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Degrassi Mailbag #16 - The Last of the 2006 Letters

It's been a few months since our last mailbag. The reason being is that we moved hosts during the time and so I had the mail before the move backed up on my computer and the mail after the move backed up on the internet. Also, most of the emails we got were not worth printing, including all of these.

Date: 10/28/06
From: William W
Subject: I just found your site and I felt I was important enough to comment

And to think I was the only twenty-something person that watched Degrassi! I love the show, even though it can be a bit cheesy sometime. Your website is pretty funny. I'm sure eventually I will read every page. Because I'm a boring twenty-something that watches teen TV shows and surfs the internet...Yeah...But I'm okay with me. Anyway, I wanted to politely disagree with you on a couple of points. First off, Paige is not pretty. She looks like a pig, it's that nose. Terri is definitely prettier than her. Anyway, why do you pick on Terri and Liberty? Is it because you're guys and you have girls who are overweight? That's pretty shallow. As college boys, I would expect something less misogynistic. But back to Degrassi. It does seem like it's a bunch of 14 year old girls who watch the show. I tried the message board at, but that didn't work out for me. Thanks for validating my feelings that it's okay for someone who is no longer a teenager so watch it (especially now that I'm in the 25-35 age bracket, sigh). I just got a disc from the original Degrassi series from Netflix. It's way better than Saved by the Bell, but it does seem to make sure to tack on a lesson in each episode. Was that just mandatory for every eighties sitcom?

"As college boys, I would expect something less misogynistic." If you say that, then I refuse to believe that you have ever been anywhere near a college. Also, I have to point out the fact that you accused me of being misogynistic for not liking a girl for her looks when you just called another a girl a pig. It's pretty shallow of you to not like pig girls.

Date: 10/29/06
From: Sarah T
Subject: You rock

I think my title explains it all, you guys rock my socks.

When I found this site, I remembered my intense love for Degrassi. I have read every peice of writing on this site,and it's been driving my friends mad. Everything that happens in life I relate to degrassi. Which proves I have no life other than degrassi

Your site rocks and it makes me laugh out loud and my mom thinks I'm insane now because she'll walk by my room and I'll be cracking up, but the TVs not on and i'm nto on the phone. Then I'll try to explain to her I'm laughing she still doesn't get it.

Once again you guys rock, keep up the good work. *thumbs up*


When I usually see someone laughing on a computer it is because they are IMing with a friend who typed something funny. I don't do that much instant messaging because almost everyone I know uses AIM and I can't get that to work on my PC so I am excluded. I get my chuckles by posting stupid things on messages boards until I get banned. I don't care if that makes me a troll, you can't go to jail for that. This isn't Denmark.

Date: 10/31/06
From: Joseph M
Subject: Degrassi Season 3 Commentary

Hey, you guys have quite the wonderful site here. It really is THE Degrassi site, if you ask me. And I am not just saying that so you'll be my friend. But if you want to be my friend, I am open to friendship of all shapes and sizes.

Anyway, I dunno if you guys own the Degrassi DVDs or if you would ever be geeky enough to actually watch the episodes with the commentary on, but season3 has commentary tracks for both the episodes "Pride" and "Accidents Will Happen." I always wondered how Degrassi managed to pull off being so awesomely cheesy while maintaining it's 100% intensity and it would seem it is not just dumb luck! The people behind Degrassi are absolutely hilarious and most of their commentary is spent making fun of the show. This only further confirmedthe brilliance of Degrassi for me. If the crew is aware of your site, I'm sure they like it.

Anyway, I went ahead and took some snippets from the most memorable discussion on the "Accidents Will Happen" commentary (with two of the writers and MANUELA) and put them in this stinky ytmnd:

That's all!


I only own seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. I would buy the rest, but I trying to save my money until I get a real job. I still buy CDs, but Johnny and I reason that those are essential commodities, like food. My recent purchase of Jefferson Airplane and Spinal Tap back up this line of reasoning.

I would guess that the crew, mostly being in their 30s and up while having to work on a teenage drama series, can't take the show very seriously. I am only in my twenties and can't. There may be the one guy in the office who is all into the show and takes his job seriously, but everyone gives him a hard time and has sex on his desk. The people who already have spouses are the ones having sex as I don't imagine working on Degrassi is going to impress any potential date. Though Degrassi is Canada's #1 show so you never know. I'm sure a writer for Seinfeld got laid a lot more than a writer for Step by Step.

Date: 11/03/06
From: Jane D
Subject: my adventures with rick-look-alike

the other day i saw a guy that looked just like rick. i gave him a high five and a lollipop. then together we pushed some girl onto bricks. she didnt look like terri, but she was fat, so...

by the way have you heard the lemon demon degrassi song?

You get a gold star for taking down a fat girl. [[GOLD STAR]]

Date: 11/05/06
From: Clare N
Subject: N/A

hey guys.just wanted to say i love you site. itspretty awesome. you guys are right......spinner is amazing, always doing something cool, like skipping school or getting boners or boycotting the caf. love that name by the way. just also wanted to say that i agrere with you and looked on a map. MANNY IS LATIN! i was excited. i think its cool that you guys hate liberty just like me. i took a quiz on the-n website, and for some mother fuckin reason i got liberty. i know that i am not like liberty, since i dont floss at school, so i was mad for like a month

I once spent the better part of a Thursday and Friday on because I was home but all my friends were away at college. That last part was just to sound cool, it's not like I don't go on the internet much when I have friends nearby. I plan on writing some stuff about The-N's website because their quizzes are stupid and their site uses too much Flash. Also, they had a bunch of ads for H&R Block, because high school girls arealways in need of good accountants.

You can't put too much faith in online quizzes or any tests of those sort. I once took a test and had a psychiatrist tell me I was homosexual. Whatever. They probably gave you Liberty because they knew you were black.

Date: 11/05/06
From: char
Subject: so about alex

In the "Degrassi Couples" section you said something along the lines of the Degrassi writers not keeping either Alex or Paige lesbian, although at the end of one episode (perhaps "The Lexicon of Love" part 2)Alex says "I am a lesbian. Not bisexual, not bi-curious, LESBIAN," to Jay. They haven't showed much evidence of this in later episodes, but hey, there have only been 6 episodes this season. I have hope. -Charlotte

Alex is only a lesbian because she hasn't been around Spinner enough. They only hung out in the episode where Rick brought the gun to school. Paige experimented with lesbianism for awhile because she had been broken up with Spinner for about a year and found that no other man could satisfy her like he did. But then she had sex with Spinner at the end of season 5 and realized that penises are much better than vaginas. I agree.

Date: 11/10/06
From: Jane P
Subject: degrassi mix

if your i am.

i didn't make =t.

If you did make it I would have fucking killed you by now. Who the hell is ever entertained by these fan videos? I don't even recognize any of the songs. Apparently, 22 makes me too old to know shitty music.

Date: 11/10/06
From: Mark L
Subject: Re: CTV murder teaser

Have you heard about a major character that is going to be murdered this season? CTV has the storyline spilled on their website. Please join me in praying that it's Liberty.

I did pray for that, but they killed JT instead. I don't even know why I bother with God.

Date: 11/11/06
From: Dylan L
Subject: A couple losers love the episodes you hate

You see the guy telling them you hate the epsiodes and they should be ashamed for defining you. Thats me

And heres some Liberty lovers. Sweet damn thats alot of doucherockets.

I don't think either of those links work anymore, but good job fighting the good fight against doucherocketry.

Date: 11/16/06
From: alissa w
Subject: luv ya

hello until i found your site i thought i was the only one my age that watched degrassi. im 25 and make my roomate watch degrassi and we do shots. i made her read the one were rick shoots jimmy. we laughed so hard we couldnt see straight.

thank you


I would like to do a Degrassi drinking game, but whenever I get together with any of my friends who like Degrassi we usually just drink anyway.

Date: 11/26/06
From: christinpwns
Subject: Degrassi

I don't understand why Liberty is lighter than her other family of her ancestor must have gotten raped my the slave owner who then later died. Webster doesnt look black hes looks more like an Indian or dark Hispanic.

This isnt Degrassi Related, i wish i could have gone to this Nazi Party

Keep up the good work!

Sometimes I think I should just burn this website down and run away.

Date: 12/01/06
From: karen b
Subject: question

do you have something against blacks and interacail couples

I have nothing against blacks, but I hate interacail couples. People should keep to their own acai.

Date: 12/03/06
From: April B
Subject: Question?

If this question has been asked before, then sorry. I don't look through the mail bags to see if certain questions have alreadu been answered because I actually have better things to bo doing. Anyway, here it is.

Is it safe to assue that you guys here at boycott the caf have a very disturbing man crush on Spinner? I'm not dissing you if you do because Spinner really is some kind of awesome.

That would be safe to assume.

Date: 12/04/06
From: Erin O
Subject: clerks: the animated series

whoa, i was reading the kevin smith episode reviews and you mentioned that you like "clerks: the animated series." i didn't think anyone else in the world even knew about them! my friends and i always end up watching them at parties when it's 3 AM and we have nothing else to do. i like the flashback episode.

this makes you guys even cooler than i thought. just so you know. i'll have to see mallrats next.

-- erin

p.s. if you guys are into dating underage girls...feel free to hit me up. (and by "hit me up," i mean throw me down as many flights of stairs as you can find.)

Johnny and I have watched the cartoon many times and we both own it on DVD. Johnny always likes the commentary tracks becuase they are so angry about being cancelled. On The Simpsons DVD commentaries they will talk about how they wrote a joke or meeting a guest star, on Futurama commentaries they talk about their animation, on Clerks: The Animated Series they just bitch about how ABC cancelled them. Kevin Smith will say things like, "Hey, that was a funny joke. Too bad no one saw it becuase we were CANCELLED!"

It's great to know there is a girl out there who shares my throwing girls down the stairs fetish.

Date: 12/29/06
From: emyxx3



Ok, so i totally always thought Manny was latin until the pregnant episode when she said she was Filipino. (This made a lot of sense to me because I always wondered how she could be a latina when her parents were Chinese) And when I heard that I was just like cool, whatever. But now my sister's bf is Filipino and hes all asian looking. Like a chinese person. Manny however dosen't look Filipino AT ALL. She totally looks spanish! Don't you agree with me????

This one time (I think it was in November) I was watching Oprah and it was about families of murder victims forgiving the murderers. & this one person's dad was killed cuz he was gay I think. Guess what the guy who murdered him name was. No seriously guess.


you have to scroll to see the answer because I want you to guess.

(Yes, I know I'm annoying as hell)



Okay, here's the answer:



I AM NOT EVEN JOKING, it was like the weirdest thing evr.

that's all.
(oh yeah, you guys totally rock)

Yeah, going on Oprah was pretty cool because the hotel they put you in has a free porn channel.

Haha, I kid I never killed a gay dad. As many of you may have gussed already, Billy Green is not my real name. In fact, I neve thought that it could be someon's real name because I got it from a charater in a Mr. T movie.

Date: 12/30/06
From: Mike M
Subject: degrassi couples page

Hey Johnny dangerous, I just wanted to let you know that the reason emma and sean broke up in Caged Heat is that emma gave jay a blowjob and sean found out about it and went psycho crazy. Also, you kind of forgot to put that couple that lasted less than one episode: Manny and Chester.

Nickname: Chesney

Length of relationship: less than 22 minutes

Reason for breakup: Manny picked Spinner over Chester because Spinner was jealous and she didn't want to die. Rating: you pick

When Chester moved to Degrassi, he had a crush on Manny. While creating a dating website, Chester decided to fill in results so he would end up going to some lame dance with her. It's stupid, a lot of people would rather decide who they want to go with then be forced to date a random person because Manny and Chester's website said to. Spinner saw the two online looking at a dating site, and decided to murder Chester. At the dance, Spinner decided to corner Manny and force her to break up with him. The two never really broke up, so Chester is probably wondering where she went. Manny and Spinner make out. So Manny and Chester are officially over. By the way, Chester left the show most likely because Spinner DID murder him for moving in on his woman.

By the way, this email program doesn't let me put who this is from. So if you do put this in the mailbag, put the from section as: a punk

The from part of your email said "Mike".

by Billie Green