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Degrassi Mailbag #18

Subject: Season 1?
From: JasonMoNeY146
Date: Thu, March 1, 2007

When are you gonna make those episode reviews 4 Season 1? Theres some missing

Hey pothead, get your face out of the bong and check out the site. We’ve got them all covered. Now if you could stop smoking the granola long enough to realize that maybe you wouldn’t be making these pestersome emails.

Subject: Manny Santoes
From: Karenetampa
Date: Thu, March 1, 2007

Manny Santoes is such a bad character showing her boobs on camera wearing a thong to school stealing people's boyfriends. And i'm glad someone taught her a lesson by being called a slut she realing deserved that. But sometimes i feel a little sypathyfor her i guess she not really bad character. I just think she needs to sort things out.

Whorish Manny is cooler and more interesting then non whore Manny. What’s up with you for whatever reason thinking that showing boobies and wearing thongs is bad?  Sounds like you need Kevin Bacon to come to your town and tear shit up Footloose style. 

Subject: Ha.
From: Dominique B
Date: Fri, March 2, 2007


My names Dominique, I'm a canuck, feel free to make fun of my name, I've heard it all, and since I can't come over there and hit you will a pillowcase full of bricks, theres nothing I can do about it.

I have to say, I like Liberty, she can be annoying at times, but Sarah(who plays her) can atleast act. No offence to Miriam, she seems alright, but sometimes I want to curb stomp Emma.

You guys are Hilarious, I was going to make a website like yours a couple years ago, but I decided to have a life instead.

Still working on that.

I think that Linda or whatever the hell her name is made a mistake by killing off Ryan Cooleys character "JT" He could act, and now we have even less good actors.

And hey, If it werent for fat people, we wouldn't have junk food, and all that shit, so you should thank Terri for that, but you can't, because she's dissapeared.

I think that slowly but surely Manny, is will take years of dedication, and with Sean and Spinner around it will be even harder, but hey, now she's with Damien, maybe she'll stay with on guy...haha...probably not...

And you have to admit, Marco's a hot piece of gay ass.

Dylan gives me the no feeling, he makes me want to sing the "My Bodys" Song. You know what, I think I will.

"My bodys nobodys, body but mine, you run your own body, let me run mine". Well that's not entirely true, Marco runs Dylans body, do gay men like sparkles?

As for Paige, she's kind of dissapeared, I know she's a banting but what the hell? Is she still a Lesbian? Maybe the reason she's coming back to Toronto is because she assaulted her Anatomy teacher there lmao...haha.

And what I don't understand is that when Ellie was interviewing Jimmy at JT's Memorial, what the hell was he talking about "finding someone who you love, and who loves you back, makes it all worthwhile" what the hell does that have to do with anything? That really pissed me off so I threw my cat at the T/v Now she needs some kind of surgery, and my moms all pissed off at me, but hell, it makes no sense.

Sorry for rambling,

Your sites great.


Dominique? More like DominFAG! Stop talking about Marco’s hot ass unless you are a gay and have very low standards. 

Subject: (no subject)
From: perfectisfake
Date: Sun, March 4, 2007

You are an ignorant, spineless cow.

You suck and your mother smells like poop.

Subject: i love u
From: nikki w
Date: Mon, March 5, 2007

I love ur show i never miss an episode iv always dreamed of going to canada and meating all of the actresses my faviorite actress is emma but i like all of them will u tipe to me back? will u also show this to all the actresses my email is ****@****

love u by the way i am 10 years old

p.s please write back and show this to the actresses?

thanks i love all of u

Sorry we don’t work for the show. We just make fun of it. In fact, restraining orders prevent us from being in the same province as the actors from Degrassi. 

Subject: Aha!
From: Flo M
Date: Mon, April 2, 2007

Billy Green! OMG!!! Before we graduated, you said we'd stay in touch...but ever since high school ended, you've been advoiding my calls. What's wrong with you, hun? lol..I miss ya. Luckily, Cecille told me you were reportedly running your very own website. So I decided to enter your name into google. "Billy Green". Of course, I found your Myspace, Friendster, and Hi-5! account, but fortunately, after hours of search google pages, I found Boycut the Caff. I assume your Harry Potter fascination hasn't faded, huh, young muggle. Zectoid! Lol...we had good times. I looked at your site, and it seems you make up stuff about a group of teenagers. Maybe you should pitch it as a tv show someday. You still work at Greg's dad place, right? I haven't been back home for a while now, not that I could afford the trip home. I'm forced to eat crappy college food, and ramen noodle cups, and watch reruns of Fresh Prince (WHY IS THAT ALWAYS ON). Ugh! Well, I hope you still remember me...omg, I just realized I forgot to drop a name. Well, it's Patty S. We were once lab partners. I dated your friend, Matt, and we hung alot together, and stuff, ya know. I hope you're still working out, instead of sitting in your mom's basement. The last thing you need is to end up big and fat. Drop me a line. My home number is ***-***-****. I think you still have my cell number. Well, anyways, best of luck to you. Stay in touch sweetie.

With love, Patricia A S

Completely wrong Billy Green. As stated in a previous mailbag, Billy’s name is a pseudonym stolen from a Mr. T movie. This Billy Green hates Myspace, thinks Harry Potter is gay, and has never worked out in his entire life. He also gets really nervous around girls. In fact it’s because of this his only female lab partner thinks he’s retarded and can’t speak or properly use a bathroom.

Subject: fanmail....but this one is special
From: Neil W
Date: Tue, April 3, 2007

hello i was reading the review of dressed in black and i had to point out one thing

<a href=""><img src="" width="236" height="177" alt="Image Hosting" border="0"></a>

this screencap right above what the fuck is going on with mr simpson's face on that page?

i mean seriously what the fuck is going on there?

is that the school websites homepage or something?

it would be pretty cool if it was anyway



Mr. Simpson put his face as the screen saver on all the computers because he is weird and creepy.  You can’t tell but he was not wearing pants when the picture was taken.

Subject: HEY!HO!LETSGO!!!
From: katzrok1
Date: Wed, April 4, 2007

watsup mofos!!!(yeah i just wanted to catch your attention so you would read the rest of this)

ya umm....i <3 your website you are hilarious. BUT you suck at critiquing the show. like what you have to say makes sense but when it comes to the actual ratings it basically doesn’t connect itself to what you said...just sayin’ but u r hilarious and so right that LIBERTY MUST DIE!!!    i tried to find a bloody creepy font for that but couldn’t...though i dont no y ur obsessed w/Spinner ...he’s not that great AND one last ting....wat’s w/the dumb baby???!! i put a lot of caps lock and diff fonts and shit because thats how i really talk. and so you will keep reading...  I NO you probly dont care but my favorite episode is This Charming Man because i like the title because i like the favorite DumbBaby  episode (the one that you critiqued) is Mirror In The Bathroom ok well i’m going to stop writing letters to ppl who probly dont read them so....bye then it was nice wasting my time writing to you so thanx for giving me something to do... I <3 you and i think you should CRITIQUE other shows 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not read that. 

Subject: (no subject)
From: Renisha S
Date: Sun, April 8, 2007

Hey you guys I was looking at some old music videos and I clicked on the Afroman "Because I Got High" video and noticed Jay and Silent Bob were in it. It kinda made me go wtf at first, but it makes sense for them to be in such a video talking about getting high and wasting your life away. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

Oh and here's the link to my myspace if you want to check that out too:

Jay and Silent Bob fit into a video about being lazy and getting high? I think you just make the discovery of the century. What mystery are you going to solve now Professor Dictionary? Perhaps the answer lies in your Myspace. 

Subject: Jump the Shark award
From: Carrie E. H
Date: Sun, April 8, 2007

At which episode did Degrassi start to go downhill?


Subject: Hello there!
From: WaCKiiJaCKii3
Date: Tue, April 10, 2007

Billy and Johnny,

Finally, a website as obssessed with Spinner as I am...

thank  you.

-Jackie P.S-Thanks for that screenshot of Spin's boner. It is now saved on my computer and used as my  wallpaper.

P.P.S-If I was in my early twenties and lived in Michigan, I'd hook up with you dudes. But I don't.

I hope you’re a chick because otherwise this email is as weird and creepy as Mr. Simpson.

Subject: Emma should have never been born
From: Carrie E. H
Date: Fri, April 13, 2007

Hi fry guys,

I saw an awesome Degrassi Old school clip from "Bad Blood" that supports your idea that Spike wishes Emma were never born. Lucy is interviewing students about their thoughts on the condom dispensers in the bathrooms. Spike answers saying that they are good because kids are going to have sex anyway and they can prevent pregnancy (she says this gesturing towards baby Emma) and STDs. Then Spike and Emma clap in joyous agreement as Spike says, Emma thinks that is a good answer! For real- I can't make this stuff up!

;o)  Carrie

I don’t think Spike ever wanted Emma. She may put on a good show every once in a while but you can see it in her eyes, she has never loved Emma. Having Emma destroyed her teen years and forced her to grow up much too fast. As an adult she maybe could have learned to love Emma if she turned out cool like Spinner or Manny, but Emma turned out like Emma, which would be depressing even is she wasn’t born a bastard. 

Subject: (no subject)
From: Barbara G
Date: Sat, April 14, 2007

i am sitting here trashed from some lame frat party, and i just want to say how great your site is. you have no idea how many people ive convinced that jimmy is from the future. everything you say is not only 100% true but its 100R% intesnse and it goes there. i will probably regret doing this when i am sober and remember how its wrong to email random people. but right now i just dont care.m loveeee you!

Drunken people on the internet are really sober 99% of the time. Considering that you’re supposedly at a frat party and are writing emails instead of doing keg stands and being date raped raises even more suspicion. 

Subject: heyyy
From: Clare N
Date: Mon, April 16, 2007

Hey guys. I've written before and just wanted to add a few more things.

I was the one who took a quiz on The N dot com and the results came up Liberty. You said this was because I was black. The thing is...I'M NOT BLACK!!!!

Also, I was reading old reviews, and you had these random screencaps with advertisements for condoms, CDs, and Unnamed MP3 players. I think you should make a section in other that features all of those, but some more that you make.

Also, I think you need to do more random things filed in Other. One day on Spring Break, I spent an entire day reading every single thing on the site. I know, I know, I have no life. But I have to admit, they were pretty hilarious.

I also think you need your own TV channel. You could feature your favorite Degrassi Episodes, and the ones you hate (which you could do commentary about how stupid it is). Plus, you could probably stretch those things in other to about 30 minutes each.


Are you sure you’re not black? For years I labored under the idea I was black, but one day in the dance clubs in the ghetto taught me the truth. 

Subject: (no subject)
From: Honey R
Date: Tue, May 8, 2007

In the Slutty Consequences part of Who's the biggest Slut, you can now add Emma getting pregnant.      

She didn’t really get pregnant. That’s just crazy old Emma being crazy. 

Subject: Yeah
From: Rory M
Date: Tue, May 8, 2007

Just wanted to say that I love the fucking site. I'm in Japan and unable to watch the addictingly stupid Degrassi. Your site fills me in and gives me a clearer idea of what I'm missing than anything else find. Funny-ass shit. That's all. Keep it up.


How are things in Japan? I assume Monster Island is still functioning. Is it true that they still show Hamtaro over there and the Ham-hams are super heroes or something? I hope you can answer my questions in a future email. Also send some hot pictures of Japanese chicks you know. 

Subject: (no subject)
From: DamianRules97
Date: Sun, May 20, 2007

Fuck you guys! I was reading an episode review & my dad saw it  over my shoulder & I got the shit beat out of me! Go to hell, fucktards!

Teaches you right. You should be studying or something, not wasting time on the internet. 

by Johnny Dangerous