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Degrassi Mailbag #15

Date: 10/06/06
From: Yrah S
Subject: Darcy's First Appearance

Darcy did appear in Island in th stream, thats ealryer than West end girls

(my english is to bad i know but if you dont understand darcy was in island in the stream, for the first time)

Thats all i wanna say cause the site says West end girls


Actually she makes her first appearance in "Friday Night".

She's the one with the red hair. By her next appearance she had drastically changed her look.

Date: 10/03/06
From: Blacking Out
Subject: C'mon now

C'mon bitches and hurry up with the Season 6 reviews. I'm sick of masturbating to these old episode reviews. I need new material.

You masturbate to Degrassi? Those kids are in middle school man. You are such a pedophile. Get off my website.

Date: 10/06/06
From: Ben M
Subject: Season Finale of Season Six

I have found how Season Six will end. I discovered this from attending the Ultimate Degrassi Party and locking Cassie Steele in a closet until she would tell me. So here it is: Dean rapes Emma, and then kidnaps Angela. Emma knows it was him, and the Liberty finds out and spreads it around the city. Emma gets arrested, and Joey moves to Texas where no one will know his story. He meets a band of country singers, and they murder him after discovering his true past. When Craig finds out Dean kidnapped Angela, he goes to kill Dean but cant find him, because Dean moved to Quebec to sell Angela into slavery. So Craig says he murdered his father and gets arrested. He then kills Emma at the jail prison place then commits suicide. The End.

I cant wait for this episode!

I hate it when people try to copy our style of humor but fail to be funny in any way. It makes us look bad.

Date: 09/29/06
From: figueira
Subject: Hi

Ms. Hatzilakos freakin rocks out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No she doesn't.

Now Raditch, he rocked out loud. Especially with his band, Rocket Cock and the Sling Blade Astronauts. Their driving bass lines and memorable hooks can be said to really have rocked out loud.

Date: 09/30/06
From: Stargirrl556
Subject: N/A

I'm writing again about how awesome your site is. I don't know why,but even when I think what you said was totally awful,I can't help laughing and thinking that your site is amazing. Weird.

I like the premiere,except for the B-plots. I could care less about Ellie at her new school or that Marco plot, where nothing interesting happened. They should have thrown Spinner in this episode. He had like less then 5 lines. I mean, I would have loved a Sean and Spinner episode.

Something annoyed me through this episode. It's almost like no one remembers that Emma got gonorrhea from Jay. I saw the previews and it looks like Sean will find out about it later in the season,but teens usually would tell him and gossip about it. We're teenagers. We entertain ourselves by the lives of other people

In the world of Degrassi, if something happened in a previous episode there is a good chance it will never be mentioned again. It's best to just think of each episode occurring in its own alternate dimension were none of the previous episodes happened, unless they are specifically mentioned.

Date: 09/29/06
From: Taylor C
Subject: I figured, if anyone would, you would care

Today I got an email from The-N asking to check out the "new awesome Degrassi opening credits." It seemed that for some reason, Degrassi lost the rights to their theme song and their set, and this is what they came up with. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the credits for the Bravo reality show, Top Chef, but this is clearly based of of those. You can check out the credits at


To quote Billie Green on the subject:

"It looks like the credits to a local news broadcast. Here's Ryan Cooley with sports and Jamie Johnston with weather."

Date: 09/27/06
From: GlittrzIsGold
Subject: N/A

I get that you guys are trying to be funny with your racist jokes but sometimes it goes a little far. And a big problem is that a big portion of your fans are idiots who spew out whatever they read. When you say hateful things, they try to up the ante by being even more hateful. Like that idiot who said something about Hazel being a "coon", or Liberty's "Oreo" baby.

If people are impressionable enough to become racists because of a couple of jokers on the internet, then they are stupid and will probably kill themselves trying to get on Jackass before they even have a chance to do something racist to another person.

Date: 09/26/06
From: kendra h
Subject: gay dylan

hey there

i was watching tv one time and on came this canadian tire commercial and who should be on it but gay dylan.

in it he had this SUPER GAY truck that was like baby blue with a cloud on it with pink and yellow.

it was fucking awsumely great.

I have a theory that the Degrassi actors are the only actors in Canada. The fact that all Canadian TV shows, movies, and now commercials features them makes this look like its true.

Date: 09/26/06
From: GlittrzIs
Subject: You guys are pretty cool

I'm constantly cracking up at all the stuff you guys write, and its pretty difficult to make me laugh that hard. Also, I don't have digital cable so I cant check out the show often and reading your reviews of episodes helps me catch up so thanks.

I was wondering: you don't seem to like Marco much better than Liberty, so why do you give him a B and her an F? I actually think Marco is pretty cool, but I agree that Liberty needs to die a painful death. Do you think there's any chance she's the one to die this season? Oh and so you know...your "Marco has AIDS" story is still circulating amongst the teeny-bopper scene so good job!

I don't have as much of a problem with Marco as Billie does. The ratings are also pretty old. I was going to update them, but Degrassi has gotten so crazy that I canít even follow it anymore so I decided not to. If I were to re-grade Marco I would probably give him a C+ or C because he has kind of gotten annoying.

Date: 09/26/06
From: Kendrick W
Subject: Shane's Weird Science

Where did you hear that Spinner's boner was Shane's actual boner? Cause this seems pretty far fetched to me.

Why? Don't you think Shane Kippel can get boners? Let me tell you he can get some doozies. Hanging out with Lauren Collins and Cassie Steele all day certainly helps things in that department.

Date: 09/25/06
From: Kyle G
Subject: Hellooo

Degrassi is cool, your site is bad your not. Oh well, can't have it all now can we? Keep on with the good work you slightly-racist comment making, homophobic, large person hating, intolerant person! Bye

If our site is racist, and you like it, then you must be a racist. Don't commit your hate crimes here bigot. Go back to Texas with all the other racists.

Date: 09/19/06
From: Jane
Subject: season 6

You don't have to post this email up or anything, I just thought, since you love ashleys breasts so much, you'd wanna watch this, although you'll probebly eventually see it anyway.

That's nice. Its about time Degrassi gave us the female characters in their under garments.

Date: 09/18/06
From: Sarah B
Subject: we ALL love to hate you, and hate to love you...

you guys are like the HOUSE....despite the racial, rude, or ridiculously random comments you make, we cant help but to love you...

for example...the people who claims to hate Boycott The Caf with a passion finds themselves wondering right back here, anticipating your next move. Whether it be an outrageous remark about Liberty, or Spinner's penis...or what new Degrassi Group or Forum you've been banned from.

But you can pretty much conclude that all the hate mail you actually fan mail..

(plays STOP COMPLAINING by Lyrics Born)

-Keiara W
YoDoKo? Entertainment

I agree we are like House.  Both Dumb Baby and House M.D. are unconventional and rude, but we donít get in trouble for our behavior because we are the best damn doctor they got.

Date: 09/18/06
Subject: we're naming our flag football team named after degrassi's favorite rapist...


i stumbled onto your degrassi page about 3 weeks ago n it has taken my roommates n i by storm.. but that's not why i'm writing u.. this is why - we're naming our intramural flag football team "The Gorgeous Deans" after you-and-paige-especially-knows-who but we're having trouble with a logo n slogan for the team.. there aren't many pictures of mr. shawn roberts besides the ones on your site n they aren't all that great.. the only slogans we came up with so far are "whatever it takes", "we don't take no for an answer", n the one from your banner "putting paige in her place since 2002".. also, if you're wondering why it's "The Gorgeous" Deans if u look at the season 2 dvd insert they refer to him as "The gorgeous Dean" n we've called him that ever since then.. anyway if u could help us out, that'd be fucking fantastic.. games start in less than a month so i need to get these shirts made ASAP


Good job naming your team after a rapist. I'm sure that's will never come back to haunt you. Guys who openly idolize rapists get all the women.

Date: 09/18/06
From: Elsa Andrea M

Again, another comment regarding Manny and her ethnicity. Yes, you acknowledged that Manny is from the Philippines, but you mentioned that Philppines are located in South America??? Hey genius, go get a map and look for the Philippines. You're definitely not going to find it on that side of the world. Get it right, please. And yes, she does look like a "spicy latina", I suppose, but just because someone's Asian doesn't mean they look Chinese. So yeah. That was my email/comment. Take care always =)

~~Elsa M.


Date: 09/18/06
From: Dana A
Subject: Like, wow.

Aha, great to see someone with the same die-hard infatuation with Spinner and Jay as I. Quite great, in fact. I always have known Spinner to get excess attention and affection--all deserved, but Jay is so neglected. He needs our support for being kick-ass! And I'm sure you've heard it time and time again about how funny you are, but what's another fanmail to remind you? Anyways, I came across your site some time ago when I wanted to look up summaries, rather than sit through The-N's grueling collage of re-runs. And wow, hilarious. And possibly with more information and depth than any other site. And I really adore the simplicity of it. Not some schoolgirl journal site littered with angle-faced emo icons and things like "Forbidden love" across them in glitter text. Hah. Gross. They should know Spinner doesn't need their bling. Anyways, keep up the good work; I'll be sure not to chew candy next time I'm reading something..fortheloveofgodIalmostchoked.


I think we need more angle faced emo icons covered in glitter text, but I'm not in charge of web design.

From: Kara McD
Subject: N/A

I was reading the character profiles, which are fucking hillarious by the way, and just wanted to let you know that Emma's father is Shane from Degrassi Junior High, and he's not retarded, he has brain damage from when he jumped aff a bridge high on acid after a Gourmet Scum (a popular band in the original series) concert. He was in a coma for a while. Just thought you could use that to you advantage in her profile. I also think you should give Spike a higher grade considering how kick ass she was in high school :)

Kara McDonald
ps. If you ever want to know anything about the original series, just let me know. I would love to help you out.
Love the site!

"If I Could Sit in My Room and Watch DeGrassi all day, You Bet Your Ass I Would!" -Kara

I don't want to know anything about the old Degrassi. I couldn't care any less. As far as I'm concerned Shane is retarded because he had sex with Spike. No normal person would touch her.

Date: 09/10/06
From: Andrew W
Subject: N/A

Since Rick was abusive with Terri, Spinner didn't really bully him or did he?

I wish I smoked as much weed as you have so that I could understand what the hell you are talking about.

Date: 08/28/06
From: Lorinda H
Subject: manny and craig

ok so when many and craig go to emma's house and do STUFF in against all odds i think they did it there because possibly emma and manny were having a sleep over and if manny and craig whent back to manny's house her parents would be like WAT THE HELL?

just a thougth

They could always go to Craig's house, or have sex in the park like normal kids in high school.

Date: 10/23/06
From: *~iCEz bLEu~*
Subject: degrassi

In Canada, 1st year university students are called frosh/froshies etc. I thought it sounded retarded at first too since i'm used to all these americanized books and shows refering to them as freshmen. But I guess i got used it eventually.

I haven't watched the episode... but from the whole jail scenerio... i always figured it was kinda like law and order. if you can't pay for an attorny, you are appointed one. Atleast that's what i remember from civics class back in gr 10. So the whole thing with sean staying in jail if his public defender doesn't show.. is kinda messed up. Cuz it should just fuck him over in court that's all.

- willie

Canada's legal system is a lot like their health care system. You get an attorney, you just have to wait around for five years before he shows up.

Date: 10/18/06
From: Gina P
Subject: Jay, Spinner, Sean

I want to first say : Thank you for giving the gods that are Spinner, Jay and Sean the props they deserve.

Some stupid pricks are always bitching about them and thank you for sticking up for them.

But I think that Jay's dick has to be bigger than Sean's. You are forgetting that Sean fucked Ellie. Her cooch made his very big dick shrink down to just a big dick.

Plus it takes a big dick to get Emma, enivormental crusader, to take a shot in the mouth.

And Jimmy's dick is smaller because he liked Ellie. Any man who likes Ellie ( Who isnt the almighty God, Spinner) will have their dicks and balls shrunken.

Also, Craig's dick has to be smaller because he like Ashley, another Goth fuck. Goth girls make regular guys dick's shrink when they fuck them. I think the order should go:

1) Spinner - Duh
2) Jay- HE is the fake Spinner since Sean was with Ellie.
3) Sean
4) Craig
5) Jimmy
6) Rick
7) Dean
9) Chris
10) Liberty
11) Marco
12) J.T
13) Toby- he shouldn't really be on the list because he has no dick but whatever.

So, Thanks for spreading Spinner, Sean and Jay power.

- Gina

BTW: Degrassi Boards are faggots. Fucking Faggots. Even worse than Marco and Dylan.

I'm starting to understand why people say it's creepy how much we talk about people's penises on this site. Well, anyways, how do you other readers think the Degrassi boys measure up? Let us know and maybe we will put your letter in the mailbag.

Date: 10/13/06
From: "aLiiNa =)"
Subject: heyy

hey my name is alina..and i love degrassi
i started watching it since like 6th grade and now im in 10 =]
the characters are so cool..i love them all..expect rick dean and other mean ones.
i hope u write bak to me...
i wish that i could meet the chararters in real life but that will never happen =\
BYe till Later

I thought people were usually older then 10 in sixth grade. You must be one of them fancy smart people who got moved up a grade. That is how you are able to understand our high brow humor.

Date: 10/15/06
From: tina w
Subject: N/A

where the hell are you guys? did someone blow you up???

Yes, we were exploded. There will be no more updates ever.

Date: 10/16/06
From: Katie P
Subject: Whaa?

Dear Boycott the Caf,

Where the hell have you gone?

Loe Katie P.

We do have lives outside of this website, you know. Not interesting, or exciting lives, but lives all the same.

by Johnny Dangerous