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Degrassi Mailbag #11

Date: 03/04/2006
From: Rocky NoName
Subject: The Most Awesome News Ever!!!!!!!

Okay, you know how you always go on about how the-n isn't 100% intense because they cut things out of episodes? Well, get this, they're showing director's cut episodes now. The other night my friend and I checked the schedule, when we saw that Weird Science was on. Well, we decided to watch, since hearing about Spinner getting boners is never old. Well, we sit down in front of the TV and it starts going on about director's cuts, and something about Manny's butt floss. We didn't really get that part. But anyways, we watch the episode, and it comes to the part where Spinner gets his boner. My friend and I are expecting to laugh a bit when all the sudden something amazing happens. Brace yourself... WE SEE SPINNER'S BONER!!!!!! Now, it was obviously fake because if he actually did get a boner it would rip straight through his pants, but it was still amazing. My friend and I sat there in shock. We felt quite blessed. It was an amazing experience. Apparently every Friday they're going to show unedited episodes. You really should check it out.

P.S. I notice that when Emma is explaining her science experiment she's asked about why Spinner's results are different. To this she responds 'Margin of error. It is Spinner after all.' I take this as her recognizing Spinner as being much more amazing than normal human beings. Sometimes Emma is smart.

Emma should have known that Spinner would skew the results. It's the same reason that when Socrates did scientific experiments he didn't use Hercules as a test subject. It would just mess everything up.

As for Spinner's boner, word on the street is that it is authentic. For the scene Spinner had to wear a special pair of extra stretchy pants made out of a circus tent. Even with this precaution they had to ice him down between takes to make sure it didn't break out.

Date: 03/11/2006
From: Jon B
Subject: I Against I

The jokes about Jews are ironic because Shane Kippel's Jewish in real life. LOL

You probably know this because of the recent unedited showing of Weird Science. The pants may of held, but it was so tight that it was possible to tell his religion.

Date: 03/04/2006
From: Keara J. E
Subject: Spinner

First off, i love your site.

Second, I'm sitting here watching the episode where Spinner gets a massive boner (awesome) and i just noticed he said to Jimmy.

"The entire female race is a slave to spinner!"
haha, i love it!

Check me out!

Spinner tells no lies.

Date: 03/10/2006
From: Marta C
Subject: LoveCats Webmini HOMO milk

After Marco comes out AGAIN and jokingly tells Alex about making out with the football team if you look really closely Alex spits her milk out on to
Canadian brand "HOMO" milk. Priceless.



Thanks for the great site.


I bet that milk makes you gay. That would explain why so many cast members are falling victim to homosexuality. Things were cool when it was just Marco and Dylan, but now its also Paige, Alex, and Toby. When will the evil HOMO milk stop destroying the youth of Canada.

Date: 03/22/2006
From: Katie P
Subject: [No Subject


I wish you guys would update Boycott the Caf. I know you have other things to do but I love when you update so much, it kind of makes me wish I had a life. Its also sad too because I will watch an episode of Degrassi and say "I cant wait to see what those fellows over at Boycott the Caf are going to have to say about this." Thats all. Please update soon.

Yeah we probably should update someday. At least we're still doing the mail.

Date: 03/06/2006
Subject: mail about the mailbag

Is there someway you could get everyone to stop sending long fucking e-mails? I know it's your mailbag, but everytime I go on the page to see if my e-mail is up there, I see all these long ass e-mails that make me look bad... well, if it was possible to make me look bad they may. Plus, I'm a college student, there's no fucking way I'm reading that much unless it's worth it, but usually it's just random ass shit that barely makes sense. Maybe they're speaking Canadian, I don't know. I'd just appreciate it if everyone would keep it down to one paragraph. One short paragraph.

Now dying from reading all those fucking long and fucking boring e-mails,

Trust me concise letters in no way make you look bad. If anything your letters next to really long crazy rants make you look smarter. Usually we put the long rambling emails in the mailbag because there is one comment at the end that we make a joke about, and don't actually read the entire thing. I will try to put an end to this practice from now on.

Date: 03/06/2006
From: Rachel M
Subject: Lovely Mods.

Dear Johnny and Billy,

Thank you for again publishing and responding to my last letter which included thanks of the same sort. Both of your willy sense of humor makes me happy and possibly a bit sexy at the same time. You may say that Spinner is the shit(in the best sense of the word) but I believe that you two outrank him, just for the record. As for the recent mention of the Palex relationship I was laughing my ass off at that. It makes me wonder just how much time do those Degrassi script writers have on their hands to actually research something like that. The mini episodes are kind of reduntant though except for the one where we find out that Sean got a tat of Emma's name on him. Why Sean why? I used to love Emma until she became an anorexic twig who went and had to ruin that perfectly good picnic that Peter the Spinner in training it seems. She could have at least worn something cool like the flaming dolphin pants to ease the pain of looking at her twig self but where did they go? Kind of on that note though I'd love to see Sean kick the shit out of Peter though and still claim Emma as his bitch cause you know nobody claims a girl that either Sean or Spinner's dated afterwards unless its Manny and we all know that the rules don't apply to sluts like her. And Paige gets to see Alex cause Spinner wants to see girl on girl action at night. As for Ellie well Sean won't get physical with Jimmy cause he knows it would just look bad to his rep to beat a kid in a wheelchair and he'd loose his street cred for that. The stupidest one though would have to be that episode where Manny and gay as anal fuck Marco get soulful there is no purpose what so ever in that episode except to remind us that Manny's a complete whore and Marco's just flaming gay. Not that I a bisexual girl have a problem with that its just we don't need reminders of Marco being gay he wears his gayness like a badage by his almost girlish fashion sense and constant drooling over Spinner, Sean, Dylan, and now that guy Tom who I feel a bit sorry for cause he now has Marco looking him up. I don't know even as a girl I would feel strange having a guy like Marco look me over now he's gone completely flaming. I miss season four Marco who was a respectable amount of gay, good enough gay to get Craig pimping it out and yet he kept his hair short and didn't dress as girly. I'm hoping that they'll get a webmini of some Alex and Paige hook up going on. I believe that could possibly be the only thing that could at least some what save these stupid webminis.

Now youre done reading my little rant I suggest you look my email up on myspace so you can see what I look like and tell me if I should stop my contsant adoration of you two or if you want it to continue.

-The "Bisexual Beauty"

Sean would have no problem kicking Jimmy's ass, wheelchair or no wheelchair.

I checked out your myspace, and you have my permission to continue to adore us. I noticed you are bisexual, which is something I think all girls should embrace because men have penises and those are gross. Girls should only have sex with other girls, unless they are having sex with me.

Date: 03/17/2006
From: Cheryl S. B
Subject: miriam's myspace

I think this might be Emma's actual myspace link. If I'm wrong then I'm sorry.

That looks pretty legit. Not at all like this myspace for Danny Tanner, whom the last time I checked is not a real person.

According to her myspace Miriam likes a bunch of pop bands, Journey, and System of a Down. That's awesome.

I'm going to have to make a myspace account so that I can make her my myspace friend. You can also use her as a jump off point to all the other Degrassi myspace accounts. I will befriend them all.

Date: 03/16/2006
From: stacimarie j
Subject: awesome site!!

I just stumbled across your page and thought it was awesome, my little sis is a huge fan of degrassi and was so pissed when she read what you had written but i fucken loved it!!! just one the FUCK can you say spinner is hot? is has got to be not only one of the worst actors ever but the ugliest MOFO alive how he scored a chick like darcy i dont know, but i bet she is auctually in a colt or something and shes just trying to get him to join you know how those fuckin colts work a bunch of crazy ass mother fuckers talking about God and shit like that. anyways once she has spinner commited to the colt she will move on to someone else......perhaps J.T.?

thats what he gets for fucking liberty.

peace out, staci

You sister needs to chill. We don't make fun of the show, just point out the many flaws and logical differences.

Now you need to chill on Spinner. I'm sorry to say, but if you don't find Spinner attractive then it must mean you are a lesbian. There's not two ways around it, you like women. Darcy is dating Spinner because she has no choice. She saw him walking down the hall, and saw his three foot boner and knew she couldn't settle for anything less.

Date: 03/21/2006
From: biz
Subject: high fidelity yourself a favor..dont even watch the will cry your eyes out as you watch spin turn into a woman.

I have a friend who is always telling me to watch the movie High Fidelity, because its cool and about a record store. Instead I ignore him and watch Escape from New York again. Maybe I should watch High Fidelity since it has Jack Black in it, or maybe I'm thinking of Empire Records. That movie is also about a record store.

Date: 03/05/2006
From: Kathleen M
Subject: Paige in movie

Dear Boycot the Caf,

Whilst me and my friend were in the cinema watching the movie previews before the film RENT (which coincidently stars Marco) we noticed that none other than Lauren Collins a.k.a Pagie is starring/ being an extra in a crazy ballroom dancing w/ teenage delinquency + Antonio Banderas type feature film.

As you may not know about this, we d like to bring it to your attention. We got pretty excited and started pointing our hands at the screen screaming Paige which freaked out the people behind us, who now know of our deep seated love for Degrassi.

Can t wait for it to come out, I am now informed it is called Take The Lead .

-Kit and Anika

P.S: Can you please talk about RENT for awhile? That piece of shit really pissed me off and I want someone to ridicule it for my benefit.

P.P.S: On a side note on the Episode of Law and Order SVU I'm watching right now, a kid gets shot in the back whilst in the playground. He mysteriously looks like Jimmy. Hilarious

It is true; Lauren Collins plays Caitlin in Take the Lead some sort of movie about dancing. I have a theory, if a movie is about dancing then there is no reason for me to see it. I might have made an exception if this was Shane Kippel or Mike Lobel, but neither one of those guys would be in a lame movie about dancing. Ryan Cooley was in a movie Cyber Mutt. With a name like that it must be good.

I saw RENT a few weeks back. I have to say it wasn't too bad of a movie. All musicals have that inherent "why are singing" factor but there were some catchy tunes and the one guy reminded me of Jared Leto. What bugged me was how ungrateful those people were. The one guy let's them live in the building for free and then they get pissed when he wants to use the land he owns. That part of town should have been torn down, if the movie is accurate then something like four out of five people there have aids. That's not cool. That's much higher then the national average. Then the guy gives in and tells them they can live there for free forever, and they are still pissed at him. God damn ungrateful artsy Generation Xers. There so artsy and full of angst. They keep bitching about being poor but do they get a job? Of course not. They're all to worried about their artistic integrity. Well newsflash guys, mopping floors doesn't make you any less artistic. It just makes it so that you can afford toilet paper.

Date: 03/13/2006
From: jesus c
Subject: lifetime movies

Have you ever seen that Lifetime movie called She's Too Young? If not, you should. Emma is in it, and she plays this 14 year old slut who likes to suck dick and drink and contract syphillis. Typical Emma stuff. There's also some boy who likes to smash cans on his head, and tries to rape some other chick with syphillis. I'd like to hear your take on it. There's also this other Lifetime movie called Selling Innocence with Jay. I think he's supposed to be a hippy or something with his dreads and glasses and stuff. Lifetime is great. Almost as great as Degrassi.

Miriam McDonald has a lot of experience with that kind of role, you know, because on the show something very similar happened, as well as her real life experiences. I just hope that she doesn't get typecast. Playing a 14 year with syphilis is fine now, but when she's 40 it will be weird.

Date: 03/09/2006
From: ash
Subject: i made this for you

A tiny picture of boobs. AWESOME

Date: 03/05/2006
From: Jon B
Subject: Power of Love

It was originally supposed to be a better episode. Ellie was supposed to say the Stupid Gay Indian Dance was racist: Cultural appropriation in the name of superficial fun. Ellie and the Candy Bandits boycott it, and Marco blames Ellie when things start to fall apart.

You're right that is a much better episode.

Date: 03/04/2006
From: Erica N
Subject: You rock!

Oh God, You guys rock! Spinner is the best character in any show, period.. and yes, Liberty needs to die. She made JT get 2 jobs when she didn't do shit and got all pissed when he sold drugs to shut her up. Too bad she didn't die in childbirth. What a stupid whore. It was Armstrong's baby, for sure!

Your site always makes me laugh! Keep it up

-Erica "LoveBugWHS" on TNGHO forums :)

I bet Armstrong was the person who adopted the child. He forced Liberty to give up her baby so that he could have his child without revealing he is the one who impregnated her. J.T. should have slipped the pills to Liberty. Then all his problems would be gone.

Date: 03/22/2006
From: MKandA2004
Subject: U R FUNNY AS HELL!!

Man the stuff you put on here.. it's some funny shit. It had me laughing soo hard that I think I cracked my ass bone. Man all I have to say is that I will definitely tell my friends about this web site. I love how your sarcastic and how you make fun of all these people. Especially Chris and Toby. When you make fun of Chris sayin dooha boha or whatever it's fuckn funny. And when you make fun of Toby for being a nerd and a fag( which I totally agree with you) it's soo funny. Anywayzz I will definitely be putting this in my favorite's folder and say hello to your new fan!!


I hope your ass bone recovers. Please don't sue us, we don't have insurance.

Date: 03/30/2006
From: Stargirrl556
Subject: (no subject)

Do you know what I don't get? They can bring back Sean for some crappy webisode,but they can't bring him back for the finale,while they can bring back Ashley. I don't care about Ashley.

I'm guessing Sean agreed to do the webisode without reading the script. Then he realized how shitty the show has gotten since he left and then refused to come back for any more. What the fuck exactly is up with that huge Emma tattoo.

Date: 03/22/2006
From: Roxana M
Subject: you should update your ep's

well, i was watching one of the season 3 episodes of degrassi and did you know that they have like the stupid useless characters hidden in the back of the of beginning credits?

seriously..look - i made a drawing for you guys

ohh and remember the email:

Date: 01/11/2006
From: Patrick Newport
Subject: ellie isnt a goth girl anymore

hey you should update your ellie page... she is more of a punk rock type than a goth girl now, which makes her more "fit-in-able" as a friend. Also, she is one of the hotter girls on Degrassi now who doesn't have a venereal disease of some sort. Plus I think she would probably be really good in bed because of all of her abandonment issues. I think you should consider upping the grade from a C+ to a B.

and the response:

I have been meaning to completely revamp the bio page. I think I will wait until the end of the season though. If I haven't done it by next season you should all feel free to send angry emails telling me to die.

haha GO DIE

What really sucks for Chris is that he use to be a main character before getting booted back down to secondary statues. I'm sure he sits at home watching the show cursing the producers for pulling him from the spotlight, and taking food out of the mouths of his kids. Of course when he actually curses them out it sounds something like "mogga boggo habbi doob."

Date: 03/14/2006
From: Wtrevi9674
Subject: Yo site is off the chain!!!!

I love yall site. Its so funny. I was reading them character reviews and dat shit was funny. I don't know can we say shit in a email. Anyways, keep up the good work its funny and don't mind tha haters. BTW, can you put a picture of Luda under my email, dats my nigga. I love me some Luda, cuz I rep ATL.




I will not put the picture of Luda under your email. I will however do your dance.




Date: 03/15/2006
From: Bridget
Subject: marco

OK, so I met Marco and Hazel last summer in San Fransisco on the mall tour.
(yay for me, right?)
OK, so basically I had this spur of the moment idea to have Marco do my voicemail and I just thought Id let you guys listen to it. Hope ya enjoy it.
(Oh, and I only sound retardedly excited because I was slightly high at the time)

Attachment: 002_adamo message.wav

You must have been pretty high considering how retarded you sound. Oh I'm just kidding, it's a fine phone message if it didn't include you asking him to make your phone message.

by Johnny Dangerous