my shoes. I only put her on the list for the purpose of science, I only wish that she was a robot or something so that it would be impossible for anybody to have sex with her.

Date: 10/13/2005
From: B-dog freitas
Subject: i think im retarded

Hey you guys! Thanks so much for making the show! Can I have a guest appearance or something?

... no, I'm just kidding. I hope that didn't piss you off...SO ANYWAY... I have a question. Now I normally hate Liberty--- the kind of hate where I want to throw her in Lake Placid or something... But in the newest episode, "Foolin" (I'm from the US- so I download) I feel sorry for her. I don't know if its because I'm an 18 year old girl and I can put myself in her shoes (no, Ive never been pregnant- but i can imagine) or what... but I ACTUALLY FEEL BAD FOR HER... am I retarded (like Emma's dad?)

God, and poor JT. I really wonder what their baby will come out like. Smart or funny? Popular or the biggest geek in school? Having sex with a teacher or having sex with the biggest loser ever?? (Some great choices right there.)

And by the way... you guys never mention how fucking awesome it is when Terri's legs FLY up when she hits the ground after rick pushed her. That rocks. I laugh every time. My friends think I'm sick... but I learn from the best! (...yes- that means you)

I love you guys! (but not as much as Spinner. That's blasphemy!)


If you ever feel sorry for Liberty then there is a good chance that you are retarded. I don't even want to think about what their baby is going to look like, it'll probably be a girl since it's not getting any male hormones (JT doesn't have any) and it will probably be ugly because neither one of them is attractive.

I'm not even sure how Liberty got pregnant since she sure as hell isn't human. I always assumed she was a shaved bear or something. Maybe it will be like in a cartoon where a dog and a zebra get married and half the kids are dogs and half are zebras. Yeah I'm going with that choice. Liberty is going to have a litter, half will look like miniature versions of her, and half will be miniature versions of J.T. Soon after giving birth, villagers will burn all of them.

Date: 10/29/2005
From: Kelly B
Subject: spinner's tongue.

I was just watching the episode I Want Candy and began playing with my DVR. While doing this I discovered something cool. Spinner has a tongue ring. No wonder Paige wanted to stay with him for so long, but then dumped him after it mysteriously disappears in Season 4. Check it out.

I don't feel like checking this out, so I will just take your word. Spinner must have gotten the tongue ring for Paige because he is such a nice guy, and she is a smutty sort of girl who would want her man to have a tongue ring. After Spinner dumped her, he must have lost the tongue ring since those things are pretty gay.

Date: 10/27/2005
From: Ellie N
Subject: Spinner posers

OK, have you guys been on myspace and seen all the people that roleplay the charachters on Degrassi? Its so strange to me. It's seriously fascinating how much time and effort some of these people put in to acting like the charachters.... but ya'll may be a little dissapointed by some of the spinner imposters. None of them seem to point out how incredibly awesome he is or the fact that he is god. In fact, there are more sites devoted to Liberty (making her actually seem like a decent human being) than to Spin. It's crazy. I think you guys should check it out. One of lame spin sites is (this one is clearly a teenage girl only interested in the reuniting of spin and paige)) or ((this site actually pleads for people to add him as a friend, which we all know, Spinner would NEVER have to do.)) I just think they're a lame representation of Spinner. Whatev. You should really check out all these crazy insane people though. Its amazing. Damn posers.
Luv, Bridget

(Oh, and can I make your babies??)

Anybody else catch the irony that the person sending the email about Degrassi impersonators calls herself Ellie Nash? Has everybody had a chance to let the irony sink in? Okay lets move on.

What sucks is that the people pretending to be Degrassi characters admit they aren't really Degrassi characters. The people on myspace who pretend to be Full House characters go all out. It's actually sort of scary.

And yes you can make my babies, I will be at your place around seven. Put out snacks. I like those little cheeses you put on crackers.

Date: 10/24/2005
From: James M
Subject: Your awesome site


I read your site a lot and find it to be hilarious, but I have a few questions/concerns. All of the images will not load for me. I have attempted various methods to solve this and it still doesn't work. I was just wondering if it was my computer or maybe where you have the images uploaded to? If you could just give me that bit of information that would be great. Thank you for your time and keep up the good reviews.

P.S: Darcy is wicked hot. Spinner is wicked fucking awesome. I couldn't agree with you guys more.

I haven't had any problems with the images, and nobody else has complained so it must be your computer. Try running a virus detector because there is a virus you can get from hardcore porn sites that can screw up images from other websites. I would suggest that you buy a computer specifically for visiting hardcore porn sites so that this problem doesn't come up again.

Date: 10/21/2005
From: Allison W
Subject: OMFG

I was just reading your mailbag and found that a message I sent you was in there. You don't even know how excited I was.

Anyway, I'm the only loser in college who watches Degrassi, so unfortunately they don't have it on the dorm cable network. So THANKS Boycott the Caf for keeping me up to date on what's happening at the most awesome high school in all of Canada!!

Oh, and every time I think about JT fucking Liberty with a king sized condom, part of me laughs and the other part of me throws up all over myself.

Allison Weiss

Let's see if I can possibly play matchmaker here. If there is anybody at the University of Georgia who likes Degrassi? Let us know and we may just be able to set you up with another Degrassi fan. Not setting up in the sense of going out, but setting up in the sense that you would get together and watch Degrassi, and talk about Degrassi related subjects.

It also seems that Allison has a musical career, so check out her website at for more info about that. I listened to the song she has up, it was pretty good. She's no Downtown Sasquatch (when Spinner was in the band) but she can kick post-Spinner Downtown Sasquatch's ass.

Date: 10/06/2005
From: Carrie R.
Subject: Another commemorating inbox filler

Beginning statement, as with many other mails you no doubtably receive with each passing day: TRES EXCELLENTE on this website. A Canadian show commented on with a realistic and sensible manner. I have yet to meet another Degrassi fan in this area (northeastern Oklahoma) and thus I am limited to the internet for other fanbases or even information in general; you gentleman have made it worthwhile. We can only wonder what will happen after season five...maybe a spin-off starring all the fade-away characters. You know, a collection of Nadia, Muslim girl, Sully, Chris, Peter, Kendra, Darcy, Chester....could make for a good series.

....wait, no, scratch that. They couldn't even cut it for the regular series. They shall die and remain dead, like decent storylines for Craig or a girl who hasn't gone down on Jay. Then again, the Fates could give the royal flip off and it might actually take off but never make it to the States for being too intense for the N, but of course they're 100% INTENSE. The JT-Liberty mulatto child shall make for an interesting riot.....I'll sell tickets. Care to set up a booth?

For clarification.... " <3 " is, I am assuming, a symbol for maybe a heart? Must be the new " kEwL tHaNg 2 dOoO " or something along those lines. Odd, because I am 20 and never tacked useless crap like that on my emails/comments.

Best regards,

Girls who go down on Jay don't die, just the ones who cross him.

I think it's time once more for Degrassi match maker. Are there any fans in the northeastern Oklahoma area? If so let us know and you have the possibility of meeting another person who watches Degrassi by herself.

Date: 10/08/2005
From: Jane
Subject: murderball

i think it is about time wheelchair girl died. lets face it, she never does anything good. don't you guys think she should die in a heated game of murderball (wheelchair football) with jimmy? i think that would be awesome.

ps u guys rock keep it up

I hope the Degrassi writers are reading this because this episode would be more then 100% INTENSE. There could be a B plot with Spinner faking being paralyzed in order to join the murderball team and being named M.V.P.

Date: 10/09/2005
From: cwc01
Subject: spin off

i think that spinner is so nosty, that he should get a spin off so he can get back to his roots. they really are making him act gay, but his legitness will shine through. the spin off shold be called something like "the Kick ass Adventures of Spinner" of "Spinner's Bitchin Hour" because it would have to be at least an hour for people to get just a taste of how proper he is. in the show he would do things that he loves and things that we want to see him doing. he'll do hardcore boozin, needle drugs, degrade women after destroying there ovaries with his gigantic rod, beating up minorities. Probably watching a lot of pro wrestling and over the top too. you know what i think im going to have to pitch that idea to ctv.


You get an A+ just for coming up with Spinner's Bitchen Hour. That is awesome, in the literal sense. When I read that, it actually inspired me with awe.

Date: 10/06/2005
From: Andrew W
Subject: [No Subject]

Rick didn't put Terri in her place and besides she didn't do anything to make him beat her.

Terri is fat and annoying, that is more than a good enough reason to beat her.

Date: 10/03/2005
From: cwc01
Subject: ricks super foot

so i was just watching the episode were Terri's fat head hits a cinder block. but before rick does the deed, he's storming around the field of blocks and kicks at least one. he doesn't even flinch. he must have some kind of super foot. if he can kick concrete and be perfectly fine, id bet that bullets cause him no harm and he's not really dead. he's waiting for the right moment for revenge.

I have been thinking for a long time that Rick went down a little to easily. Spinner would have been able to take Rick out with one shot, but it should have taken Sean at least three bullets. I bet they bring back Rick to kill Liberty and her devil child. That would be the coolest.

Date: 10/03/2005
From: TJSP1
Subject: kendra who?

did toby and kendra every officially break up or did she just get killed off or what? because if they're still going out then why did toby ask manny to the prom and wouldn't kendra have had a problem with toby and rick's little bet to see who could get the most kisses in a day?

also i think they should have done an episode where JT and kendra slug it over who gets to boss toby around.

I believe Kendra dumped Toby between seasons 2 and 3 after she realized that he is more of a girl then she is.

Date: 10/21/2005
From: Jon B
Subject: A basic explanation about some of the stuff

Okay, the deal with Wheels was pretty basic: The WORST stuff on Degrassi happened to him. They actually had to split his angst between Craig, Sean, and Spinner. His adoptive parents were killed by drunk drivers in season 3 of the original Degrassi, and he reminds everyone of it constantly. He eventually runs away to meet his real dad, but his dad doesn't want him anymore. Along the way, some homo molests him. Later on, in season 5, he starts stealing stuff from his grandma, so he moves in with Joey. Then stuff starts disappearing from Joey's house! In the movie, Wheels gets drunk and uses his 'wheels' to kill a kid and temporarily blind and paralyze Lucy. (She appears in Mother and Child Reunion too; she's the one with the cane.)

What's strange is, Lucy forgives him in the Canadian version of Mother and Child Reunion, but Snake doesn't. This is because Snake's a whiny little biatch who can't mind his own business. And because Wheels lost his virginity before the movie, and Snake only loses his to Spike in season 2 of the next generation.

As for Tessa, she could give Manny some slut lessons. She goes from the geeks (Scooter and Alex) all the way up to the moderately-cool kids (Yick) all the way up to Joey in the movie. One problem: Joey's engaged to Caitlin. Canadians still remember Caitlin's line "Tessa Campinelli? You were FUCKING Tessa Campinelli?"

The writers tend to copy old Degrassi Junior High storylines, and the characters tend to be composites of old Degrassi characters. Here's my own. Note that more important characters have elements from more characters.

Emma = Caitlin + Liz + Heather
Manny = Erica + Stephanie + Tessa
JT = Yick + Joey
Toby = Arthur + Alex
Ashley = Stephanie + Joanne
Terri = Kathleen
Jimmy = BLT + Snake
Paige = Kathleen + Lucy + Stephanie
Spinner = Joey + Dwayne + Wheels
Liberty = Nancy + Susie
Sean = Rick + Wheels + BLT
Hazel = Melanie
Craig = Claude + Wheels + Rick
Marco = Bronco + Claude
Ellie = Liz + Spike
Jay = Dwayne + Clutch
Alex = Liz + Tabi
Rick = Scott + Arthur

At least those are the major vibes I get.

I was home the other week watching a Full House marathon with my younger brother. After about 9 hours of that, I told him that we were going to watch something else because we had simply too much John Stamos. As it turns out, there was a marathon of the original Degrassi show. I didn't like it to much, Snake is way too large and scary. He was like some sort of Frankenstein-like monster. He has apparently been seven feet tall since he was in 8th grade. There was also a scene in the girls locker room where the girls all took of their shirts and stood around in their bras. I don't know about you, but I find something inherently creepy about a show that has middle school aged girls prancing about in their underpants. Sure the actresses who play the girls were probably all at least 25 at the time, but they are suppose to be 14.

So all in all, old Degrassi sucks and was made by perverts.

Date: 10/10/2005
From: Victoria
Subject: Hey guys!

1. Man, people are really stupid if they think y'all make Degrassi...I mean, you guys make fun of it.
2. Love the Website! I found it yesterday while on Google ImageSearch looking for pics of Stefan Brogren, or "Mr. Simpson".
3. Spinner IS fucking awesome. Although I like Craig the most, that's the cliche' teenage girl in me. Sorry.
4. You guys are awesome and hilarious. Keep up the good work.
5. My only complaint is that you haven't reviewed all of the episodes. We don't get The-N anymore so I really enjoyed reading your reviews...until I realized there weren't a whole lot done after season 3. So...why did you stop writing reviews?

Otherwise, great job guys! Love ya!


Billy is working on the reviews of the latest season. He could do reviews of the older episodes as well, but he does have a life out side of Degrassi.

What I want to know is why you were looking for pictures of Mr. Simpson. There's a few scenarios running through my mind but none of them are things I would go around admitting to.

Date: 10/03/2005
From: Danette S
Subject: U Guys Rock

First of all i'd like to say dat u guys are da best!!!!!!!! i love ur sight n i agree wit everything u say cuz it's true!!!!!!!!! i mean who'd care if Liberty fell off a clif n dies i hate dat fucking bitch. And Jimmy, he is from da future u wanna knoe how? Cuz he had a fucking Ipod b 4 it even came out so there case closed everyone else can kiss our asses.

Well all that is besides da point im writing because i wanted to tell u that u could also download Degrassi episodes (da ones that we haven't seen in American yet but have shown in CTV) on limewire also i don't need the-N those stupid mother fuckers....get this if they want degrassi to be 100% intence why didn't they just show Manny getting pregnat den killing wat this isn't the first time people have done this. The-N are ass holes!!!!

Hope you like my pix........Replay soon. (Thanks in Advance)

Much Love XoXo


P.S Spinner is da best n Sean is a second close place...they are soooooooooooo hot. Spinner more cuz he has a toung ring... i want him to use his thoung ring on me!!!!!!! (hehe)


Wow, so many typos. Billy gets all his episodes from Soul Seek, and I get all my episodes from him. I assume that any peer to peer downloading system will be full of Degrassi goodness, so any of you potential bootleggers out there should just use the system you like the most.

Watch out if you decide to use Kazaa or Kazaa lite, or Kazaa revolution or any of those things. No matter what you search for porn is sure to come up.

Date: 10/18/2005
From: Lauren O
Subject: I Love It

You guys seemed like you needed more support on how funny and great this site is so I decided to e-mail you (because I'm cool like that).

Anywho, your smart ass remarks send me laughing every time I read something. The reveiws are hilarious and people should take the sticks out of their asses and learn to have some fun and poke humor at things.

I would send you naked pics of me as a reward, but I don't know how...sorry.

And yes I'm a chick.


_______######## ########________

_____######### ###########______



#######_#_#_# _#_#_#_#_ #_#_####


_____###_____#_____########_____ Kiss me!

______#_____#____#### #####_____



____#_____#_ ____##_____________



______#__# _#_#_#_______________


Alright first find somebody with a digital camera. You must know someone who has one. If you don't, then just start asking people on the street if you can borrow theirs. Then you take the naked pictures. Now if the digital camera has a memory stick, you put that into the computer and transfer the pictures. If it's one of the cheap cameras without a memory stick, then you need to connect the camera and computer with a cable, and then transfer the photos. I'm sure the owner of the camera will be willing to help you out. You then open an email, press the attach button, choose the naked pictures. Once they are attached, send them to us and we will look at them and say "Damn look at that". You are over 18 right? Wait never mind, it's not illegal if I don't know.

Date: 10/29/2005
From: TJinFtLauderdale
Subject: OMG! Spin this!

OMG OMG OMG!!! Will you have hot gay sex with me and my brother? We both want to fuck you both up the ass and then "spin" you.

"Whatever it takes... urrrrgggh, ooooooggggrrrrhhh!!! SPUUUUURRT"

(I just blew my wad)

I will have to politely decline this proposition. Sex offers are only cool when they involve women. Do you have a sister by chance?

Date: 10/02/2005
From: Joni
Subject: Awesome and Intense

Your site is so funny, it is the best on the web. I love how Jimmy is from the future, they should explore that in an episode.

ps Marry Me!

How old are you Joni? If you're over 15 and hot then I may just have to take you up on this intriguing offer.

Date: 10/24/2005
From: Sango1115
Subject: Horrible Site

I'm sorry to tell you this but your site is the worst Degrassi site on the web. You don't even seem to like this show. You only like Spinner, who is the worst character on the show and should kill himself because he doesn't deserve to live. You're also WAY to crude. Your humor is disgusting. Leave Degrassi fansites to the real fans.

How about you leave emails to people who aren't stupid, huh how about that, words can hurt. We here love Degrassi like Emma loves to suck cock, and its because of this love that we hold Degrassi to such a high standard. If Radio Free Rosco has a terrible episode like "Holiday", or a character like Liberty, we are just "Hey, they're doing the best they can." But with Degrassi we know the writers can do better.

We have seen heaven, and are now unwilling to settle for less.

Date: 10/19/2005
From: Katie B
Subject: Spinner The Awesome

Ok guys, I know you've heard this millions of time from your millions of adoring fans but you rock! I've never laughed so much in my life from one web page. Your reviews, love for Spinner, hatred of Liberty, are hilarious. I especially loved your comments on the incoherence of Chris. Cracked me up, man.

I also want to thank you. Not just for making me laugh but for reviving my love for Spinner the awesome. I was always desperately in love with Spinner until the oh so terrible season four brainwashed me into thinking that he was no longer awesome. After reading your 100% accurate reviews, however, I am once again in lust with Spinner the awesome.

I also want to comment on Terri. I never liked her either. She wasn't an accurate portrayal of a fat chick. She should have been drunk the whole time she was on camera. That would have rocked.

Terri being drunk all the time would have made her one of the coolest characters on the show. It's to bad the writers chose to not go this route and instead made her a plus size model, which would have never have happened in real life because she's too fat to be a plus size model. Should would have to be a plus plus plus size model

Date: 10/31/2005
From: EZvyk
Subject: [No Subject]


Looks like we have gotten our first international piece of fan mail, unless you count Canada as a separate nation from America, which I don't. Your English may be a little weak, but it is a lot better then my Lithuanian. Tell everybody at the Degrassi forum that they kick ass, but would kick more ass if they visited Boycott the Caff, and clicked on lots of advertisements.

Date: 10/28/2005
From: Brynley G
Subject: awesome site

Im probably one of the biggest Degrassi fans out there and i must say...this site is sweet. Being a girl i must say i do like Spinner...a lot. I mean he's hott,funny,cool, and i mean come on...he has the best line of the whole degrassi era *release the beast within*. haha totally funny. Well i cant tell you to much about me since we have all seen the classic episode where Emma almost gets raped by some old dude with no life...yeah so peace out! I'll be stealin candy from the local vending machines if you need me.

Da grassi fan 22

Way to imply that I have no life, jerk. The only reason I'm going to let that slide is because you love Spinner so much. I could never harm somebody who loves Spinner. Spinner is like Jesus except he prevents killings.

Date: 10/09/2005
From: MochaDeva
Subject: (no subject)

I love the show and the site. I think they should have a Degrassi College on HBO.Now they don't have any reason to ban it from the N because it is too graphic. By the way, I checked out the episode where Manny goes prego the gets an abortion. thanx any way. oh and I told my friend Amirah about my idea so her irking self might E-mail you too.
Jimmy is the best looking dude on the show!
his parents did a amazing job.

Jimmy looks so nice because in the future they have perfected genetic engineering.

I like your idea for Degrassi on HBO because then we would get to see Manny's boobs and Spinner's humongous erection. Even better idea it should be on Cinemax on Saturday nights sometime after 3 a.m. so that it can just be porn.

Date: 10/01/2005
From: Amos O
Subject: Stealing

I don't ever think that we learned the lesson that stealing is wrong. Remember when Sean stole Snake's laptop. After he told him, the only thing that happened was that he fixed his car, and that was the end or it. Does that mean that if you promise to fix someone's car that stealing is ok? Becasue I don't know how to fix cars.

Also the Candy Bandits Stole all of that candy and didn't get into trouble, I think the lesson here was bribe the people that saw you stealing candy, and make them join your group, and you won't get caught.

What do you guys think?

I think the lesson is that Canadians are so trusting that you can easily steal everything they own, and if they catch you they will let you off if you do odd jobs for them.

Date: 10/09/2005
From: sarah b
Subject: latin america?>

Is there a reason other than some inside joke-thing why you keep insisting that the phillipines are in south/latin america?

Because Manny is a spicy Latina and her parents are from the Philippines, therefore the Philippines are in Latin America.

Date: 10/11/2005
From: glitterchick1992 bob101
Subject: another reason that jimmy is faking being paralyzed...

I have a valid reason why Jimmy is faking his paralyzation. Well, of course, Jimmy is from the future. He was sent back in time to reproduce and create a superhuman race for some reason unknown to us in the present. So, he needs to get someone pregnant, but Hazel won't do it without a condom, so he's faking being paralyzed so that he can make up some lame excuse about how all his sperm died and that Hazel can't possibly get pregnant during unprotected sex. Now, he would've just moved on to impregnate another girl, but Manny was busy that night and no other girls would do it with him because he hurt Hazel's feelings. Plus, making new friends would take too long, and with the last season coming to an end, Jimmy doesn't have much time left here in 2005. So anyway, he faked being paralyzed just for this reason.

P.S. Back when Spinner and Paige were going out, Jimmy asked Spinner if he could impregnate Paige any time soon, but Spinner didn't want anyone messing with his girl, so he bitch-slapped him with his massive boner.

The end.

While I buy Jimmy having to impregnate women from our time, I don't think he would have much trouble doing it. He could probably use some sort of beam to shoot his sperm straight into the woman's vagina. That may very well be the way Manny got pregnant. It is also very possible that Jimmy has been bitched slapped by Spinner's massive boner on several occasions. What am I saying? Of course he has.

Date: 10/14/2005
From: = BrAtT =
Subject: spinner news...

i read a thread that spinner was going to commit suicide this season. why would they kill off the best charcter??

The only reason Spinner would commit suicide is so that he can come back as a ghost and get his revenge against Jimmy. As we all know, black people are scared of ghosts. Besides even if Spinner died, it wouldn't be a big deal because he is Jesus and Jesus can come back from the grave.

Date: 10/03/2005
From: Dan M
Subject: Canadian 20 Dollars

for your everposing question on what Ash is bribing toby wiht in "Family Politics" it is an America $20

if you look to the 4th season episode "Queen of Hearts" Alex makes the suggestion of betting for $20 and craig agrees

she throws a green bill, he throws down a viberant pink and orange one, the canadian 20 i asume

Looks like another chapter of this mystery has been opened. Trouble is we don't know for sure if Alex is betting a Canadian 20, or if she bet an American 20 and Craig just bet the Canadian equivalent.

As a side not how about how queer Canadian money is. Come on Canadians quit being such queers.

by Johnny Dangerous