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Degrassi Mailbag #7

Date: 11/01/2005
From: Katie
Subject: my offer to you

Ok I'm going to try my hardest to be nice about this.

Your links suck. I was going to link to your site but they are too ugly.
So I've decided to offer to make you a new one. I promise it will be

Btw. love the site and I want to have like 10 of your babies and name
them all Spinner.maybe a couple named Gavin if I must.

-Kathryn Grace

Go ahead and make us some new links, we won’t pay you or anything but we might give you credit for making them.

Date: 11/03/2005
From: Jonathan D
Subject: Fucking awesomeness

Well, I wanted to first start with that I think your site pwns Degrassi-Boards by a long shot.. Hell! Your site got more action than Manny's tit show! I wanted to comment about the episode "Foolin'", which by the way, made me sick, but Jimmy.. That cunt.. He's gotten so desperate it's not even funny. Even Paige doesn't even care about the shit anymore. Jimmy needs to get over his disability and get fucked...

Well, I'm a bit tired and hungry, so I'm going to eat.. I'm a fat fuck. But not as much as Terri! See you, KSDA (Keep Spinner's dream alive).

Jimmy should get over it, he just lost the use of his legs, it's not like legs are all that important anyways.

Date: 11/02/2005
From: Ingrid M
Subject: eej

hey,i'm a superfan off degrassi!!!!!!!
waths the fanmail adress of sean
en emma!?I LIKE TO HEF IT
i'm not englisch
send me an email

You're not English? I never would have guessed.

Date: 11/05/2005
From: Jane
Subject: [No Subject]


you know how you guys can never seem to know what chris is talking about, well, in the episode where spin in doing 'operation locker storm' chris says 'tough still' or something. then in pride 2, the boys are in the dot and spinner is heard saying 'tough still? what does that even mean? do u guys know what it means?' spinner is a genious. obviously in season 5 everyone will ruin there lives except spin who will hang with darcy and have the best life ever. finally, the degrassi writers are coming to their senses.

"Tough still" is nothing but gibberish. When Spinner said it he must have been mocking Chris, because Spinner hates Chris.

Date: 11/09/2005
From: cwc01
Subject: degrassi

joey jeremiah is possibly the worst canadian ever. i hate him. i hope that he gets fired and as hes leaving the set hes is hit by a bus driven by none other than shane kippel.

I have for a long time supported Joey Jeremiah getting hit by a bus. I don't care who drives it, but that does seem like something Shane Kippel would do. It is common knowledge that he also hates Joey.

Date: 11/11/2005
From: gamaray
Subject: Alex the lesbo

There are pictures circulating of Alex lezzing out with Paige. In case you haven't heard.


I tried to download the attachment but it wouldn't work, so I tried looking for the pictures on the web. A search for Degrassi lesbians brought up this picture:

Man with Big Glasses

That picture is not a lesbian. I decided to look for the picture on non Degrassi websites. I went to several dozen lesbian based websites but didn't find the pictures I was looking for. I'm not going to give up though; I don't care if I have to go to every single lesbian porn site on the web. I may even go to non lesbian porn sites just to make sure they don't happen to have it.

Date: 11/12/2005
From: Jonathan D
Subject: Funny experience

Well, I went on Degrassi Boards to get a good laugh, because I heard you chatting about how it sucks ass. Anyways, when I went on there, I was immensly scared.. Names like "xoxxojakeepstienxxxixoxo" to "xxxxooobubblegumxoxoxoxo" to "libertysassitant01283834". And signatures in people's profiles, like this one here.. This ought to give you a good laugh, and a good idea at how fucked up Degrassi Boards is. All you have to do is look at the images on there.. For the thread images, they have a picture of Ellie.. How fucked up is that?


Here's some posts.. Screenies of em, they're probably deleted now..

I hope the girl who challenged me gets hit by a bus...

Anybody who spends the amount of time needed to make this picture should either get a job or kill themselves. I'd understand if they were spending the time to Photoshop nude pictures of Spinner, but this is just unacceptable.

Degrassi Signiture Banner

Date: 11/13/2005
From: Whoabadpoetry
Subject: I always thought...

I always thought that there should be a murder storyline on Degrassi. For one, they're running out of problems that teens go through and have to deal with. Second, that chick from Alaska got her two thirty-year old ex-boyfriends to kidnap her mom and set her van on fire, and that girl was a whiny goth bitch with a LiveJournal, so I guess that's a common teen problem. Maybe Emma could do that to Spike or something. That'd be cool to watch, since Spike can't really act.

That sounds like a really good bad fanfic. But after all, we know the Degrassi writers are just older Canadian fanfic writers who steal their ideas from there will be a murder storyline. Hm.

Get your facts straight, the writers just reuse all their ideas from the old series. It would be cool if they stole their ideas from those old Avatar Theater commercials. Yes it would be sad when Spinner gets killed when a car hits him while he eats a hot dog in the middle of the road, but it's the way he would want to go out.

Date: 11/13/2005
Subject: Amy

Look, sorry if this has been a sarcastic joke, but Amy did not die, she was rushed to the hostbital and the next day Sean said to Jay the next day Amy u'll be okay. And to completely disprove your note, Amy played a pretty large role in "Secret". If her dieing was a joke, please don't chew me out, I'm only twelve :(

You misunderstood what Jay meant. He was telling Sean that he was going to be okay, because the police didn't have enough evidence to convict him of anything related to her death. You should also probably not be reading this site if you are twelve, we are filthy people. We are constantly swearing and use the word penis a lot. Of course there are a lot worse things on the internet, so as long as you never do a Google image search for "anal penetration" I will let this go. Trust me, never Google that.

Date: 11/13/2005
From: Kick Your Heels In The Killing Fields
Subject: Marco vs. Spinner

I'm reading your recap for "King Of Pain" where you were bashing my favourite Degrassi character, Marco "The Gay Pimp" del Rossi:

"At least Marco is shaving under his lip now. That fucking chin hair was so gay. I'm serious. I never liked Marco, and that fucking chin hair thing he had going was just so fucking stupid and made him even lamer, if that is possible with Marco. Too bad he'll grow it back out later on."

I'd just like to point out that Marco's patch of hair is not as gay as you think it is. Marco was rocking what some call the "flavour savour", which is, and I quote: "it's the hair in between your lower lip and chin; so called cos it "soaks up" the "pussyjuice" when you are eating a girl out, and then you can lick at it absentmindedly after she is gone to "remember her taste"."

Marco could possibly be more manly than Spinner for sporting that chin hair. Just saying.


Spinner doesn't need a gay hunk of hair under his lip to remember the taste of pussy juice because he tastes pussy juice every couple of hours, and that's on a slow day.

[Editor's Note: Besides Marco is a homosexual, so he'd never use his lame chin hair to collect pussy juice. Marco's chin hair would be collecting semen.]

Date: 11/13/2005
From: "Cheryl S. B"
Subject: Fw: thanks for the summaries...

Now my daughter thinks I am a loser because she made the mailbag and I didn't.

Maybe this will work.

----- Original Message -----
From: Cheryl S. B
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 8:03 PM
Subject: thanks for the summaries...

I'm Maria B's (from mailbag #1) mother. Thanks for the summaries. They are awesome.

Maria got to see JT and Liberty at a mall tour. My son, Dmitri, saw Liberty's underpants and it was very upsetting. He had to come home and stay with us for a while until he felt ok to be by himself. They went to see degrassi people at the mall the year before and saw Jimmy and Manny. Two years in a row and no Paige and no Spinner - total rip off!

Cheryl S. B

I don't know how a letter about a kid being scared by Liberty's underpants didn't make the mailbag. The only explanation I can think of is that while the email was cruising through the halls of Degrassi it was intercepted and destroyed. Well perhaps that was for the best because then you wouldn't have had a reason to send me low grade pornography as a bribe.

Date: 11/14/2005
From: Alex B
Subject: holy hell.


First of all, let me say that your website is like my bible, which makes sense since Spinner is Jesus. The reviews could not be any more accurate..especially about liberty. she is pretty disgusting and the idea of her and J.T. having sex makes a little part of me die inside...god i hate her. Anyway, i was browsing on the internet and stumbled upon the website, i clicked on the website link i almost shit my pants. Lo and behold, there was the girl who played Terri-modeling. She is in fact, a plus size model. How sad is that? As soon as i saw this i immediatly decided that you guys should know.

Anyway-thanks again for creating such a goddamn funny website.

-Alex B

P.S. I was looking at your other website and was reading your fair article...i noticed that you mentioned the U.P. a couple times...which is the funniest shit ive ever read because i live in Sault Ste. Marie. No joke.

You have to give Terri some credit, there's not a lot of job opportunities for women like her in the limelight. She could either become a plus size model or an Anna Nichol Smith model, and now that Anna Nichol Smith is skinny again, Terri wouldn't even be qualified for that.

Date: 11/15/2005
From: B-dog freitas
Subject: single???

I think you guys are so friggin awesome. I actually LAUGH OUT LOUD when I read your stuff... which isnt something i do with any other sites. I have such a crush on you! Where are you guys from, by the way? And are you single???

Trust me lady, you don't want to get involved with us. We are bad boys. Just the other day I made a copy of a CD, depriving a band their rightful 15 dollars, and Billy routinely attacks hookers with a blowtorch. We would just break your heart and possibly steal your car. You're much better off pining for Spinner, sure he's a trouble maker just like us but he also has a gigantic penis.

Date: 11/15/2005
From: Mai M
Subject: Death of a Disco Dancer

In the episode Death of a Disco Dancer, the school Banting was actually referring to the school Queen's University, this is primarily evident for two reasons. First Queen's has been deemed the 'Harvard of the North' by many people, it is one of the hardest schools to get into in Canada it has a acceptance average of 89%. Secondly, Paige mentions moving to Kingston which is where the school is located, Kingston Ontario.

Only people at Queen's would have known this.

Well I guess that's one mystery solved. I wonder why they used the name Banting instead of Queen's University. It could be that they couldn't get the rights to use the college's real name, but I think Paige was just confused about what the name of the college was.

Date: 11/15/2005
From: cwc01
Subject: mid season rant

i just watched the episode where marco comes out to his dad. now his dad must be the stupidest mother fucker ever. i know straight off the boat Italians aren't usually rocket scientists but this guiney is probably legally retarded. actually i take that back because some retarded people can notice a blatant homosexual when they have one living in their own home. what the fuck didn't this guy see? he hangs out with a creepy pedophile for 2 years, never once has a girl come over- with the exception of Ellie, but even papa wop knows no one wants to fuck Ellie. i mean Christ how can u not see that he's gay. and i don't care about gays one way or another- whatever floats your boat- or more accurately pirate ship.

also spinner had one episode all season where he had more than 1 line, and its about fucking time that they are going to do another one. im glad they are showing it during thanksgiving because now i have something to be truly thankful for- more fucking spinner episodes.

this season has been decent thus far with dishing out equal story lines. Craig hasn't hogged the camera this year which is good. i wouldn't complain about seeing more of mannys gigantic rack however. another major complaint i have is the abundance of liberty episodes. OK so no one in the world likes this nig but some genius in the creative department decides to give her more and more air time. what the fucks up with that? she's so gross i want to throw up when i even hear mention of her name. i hope the next time we see her is dying during child birth and she takes that bastard oreo straight to hell with her. jt sucks balls now too, i hope jay and the drug dealer- who should be a regular i might add bc he's sweet- kill jt for banging outside of his race. it doesn't make much sense as soon as they put jay and Alex into the opening credits they diminish their parts considerably. fucking Canadians.

in conclusion, liberty sucks and gets too much tv time. spinner rules and doesn't get nearly enough.

Wow man you really hate Italians and black people. I bet if you ever met a black person from Italy you would shit yourself in a fit of rage.

Date: 11/18/2005
From: George W
Subject: Jimmy's flashbacks

First off let me say again how much I enjoy your website, Boycott the Caf is fucking is the Spinner of websites. Keep up the good work.

To your comments about Jimmy's flashbacks to Rick mowing him down in a hail of gunfire, when one timidly fired shot anyway. It's never occurred to me until now but for a homicidal maniac Rick was a wuss. Anyway I have to take issue with your claim that Jimmy couldn't have seen Rick shoot him because he was running away and had his back turned.

In theory that makes sense. But this is Degrassi; the laws of reality have no place here. We know two things to be true about this situation. As you guys have proven, Jimmy is from the future and possesses super future technology and powers. And we are all in agreement, after looking at the incontrovertible evidence of the video stills showing the bullet entering Jimmy (like Dean entered Paige...hard and fast), that Jimmy is in fact not paralyzed. The bullet never even came near his spine.

With that in mind, the fact that Jimmy can draw pictures of Rick shooting him that perfectly mimic what the cameras captured during filming proves to me that Jimmy has some strange future super power that allows him to see from the back of head. He used that backwards sight to witness Rick shooting him and was therefore able to maneuver so the bullet would miss his spinal cord.

Now true this all may seem hard to believe but remember Jimmy is from the future. Perhaps eyes in the back of the head are as common as whiney teen angst Emo music is in today's time (look at Craig and Ashley and Emma for Christ's sake...very common).

I've said before and this only reaffirms it...there is more to the Jimmy getting shot story then we've been told. Hopefully you can use your majestic website to draw attention to this deceit on the part of the Degrassi producers.

I don't buy the third eye thing because we would have seen his third eye, unless it was invisible or something, and the idea of an invisible third eyes is just absurd. I think Jimmy just consulted the time records and the video cameras in the school before coming back to our time. He saw himself get shot, but he couldn't stop the shooting without creating a paradox. So he took steps to make it make sure it did as little damage as possible, and is faking being paralyzed.

Date: 11/18/2005
From: Jason R
Subject: Oh no!

Hey all,
First off, love the site. I've laughed so hard, I've cried. Several times. Now, where did you hear that this season's Degrassi would be its last? I mean, it's not surprising, considering they've run out of ideas (Liberty....pregnant? Come on!), but if my fix of Spinner and the gang is cut off, I will somewhat disappointed.

Originally this was supposed to be the final season, but I think they have decided to produce another season so that they can finish things up with the younger characters as well. If they go through with this idea they better have Spinner get held back or something because Degrassi without Spinner would be like sex without a picture of Spinner taped to the back of the girl's head.

Date: 11/23/2005
From: Christine e
Subject: Paige's rape is not funny.

Paige's rpe is not funny, in fact, it is hilarious. Thanks for validation.


Finally somebody who is sensible about the whole rape situation.

Date: 11/25/2005
From: Hwhite374
Subject: (no subject)

I love how Darcy used to be friends with Manny and Emma, along with that Chante girl last season and now those facts are completely ignored. Also, what happened to Chester; the new boy Manny was going to date, but then later seemed interested in Emma, just like Peter this season. Emma said in one episode that she and Chester were next door neighbors, this is also the episode where she, manny, darcy, and chante were all hanging out at emma's house. So, I guess this episode (modern love) and west end girls just don't exist anymore .

Chester just sort of fell of the face of the earth. I don't think we are suppose to remember that he used to be on the show, just like how we aren't supposed to remember that Sean had no problem getting on student welfare, while Manny, Liberty, and JT. are all unable to get government assistance. I guess in Canada only the students who steal, don't get good grades, and are constantly getting in trouble with authority figures get government aid, not the ones who are abandoned by their parents.

Date: 11/26/2005
From: CouchPotato666
Subject: i fukin love spinner

hey i just wanted to say that spinner is the hottest person alive.. and im so happy that he is your fav character on degrassi.... and also what kind of fucker would ever have sex with liberty. i mean really... i had respect for j.t. before this whole incident happend.. lol. i decided that liberty is going to have 12 kids and they r all going to die except for one of them.. and that one is going to be named fuck-liberty. and its going to be paralized from the neck down.. and yes i understand that it is very mean to say but its true.. everyone knows it. i no it, you no it, even your mom knows it. lol. and i have a feeling that marco is going to rape spinner., and if he does im going to kick his ass. lol. ok well ur website is the shit and i go on it everyday. u guys r my effing heros.. lol.

-a degrassi fan

If Marco ever tried to rape Spinner, Spinner would smack him so hard with his dick that it would leave a permanent dick shaped impression on Marco's face. Which would make Marco depressed because everybody would be able to see the shape of Spinner's dick but him, unless he looked into a mirror, and then it would be backwards.

Date: 11/27/2005
From: Jeremy M
Subject: Spinner is great

Wow. Before I saw your awesome site I was all "Old Degrassi is the best, and new degrassi is sucky." But then I read your site and it kicked total ass so I started watching some of the new degrassi and it was excellent, especially Spinner. I was watching the "The Redemption Song" and holy shit Darcy is so fine and all over the Spinnster. Darcy is like "O shit! i'm hot" and Spinner is all "I'm going to fuck you in the face bitch" and i was like "YES!"

So, thank you for showing me the greatness of the new degrassi and especially Spinner.

P.S.Also, it is so great to have someone express their obvious hatred for Liberty. I hope she gets kicked in her fat stomache and is diagnosed with AIDS on the last episode.


I hope she gets AIDS from getting kicked in the stomach. That doesn't make any sense so Spinner would have to do it because Spinner defies logic. He would then have sex with Darcy in front of Liberty while yelling "You can't do this anymore bitch, you got the AIDS". Then Liberty would start crying and the end credits would roll.

Date: 11/11/2005
From: gamaray
Subject: DEFINITELY Canadian Money

Look at the back of the bill. Big 20 that Looks like the 20 on an American bill, but No border. Attatching the file as well.


Here is the attached file:

20 Dollar Bill Backside

This new evidence is shocking. I still can't figure out which it is, but I'm sure more dedicated fans will work on this mystery and bring more facts to light.

by Johnny Dangerous