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Degrassi Mailbag #8

Date: 12/1/2006
From: cwc01
Subject: spinner

spinner isnt hung like a horse....horses are hung like spinner

I love you.

Date: 12/2/2006
From: geoff k
Subject: alex

I think after last episode, its time to up your grade for alex

lesbians rule

Johnny handles rating the characters and he has discussed updating the bios after this season ends. But there is always the chance that at some point before then he and I may get girlfriends, finally giving us something to do other than watch a Canadian teen drama series and then spend a large part of our day maintaining a website devoted to it. You don't get a site with this much content if the people behind it have something better to fill their time with.

Date: 12/21/2005
From: bob m
Subject: the candy bandits

your bios for the candy bandits sucked. you completely left out the part about them all having herpes except for towerz who died from the trauma of fucking liberty.

Again, we'll update the bios sometime later this year if we don't get a life first.

Bet on the bios being updated.

Date: 12/10/2005
From: Mike P
Subject: lexicon of love

you boys rock.

i'm anxiously awaiting your review of the lexicon, because i dont know how you couldn't give it a fucking A. first of all the b plot was sweet. there have been exactly two sweet moments in degrassi adult history. the first was when that dude wheels learned to walk after being paralyzed (eat that jimmy!). the only other cool one was archie decided to bag principal hotsauce, in the movie theatre, while his stepdaughter was trying to bag her son. the dude is sleeping with his boss, while he's married to his high school sweetheart. go archie. you deserve to be called snake, or spike, whichever the fuck one you are.

then there's the sweet alex-paige plot. not only do they get stoned together, they sleep together too. plus you know jay is going to try to kick kevin smiths ass for setting alex and paige up in the first place. plus with paige going gay, and jimmy doing ellie, what the fuck is hazel going to do? and the whole two parter only had one shot of too dumb for an abortion liberty. i call that awesome.


That was a cool episode. I applaud the new lesbian relationship. Sex is always better when it's between two girls because then you don't have to see any penis. There is no reason to see any penis during sex unless it is my penis.

Date: 12/5/2006
From: Julianna F
Subject: no subject

you guys should get a girl like me on the show im really good i mean i act the way you want me to and i think it would be good for Degrassi The Next Generation to have a new person on the show you kno i can be a TOTAL prep or a TOTALLY diffrent person i can be a goth which ever works you know well i think that if you think this is a good idea please contact me back please I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU

thank you

Julianna Flood

P.S I know i have a weird last name but thats ok with me I mean its just a last name.(laughs) ok well please email me back thanks

Whenever I get a email from some confused youngster asking to be on Degrassi I think I should reply to them posing as a producer, get them all together, and then shoot my own middle school drama show. It would be 100% intense and 100% low budget. I could get away with paying the kids in strips of paper written in crayon by saying it's Canadian money.

Date: 12/6/2006
From: "Bunny"
Subject: w00t

God damn, your site is funny. I am currently watching Take My Breath Away and making fun of Manny's retarded delusions, Craig's obvious child love which, of course, surprises no one after his vouyeristic photo jaunt, and Emma's horce face with those braces. Mouth breather. Was she a member of Hanson?

Rock on.

I think Emma is too masculine to be a member of Hanson.

Date: 12/9/2005
From: "tammy p"
Subject: wuzup

yeah, so your web site is so freken cool. Whats up with evry one liking ellie? because ellie is supposed to hate everyone. U sound pretty hot from the way that u talc . i lov bitches with sexy and badazz attitudes. And peter is like a male whore. Anywayz u ar so freaken funny.


Someone of Hottihottness

I'd like getting emails from girls who tell us how hot we are if it weren't for the fact most of them are well under 18, and usually haven't learned proper grammar. Also I think this girl may have called me a bitch. I guess I missed when bitch became a compliment.

On the subject of people liking Ellie, I bet they just pretend to be her friend because Ellie has a big CD collection and they want to borrow her CDs. She has a lot of early 90's stuff so they all act nice so they can burn copies of Jagged Little Pill and Ten.

Date: 12/6/2005
From: Dawn E
Subject: marry me?

haha, i found your degrassi site by accident and i absolutely love your sense of humor! i laughed my ass off the whole way through those reviews. i have never seen the show, but i think i will start watching now that i know all about the drama! you guys sound really awesome and im in my early twenties too, not 13, so hopefully it is more of a compliment! :)


Hopefully you are hot and hopefully you'd like to send us some naked pictures to show your appreciation.

Date: 12/11/2005
From: "Arielle Lastname"
Subject: ahh, people just like me!

I just wanted to write and and say thank you for making me know I'm not the only 20 year old who watches Degrassi. As I don't have the N in college I am unable to watch it, so your episode reviews clue me in to the utter bizzareness that is going down in our favorite Canadian high school, while making me laugh at the same time (the Baggin Saggin Barry reference totally made my week).

My friends can't appriciate the complete, spleen palpitating, 100% intensity that is Degrassi. It's because they're lame. At first I thought I was the lame one for liking Degrassi, but now that I reallize that there are others out there like me, and since finding others that think like you is the only way you can ever validate an opinion, I can say with confidence that they are in fact the lame ones. Take that, non Degrassi loving friends!

Know of any places to download episodes? Well, obviously you do and that's a retarded question so let me rephrase that: Could you give me the location of places to download episodes? I could really use some Spinner Mason action in academia.

No one is lame for liking Degrassi. Unless you are a frequent poster at, at which point you make Toby look cool.

I know what it is like to be the lone Degrassi fan in college. I have one of those autographed photos of Lauren Collins on the shelf in my room, and occasionally people will ask who that girl is. I don't want to try to explain the whole Degrassi thing to them, because that would make me look pretty pathetic, so I usually just say she's a stripper from Flint, Michigan who I used to date.

If you are looking to download episodes, Degrassi TNG Hangout is a website run by people who encode the episodes from CTV and put them online. Go to their forums and you can usually find direct links to download episodes from your browser, or you can learn how to find episodes on file trading software such as Soulseek.

By the way, I like that your name is Arielle. If that is your real name, it must mean your parents named you after the main character in The Little Mermaid, because I've never heard it used outside that movie. But y our ancestors weren't that creative when they decided their family name would be Lastname. Or maybe it was given to your family by a bitter immigration agent at Ellis Island who didn't care for his job, ran out of names on his list and just wanted to get hurry up and get home. Your family were a bunch of dirty immigrants and this paint who couldn't speak English, so they did understand the joke.

Date: 12/12/2005
From: mewgaramon
Subject: Ahahah... some people...

Hey, your site, love it. Very much. I was reading through the mailbag, and wow, so many people don't understand sarcasm. (Sarcasm happens to be my preferred way of life, next to being a Spinnerist and all.) It almost makes me ashamed of people my own age...

As for the site itself, your reviews never fail to make me laugh, but I did want to point something out. This doesn't have to do with the information on your site (which, of course, is 100% correct, it is they who are wrong), but I noticed a few confusing typos. For instance, you meant to say 'interrupted' but typed 'interpreted'. I did a little double-take on that one. And I know you don't know the adults that well (I haven't ever watched DH or DJH either), but you once put 'Spike' where it should've said 'Snake' (and it was obvious you were talking about Snake because of the context... unless, of course, you're right again. Which is very possible).

Degrassi is very easy to make fun of, and I can see why you do it. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, I'd love to have a copy of that episode that girl encoded where her parents are yelling at her, I would seriously kill for it. That's golden, right there. I can't believe people would send her hatemail, sheesh, let's see THEM try to encode episodes.

Keep up the great work, correct those poor misguided fools who think that the Philippines are in Asia (when they are very clearly in South America), and keep preaching Spinner's godliness, manliness, and utter sexiness.

To the two 'goddesses' of

- Skiba

Date: 12/12/2005
From: mewgaramon
Subject: One more thing...

I had to throw this in as a kicker. I sent you a perfectly legible email, and said kicker? ...

... I'm only 14!

Hahah. But hey, you know, some of the guys /are/ rather attractive...Spinner, of course.

- Skiba

First off, any typos are there because I tend to write the reviews very quickly and don't bother to proofread or question Microsoft's spell checker. I care very little.

Being ashamed of other 14 years is healthy. You people can't drive yet, and it's around this age when boys need to start using deodorant but don't realize it so they all stink. Or they go the opposite route and use way too much deodorant which then makes them smell like a horse. Also girls tend to dress like Britney Spears, which is just disturbing.

As far as being a Degrassi goddess, I appreciate the title. I would want people to address me as such in public if not for the fact I don't want to get beat up.

Date: 12/14/2005
From: "Lisa C"
Subject: Love x3

Mmmkay. So, basically...I freakin' love you guys. I don't get to watch Degrassi as much anymore cause I'm like busy all the time. So, I just read your site and I completely agree with you on everything. If, I ever met Spinner, I would totally have sex with him on the spot. I don't care who is watching, he's so worth it. I'm buying the each Season DVDs. Then, I'm having a Degrassi party, and you're invited. Kay, so if you ever are in need of someone to have your children, just knock me up. It would be an honor.

If you have a myspace.

And I'm not 11 year-old weirdo. I'm 16, which is the legal age of consent in most states. So, I can't get you arrested. Besides, early 20 year-olds who worship Degrassi are basically the hottest people in the world.

16 year olds are all right, because girls have pretty well developed breasts by then. If you want to have a party, we can buy you booze.

Date: 12/7/2005
From: "Brooke P"
Subject: MONEY that ashley bribed jt with

If you look at the picture you guys have under the thingy called Money that Ashley Bribed JT with, you can clearly see a little blurry thinky in the top corner, and if u look at the canadian money, it says canada, and in the U.S. money, you can see a 20. The word canada is too big to fit the blur, but the 20 is the perfect size to fit. So, i have came to the conclusion that Ashley was using american money. But now the question is, how did she get the money. I bet she secretly sneaks out at night, over the border, and is a prostitute in America, which, if she finds someone who is drunk enough, all they care about is the size of a womans boobs, and, like you have pointed out in season 1, ashley has HUGE boobs, so, any drunk guy would want to have sex with her and she would get a lot of money, and it would have to be american money since she is in america.


I can't find a hole in this theory. Good job Professor. I would support the idea of Ashley being a prostitute, except for the fact that she'd be too damn whiny and pouty and probably refuse to do anal, all a turn off. On the other hand, she also cries after sex, which is a real turn on.

Date: 12/8/2005
From: "Anna G"
Subject: t. shaivo

yeah, if you haven't already... I'd suggest you make some sort of a comparison between degrassi's Terri, and terry shaivo, since they both are named Terri, and are in comas... (well I think shaivo died but we can only  hope for such luck with the fatty Gonzalez Terri)

pAYce homieszz

I may or may not have sent this twice, sorry if I did

I only got this message once, so if you accidentally sent this to another person I hope it wasn't Michael Shiavo, because then you just made a grown man cry. Way to go jerk.

Date: 12/8/2005
From: "Stephanie F"
Subject: Mall Tours

Great site =)

I was wondering if you've been to any of the mall tours. Aubrey Graham and Stacey Farber (Jimmy and Ellie) came to the one by me. What sucks is that some people got the actor and actress who play Toby and Liberty.

I was planning on going to a mall tour in Detroit last year, not lying. But instead I had plans to go see a White Stripes concert in Milwaukee that same week, which was a lot more fun. Milwaukee is a very dirty city and white people seem afraid to venture more than a block from the university campus. But the concert was kick ass. Jack White could teach Craig a thing or two about not sucking at guitar, and Meg White could teach all the Degrassi girls that a woman is best when she never talks.

So that is why I did not go to a mall tour yet. I also have a feeling if I ever went to one I would do something that would get me arrested. And I'm not going back to prison.

Date: 12/8/2005
From: "shay s"
Subject: N/A

hi its shay anyways ive written to u guys before and i just love ur site and i discovered something one monday night while watching an episode of degrassi SPINNER HAS A TONGUE RING now why am i so excited by this well its because i have one two and in doing so i feel closer to spinner then i ever have befor i actually was speechless upon this discovery anyways in an upcoming episode you will never believe but SNAKE cheats on emma's mom with the one and only MS.HOTSAUCE one big leap for snake and a tiny step for all middle age crisis men anyways as a female i was very aroused by the kiss between alex and paige its like a romeo and juliet story but with a twist anyways your site is the best i go on it everyday just so i can have at least one pleasurable momentplzz write more reviews often i crave them like

how every women on earth craves spinner bi and than you

It's always good to hear from you Shay. I don't have a tongue ring, but I did tell a guy to shoot one of my friends once, so that how I am pretty close to Spinner.

Date: 12/10/2005
From: "Kathleen M"
Subject: what's up with that??

Dear Boycot the Caf,

As an avid Degrassi fan I noticed that in episode 7 it is indicated that JT lives with his Grandmother. In season 1 there is an episode where Liberty is really pissed off because JT told her that she has no friends. Liberty being the douchebag she is and not accepting the fact that no one likes her, draws in permanent marker all over a bunch of lockers and blames it on JT.

JT's mother comes to the school and threatens to take him to private school. I'm confused as to why he suddenly lives with his grandmother. Maybe his mother aged really quickly when she found out that she spawned a being with such a small penis, or she killed herself when she found out about the inter racial shenanigans he was getting up to. Perhaps we can just put this down to the large amount of continuity errors in Degrassi.

Just thought I should let you know.


Yeah, I thought about that and was going to mention this, but then realized I don't care what the deal is with JT.

Date: 12/9/2005
From: "Zag402"
Subject: N/A

The N fucking sucks they show 2 episodes and already episode 3 that will be shown next week is the "Season Finale"

Yeah man, fuck the N. Let's fuck them big time man. We'll fuck there shit up. Well fuck their asses. And the N will be like, "What happened to my shit? What did you do?" And we'll be like, "We fucked it up man. We fucked your shit up good. Suck it losers."

That will teach them.

Date: 12/13/2005
From: Chelsea C
Subject: kevin smith & lesbians


i would just like to say that i like kevin smith and i think he's pretty hilarious. it sucks that you dont like him.

also would like to share with you that i was searching on limewire for lexicon of love and i got a LOT of pr0n.

the end


ps you guys are great, keep up the good work.

I'm actually a big fan of Kevin Smith (Clerks is one of my favorite films and I am one of only three people who enjoyed Mallrats) but being so much as I also like Degrassi but make fun of it, it was kind of expected. Also Kevin Smith is an easy target being that he is fat and repels women. You know if Kevin Smith really came to your school, most people would do their best to avoid him until the police arrived. Certainly no one would become a lesbian on his advice.

Date: 12/13/2005
From: "SpookySteph ."

Hello admin-type-person.

I seem to recall having found a few links on your site to various Degrassi actors' Myspace pages, like Aubrey Graham's and Cassie Steele's. Well, today somebody asked me if I knew the link to Cassie's personal myspace page, and I remembered it as being /pantyhouse, but when I tried that, I didn't get Cassie. I instead got some horny 16-year-old boy.

I haven't dug through the bowels of the site looking for the link, mostly because I'm too impatient today to want to look for something when I don't know where on your page I found it in the first place.

Also, I was not interested in seeing any of the old Degrassi episodes, and I somehow kept on downloading episodes from Soulseek people. I really do like the old Degrassi, even if a few of the characters need a backhand to the face. I would dare to say that I like it more than TNG, but when you've got characters like Liberty and Wheelchair Girl, TNG's a hands-down funfest.

I would also like to compliment you on your fanpage, as well as; it quenches not only my guilty pleasure's thirst, but also fills in some voids that SomethingAwful can't fill. Like Ghetto Cupcake.

Tell Billy he needs to learn to wipe better.

-Miss Spooky

I thought that Myspace page was really Cassie's when I saw it. Allegedly, more cast members have their own Myspace pages, but I haven't done any looking around for more of them, because I really don't want to. I only liked that Cassie page because it had pictures of her acting like a whore. She also listed that she was bisexual, which must be true, it's not like a young woman would ever lie about that just to sound cool.

I'm glad someone likes Ghetto Cupcake, those things take forever to fucking draw.

Date: 12/13/2005
From: "Laura M"
Subject: N/A

Hey guys,
I absolutely love you're site. Not only do you guys give great, entertaining reviews, bios etc.. but all the leters you get are freaking hilarious!!! I didn't realize people could be so stupid thinking that you are actually part of the show (not saying you suck, because really, I think you guys should write some scripts, they would definately make the show 100% INTENSE =p) or saying you're getting everything wrong and calling you racist and stuff. Oh and it's great reading e-mails from people telling you to tell "Jimmy" he's hot or that "Paige" is their idol, like they don't understand that the characters aren't real.

I also had a question do you know if Season 5 is really the last season for Degrassi: TNG??? I'm obsessed with show and would hate to see it finish.

Keep up the great work, you guys deserve a medal! *thumbs up* hahahaha.

Date: 12/13/2005
From: "Laura M"
Subject: N/A

Cool. I wonder how far that image ranks in Google if you do a search for gays.jpg. Someone else can feel free to try it and tell me how it turned out.

I had to see some nasty ass gay porn for this so you are lucky I love you that much.

Page 16-3rd Row-Second Picture.

Yep. I'

There is a good chance we will have a season 6, the producers have been hinting as much. I hope we see another season, because I have already gotten a free book out of this site, and the longer Degrassi is around, the stronger chances I have of getting other free Degrassi stuff.

Maybe we shouldn't be encouraging readers to look for gay stuff on Google. A lot of you are under age and my parole officer would look down on this.

Date: 12/13/2005
From: "Liz M"
Subject: Together Forever

I just finished watching "together forever", and that episode licked balls! I was disgusted by Liberty's butt ugly black baby! then craig leaves! THANK YOU GOD! but, the highlight of the episode was spinner, he made a 1 minute appearance. Spinner handed Jimmy a cd and jimmy says "is this a recording of you and darcy singing "jesus loves me"?"...that made me crack up! but no doubt, I love spinner, but that line made me laugh....besides...what is wrong with loving Jesus? why do they make fun of spinner? LET THE MAN LOVE JESUS!


Jimmy is from the future, in a century when people have abandoned present day religions and instead worship the Almighty Giant Computer. Jimmy is just displaying some smug contempt for our antiquated culture, which he looks down upon. This is similar if we went back in time to the 1600's, we would find their outdated beliefs silly. But then we would most likely be burnt at the stake for being a witch because we talk funny and don't have lice. That is what happened to Jimmy's brother.

Date: 12/15/2005
From: Rachel M
Subject: A Letter To The Sexy Mods...

Dear Boycott the Caf Mods,

I love the humor of your site. It is imaginative and offers with much praise bashing equality to all the characters. I would like to atest though a couple of the bangability of some of the girls and boys. I'm bisexual so I can do both.

Toby should get a bit higher than one. He will probably be the future Bill Gates of Canada and when he gets that money women will throw themselves at him for it but he'll be smarter than that one assumes and would after settling prenup disputes(do they even have those in Canada?) hack into the bank's system and empty all the money back into his account.

I'd give me a two and a half rating.

Liberty also could get a higher score. I find her intelligence a bit attracitve and remember she's willing to do anything to get you to notice her think of the crazy shit she'd be willing to pull for you while going at it plus she'd be clever enough to outwit your parents or the cops if you two were caught. And according to JT she's quite gifted with the clutch. I'd personally give her a rating of 2.

Like Liberty she's willing to pull strings probably. That and with her model salary she has you could get some better sex equipment than most of the other girls. Another advantage to her being a model? She will one day associate with other hott models by giving her a good session or two you could be finding yourself with some Rachel Hunter sex...

I'd give her a two and a half.

Alex is also arguable higher much higher. She's willing to make out in public forums and uses witty and catchy phrases to those watching "you can take pictures and sell them on the internet for big porno bucks." Do you also notice how many girl fights she's willing to get herself into? I don't know about you but girlfights are kinda hott when done right. Plus upon new info she's bisexual which rocks my world double time. Six deffinately.

Emma I know most don't like her I think I was probably one of those fourteen (except I was sixteen) year old girls who was drawn in by her. She must be pretty good and bangable. Sean dated her without sex maybe he was just waiting for the good stuff that he knew would come. Jay may have had oral with just about half of Toronto but probably half of those were girls who threw themselves at him (he is the hottest guy on that show in my opinion) she attracted him even with girl Alex on his arm. That black dress oh my God yes. And look at those fingers worked so fast. Finally you know what they say about the good girls and how they wind up in bed right? I'd give her an eight...

For a correction about Manny which would bring her score down she's not a 'spicy Latina' she's Phillipino big big big big difference in my book considering I went to an all girls school that had a 70% Phillipino population. Most Phillipino girls I've come across even if they are pretty, attractive, or wild are bitchy and cruel. Plus now she has no bed of her own to do the deed. It's pretty lame when you use your friends' bed to do shit. It's not attractive at all. And about the abortion issue. That move proves she wouldn't be willing to listen to what you want. Where's the sexyness in that?

Otherwise I think your other ratings are good and acurate.

I could imagine actually having a converstation with you two sexy hott and f'able mods. Thanks for listing to my praise and commentary.

-Rachel "The Schoolgirl gone wrong"

You made some very good points. However, you are one of the many readers who are confused because you think the Philippines are not part of Latin America. They are. Buy an encyclopedia.

Also, it doesn't matter if Manny doesn't have her own bed. She had sex with Craig on Emma's bed before and she's doing it again now. Hell, I have sex on my roommate's bed just because I don't want to get my sheets dirty. And Manny doesn't even need a bed to have sex. One time, Manny was plugged in three different places by three guys at once in an inflatable raft out in Lake Erie.

Date: 12/17/2005
From: "Stephanie F"
Subject: Guess What

"Jesus doesn't love everyone.*

Wow, BTC. You have really gone too far this time. I am Jewish, and DAMN PROUD of it. I am a big fan of Degrassi, but it's just a TV show. Just because one episode is about Christianity, doesn't mean it's alright to poke fun at Jewish people. This is way out of line. Honestly, you weren't even talking about Jews, so you had no right to bring it up. You claim to love Degrassi, yet you insult fellow fans. What kind of world do we live in nowadays, where stupid website owners think it's FUN to be racist, sexist, or ageist? Honestly, why should you run this site if you are going to mock and insult the people who keep this site up by visiting? Let me tell you something. You're a dumbass. You're also a racist pig. So you just lost a visitor to the site. Not that you'd notice anyway, you'd probably be too busy getting high and making fun of an elderly lady who falls down and breaks her hip because not only is she a woman, she's old. ...Jerk.

Oh my, do I feel bad. How dare I tell a joke on a humor website, especially such a poor and cheap joke on a website chalk full of poor and cheap jokes. I at least am consoled by the knowledge that our many jokes insulting gay people have never seemed to bother you. Or our numerous insults directed at goth kids (Everything else we say is just in good fun, but we legitimately hate goths). At least you were fine with those. But making one crack at Jews is stepping over the line. I promise I'll never rip on Jewish people again.

Date: 12/21/2005
From: Julian R
Subject: you...

You fucking asshole bastards you are probably not gay but you are real assholes, how fucking dare you talk about the cutest person on degrassi Marco is a fine brotha you don't have the right to say that "That will teach Marco to like men. " even if you are being sarcastic you don't say anything like that about a situation like that you fucking fags, you know it is almost certain that people who talk about "fags" are fags themselves so that makes you fucking asshole bastard fag so if i ever hear you talking about Marco Del Rossie like that i will come down and bet the living shit out of you and then do it again.

all the best Julian Marco Ward-Reed

and yes its just a coincidence my middle name is Marco
you dumb bastards

Now we have someone who is offended by our gays jokes, but is cool with us when we rip on Jews and blacks. Sweet.

And by the way, I like gay people, because they are very clean. That's the same reason I like cats.

Date: 12/17/2005
From: Charlotte B

whover the hell writes the episode summaries


i never knew someone could be so right

so funnnny

they just need to make a spinoff of a show, with just


hes always been my favorite

thank you for doing whatever it is that you do...

because i like it.

Charlotte Berry

I like this email. It is like a poem. It has inspired me to write a Degrassi haiku.

JT and Toby

No girls like them. So they must

Make out in bathrooms.

Date: 12/18/2005
From: "Christine e"
Subject: Liberty's Asian Baby

I can't bring myself to watch Season 5 despite the somewhat promising reviews so far. However, of all the things Degrassi has maimed on their show, I think Liberty's baby is where i have to draw the line. It takes an albino and a black person to make a baby not a white and a black, that just makes a halfrican. Plus, Asian babies can be sold for big bucks on the black market. Why isn't there a Degrassi episode about that? Just some philisophical questions to start your day. You know what the only thing that will save Degrassi though? More rape.


How about how funny the people who read this site are?

Date: 12/19/2005
From: Emilia C
Subject: N/A

Dear Boycott Staff,

I found your site last night and found it to be HILARIOUS! Just the kind of analysis that Degrassi needed- from men who weren't gay or of the female persuasion. I too tire of the Craig plot lines, the exsistance of Liberty, and keep wondering why the hell Toby is still there since he hasn't done much of anything since helping Rick get involved in something that ended in his death. wtf.

It made me feel good to know that I'm not the only person in my 20s who watches Degrassi adamantly. And it's awsome how you can totally tell which girl is totally aching for a good fucking. haha that made me laugh a lot. Review more Episodes! I love how you get the perfect screen shots- it's almost as good as reading as transcript (which are infuckingpossible to find now that Degrassi Realm is gone). Wts is up with the guy Ashley dumped Craig for? He looks like the brother from Malcom in the Middle.


A little bird told me Degrassi Realm was taken down because they hacked into Degrassi-Boards or something, which is awesome. Take that fuckers. I don't think I have ever been to Degrassi Realm, but as the administrator of the web's premiere Degrassi website, I try to keep up with the goings on in the online Degrassiosphere. Even though most Degrassi websites hate us.

Date: 12/21/2005
From: Nick D
Subject: fuckin funny

my brother and i have been going to your site for about a year now and laugh at your content constently i got in a fight with some asshole and got a date with a degrassi fanatic thanks to your site and i think you guys should make a game where your liberty and J.t. and other guys from degrassi shoot dicks at you and if they hit you you become a pregnant bitch

Maybe it's because I am responding to these emails at 3am while drunk, but I think this is the fifth or sixth time in this mailbag that someone has called me a bitch. I know this is a Degrassi site, but believe it or not, this is the only Degrassi fansite out there not run by females. Maybe this is where the confusion comes from. I am 100% male, so instead of calling me a bitch, the proper term would be either bastard or a son of a bitch.

Date: 12/22/2005
From: "Mitch 514"
Subject: Awesome site

Some general comments:

- Why would anyone name their kid Liberty? Doesn't that sound like a stripper's name or something? (sorry if that inspires any mental images...)

- You fail to point something out: Spinner is totally cool not only because of what he says and does, but also because his character is the most well-thought-out and well-developed one on the show. The others are either less-well developed or inconsistent, like Jimmy, who suddenly has an artistic talent. Or Manny, who's enemies with Emma one day, then suddenly they're friends again. Or that muslim girl, who's only used on the show when they're discussing diversity, but then she's tossed aside like a used kleenex never to be seen again. What's up with that?

- On your "10 signs you're watching too much Degrassi" list, you state 'when you memorize the words to "Everybody wants something."' That's not fair, considering the song only has about 6 words, and they keep playing it over and over again so it's eventually burned into your memory. You only have to listen to that song like twice to learn all the words.

- Have you ever written to The-N to ask why they don't show the abortion episodes? What's the deal with that? Is it an American thing to be over-protective? I think The-N should "go there" and just broadcast the shows.

Your site rocks. Keep up the good work. And you state that Canada's boring, which shows you obviously have never been to my hometown Montreal. Check out Montreal someday and you'll change your mind.

I didn't write that "10 Signs" thing. I pulled it off a dead MSN group back this site was just getting started and had no content. If the original author of that list is reading this, you can go ahead and sue us. But I doubt you have enough money in your piggy bank to afford a retainer. Ha ha, we nailed you good there.

To Mitch, I have been to Canada several times, so don't lie and tell me it is interesting.

Date: 12/26/2005
From: "Mitch 514"
Subject: Season 4 reviews

You guys totally have to start reviewing season 4. I just watched Anywhere I lay my head, where Mr. S tells Ellie's mom that "Media immersion is a very intensive course, dealing with..." but the mother cuts him off saying "media? Computers? Uh, yeah, I get it..." Haha! It's almost like the writers are making fun of themselves by saying they can't justify 5 years of media immersion courses. It's also the season with the highest ratings so far, because of the shooting episodes. AND the most intense season. You HAVE to review this season soon! Thank you!

Hi Mitch, great to have you back. I just started the season 4 reviews. Ellie's drunk mom was right on to mock Media Immersion, there is no reason for kids to take the same computer class for six years. They need to learn math and history. I could see the kids always signing up for the class because they want to blow time off on the internet. Senior year of high school, I had four periods which were mainly classes I where was on the internet. Which didn't even make much sense because when I'm on the internet, I just read the news. I think I just hated doing school work.

Date: 12/27/2005
From: roxeyandfrodo
Subject: I hate subjects...

Have you noticed that half of your mailbag is filled of people either mimicing everything on your site or telling you they want to have your babies? And why does it seem like everyone of your fans have to like Spinner? See, personally, I hate him. Sure, he used to be cool in the beggining seasons, but now he's irrating. Now, to prove my point, I'll use examples. Skimming through your recent mail bag, I found ten people who made comments about how great spinner is. Like, "spinnerific" and "Keep Spinner's Dream Alive." And I'm pretty sure that it's not because they came onto the site and thought 'Wow, these people have the exact same opinions about degrassi as I do!'

Because we are awesome, other people have picked up on our love vibes and caught on to what makes Degrassi not suck. Also this site is repetitive as hell, so it's rather easy to pick up our main points. All our reviews pretty much go like this: gay joke about Marco, telling Liberty to fucking die, implying Manny is generous with who she has sex with, and then heaping praise on Spinner. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who also make fun of Degrassi and know what makes Degrassi awesome, and that is Spinner. People don't need us to explain that. It's like recognizing that kittens are cute. Kittens are cute, fire is dangerous, and Spinner is a sex god. Those are just facts everyone knows.

Also a good chunk of the Degrassi audience and our readership are made up of girls 16-25. At this age, girls are at their peak fertility and will ask every other man to impregnate them. It's how nature works.

Normally for insulting Spinner I would come to your house and kill you. You'd be reading this reply to your email, and when you turn around, there I am starring you down before I beat you to death using a sock full of pennies. In this scenario I am dressed as Burt Bacharach. But you spoke your mind, and did bring up a good point that Spinner isn't as cool now as he once was. So I'll just have you crippled.

Date: 12/28/2005
From: Mackenzie C
Subject: Original Series

I wasn't sure which address to send this to, so I sent it to both.

If you are interested, I have all episodes of the Degrassi original series on my computer. I will gladly send them to you if you wanted to watch them and especially review them. It's 5 seasons: Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. The N isn't showing some episodes I noticed, and all of these are CTV, which means it's unedited. For example, on the N, there was an episode where some of the girls were smoking weed. They completley edited out the part where they were actually smoking the joint. CTV shows it :)

So just e-mail me back and let me know so I can somehow send them to you if you are interested :) I also have plenty of other Degrassi features like all the unscripteds, behinds the scenes, and such.


P.S. Keep up the great work on your site :) I'm in college and me and a friend were reading your episode reviews one day in the computer lab and we kept cracking up. We got kicked out of the lab, haha.

I don't need anyone to send me Degrassi Junior High episodes. If I want to see them I can download them myself or buy the DVDs or watch them on The-N. That's a lot of options for a show I have no interest in. Websites take time to work on, as do reviewing episodes, and I try to have interests outside of that damn show. I enjoy puppetry too you know.

You got kicked out of a computer lab? I got kicked off Degrassi-Boards because the damn dirty Jews who run that one horse Israeli crap site couldn't handle the truth I had to say. Plus they accused me of posting pornography several times. They should go back to playing with their dreidels and leave Degrassi to the big boys who don't drink the blood of Christian babies.

Date: 12/28/2005
From: cora s
Subject: wat

wer is terri and chris now?o and spinner's sister?

Who cares? They're probably all dead.

by Billie Green