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Degrassi Mailbag #21

This Mailbag is like mega huge because we haven't answered any mail for about nine months. To start things out I have grouped together all the mail regarding Boycott the Caff getting shut down. This was an April Fool's Day prank we pulled off with perfect precision. It was so well done it fooled like five or six people. Take that loyal fans!

Date: March 31, 2008
From: prettyodd

I'm in college and your site made me feel better about liking degrassi, honestly after season 4 your site was the only reason i even bothered to watch anymore. You probably wouldn't wanna do a private movie review when it airs would you? Haha :( anyway i'm so sorry, i was so angry when i saw it was down. That's such shit. Good luck with all you do, i'm not gonna bother watching degrassi anymore.

We will do a private review if the money is right and you promise not to rape us. Or at least not to rape me. You can rape Billie to your heart's content, I don't really care as long as my butt remains untouched.

Date: March 31, 2008
From: Catey M
Subject: What the fuck??

You've got to be kidding. I love Boycott the Caf. You guys are completely hilarious and don't make me feel like such a loser for still watching Degrassi. It's hardly worth watching if Boycott the Caf isn't up. What happened to freedom of speech? I'm so disappointed that you had to take it down. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help get it back up. Catey

You probably should feel like a losers for watching Degrassi. It's a show for children and not even a very good one.

Date: March 31, 2008
From: imn0t0kayx2
Subject: fuck the n.

Fuck those pussies at the n for shutting you guys down! Your website was seriouslyone of the bests ever and your reviews were hilarous. I looked forward to them afterevery?episode.?I'm so sad that they had to be dickheads and bitch about it. Guessthey don't have a sense of humor. I sent them a letter letting them know excatly howI felt. Is the message board shut down too?

I wonder how many confusing poorly worded emails The N received because of this April Fool's Day trick. I bet at least three.

Date: March 31, 2008
From: Kate \(A boycott the caf fan\):
Subject: site shutdown

I am so sorry for you guys! I wrote a letter to the people at the N, but they'reretarded, so I'm sure I won't exactly merit a response from them. Ugh, you guysmade the show so much fun, I checked the site all the time for over a year. I don't understand what part of your site was illegal!

Here is my impression of the guy at The N who reads viewer email:

"It appears that these people think we are closing down some sort of homoerotic love site. I have no idea why they would think that. They must be fools. True April Fools if you will. If I were them I would feel very foolish at being tricked this April. Oh well, back to pleasuring myself to old episodes of Radio Free Rosco."

Date: March 31, 200
From: Christine 8
Subject: Site closure.

Come on guys, it's not EVEN April Fool's day yet. You could've waited at east 6 hours!

Fuck you everybody else got fooled Mr. "Oh I'm so clever I figured out the ruse just because something odd and unbelievable happened near April Fool's Day."

Date: March 2, 2008
From: Brooke S
Subject: Cassie's Tit

I thought you guys would be the only ones to appreciate this as much as I do: there are now photos on the internet of Cassie Steele flashing, as well as Shenae and Sarah smoking weed. Rock on!

Oh and in case Cassie wasn't enough child porn for you, I attached

Vanessa Hudgens just for good measure ya know?

From an avid reader.

How about I not open attachments from people I don't know featuring under aged girls naked. I learned my lesson the first five times. Besides, if it's the picture of Cassie flashing that I've seen on the forums then it is obviously fake.

Date: March 6, 2008
From: Sarah g
Subject: Hungry Eyes

Hey, I noticed that you guys didn't have a "What the N Didn't Want You To See" part for Hungry Eyes.  I don't know if you've seen the US and Canada versions, but the N

cut out the scene where Emma is standing in her thong. 

Emma in a thong wasn't censored by the wishes of The N.  It was censored by the wishes of everybody in the world!  Hey Oh! Wakka wakka wakka! 

Date: March 6, 2008
From: Laura M
Subject: Darcy and Manny

Hey BTC! I've been thinking. I think Darcy and Manny should hook up. I mean, it would obviously be hot, but it would also add all sorts of drama to the show. Darcy,

the cliche Christian girl, dating another a girl? I think there would be lots of

internal struggle there. And well, we all know Manny will screw anything that stands

still long enough, so this is easily believable for her character. Honestly? I think

they have chemistry. In the beginning, they pretty much hated each other, due to

Darcy not agreeing with Manny's promiscuity. Then they eventually became friends,

and by Eyes Without a Face, you can definately see the chemistry. And now this season, especially since Darcy's rape, they've become even closer. And especially

this season, with Darcy's new found rebellious streak, I think a Darcy and Manny

romance is a believable plot line. With Alex now out of the picture, we're going to

need some new lesbians, don't you think? Though, they'll really just be bisexual, I think. The girl to date Spinner and only think of the ladies. And Manny's too much

of a whore to settle for never getting a cock again.


Anyway. Just wanted to know what you think. Keep up with the awesome reviews!

Darcy and Manny hooking up makes no sense and is essentially the same as the Paige/Alex story, but a story not making sense and being a rip off of a past story has never stopped Degrassi in the past, so I could see it happening.  It would at least make more sense than Darcy dating Peter. 

Date: March 8, 2008
From: stargirrl556

Is there only one network in Canada, because that girl who played that bitch from"Hungry Eyes" was also from "Radio Free Roscoe" and so is that black kid that liveswith Marco, Elle, and Paige.

Canada in fact only has one network, so the actors have to take any cameo they can get.  I can't wait until Red Green and Pelswick show up as minor characters. 

Date: March 16, 2008
From: Whoabadpoetry
Subject: But no, let's really discuss Jimmy's forehead...

Jimmy's strange forehead is not a black thing. I've never seen a hairline so terrifying in my life. Well, there's John Travolta, but fuck him, he's not a young black MC trying to make it in the tough streets of Toronto.

A lot of people look to Spinner when it comes to strange hair choices, but it is somehow subtly Jimmy who has the bad styles. Right now Jimmy has what's called a "line-up", but whoever's doing it is retarded because your forehead, uh, shouldn't look like that. In the earlier seasons (when he wasn't Drake IRL) he BADLY NEEDED a line-up. It was disgusting, guy looked like Curious George.  It's probably retarded because he has the Degrassi hair & makeup crew do it instead of paying $10 for a fade and sideburn trimming at the local barber shop because his fellow African-Canadian brothers laugh him out of the store for playing a cripple on a teen TV drama.

I have no idea what this guy is talking about except that it is probably really racist. 

Date: March 28, 2008
From: Rachel
Subject: Just dropping a line.

First of all, just wanted to tell you that I've spent many an hour reading thevarious character bios, episode guides, ect.? They are some of the funniest and mosthonest oppinions of Degrassi that I have seen online that weren't posted by middleschool girls. I used to have more channels on my TV, and I had to get rid of them, and one justhappened to be Noggin.? So, in addition to the various episodes on YouTube, yoursite is my main way to keep up with Degrassi now that I don't have Noggin.

I just had a quesiton.?

I don't know if its just one of the writers of Degrassi's gaping plot holes, butwhat happened to Terri and Chris?? I feel that, especially due to Terri's immensesize, this is a crater.? Are we just supposed to assume she's in a coma?? Or did shedie?? And what the hell happened to Chris?? Did I miss something?

Anyway, I'll continue to spend my free time here, catching up with everything I've missed.

After Rick kicked her ass Terri started attending a different school.  Probably because Rick was still going to Degrassi and was never prosecuted by the police.  Chris just sort of faded away like Sully and that one Asian guy who lived next to Emma for three episodes. 

Date: March 28, 2008
From: Marcia
Subject: degrassi links of interest

Hey I thought you might want to link to this degrassi femslash community. Because as awesome as Degrassi Slash is, isn't slash with boobs better?

there's also a great community called oh no they didn't - degrassi. It's just like the big ontd community, but with only degrassi stuff.

and for fans of the postsecret phenomenon, there's degrassi-secrets

Hope these are of interest

I don't find them interesting except in the kind of interest a freak show or animal born with its skin turned inside out might interest me, which is to say a kind of interest filled with horror and disgust. I figure somebody else might like to see these (and masturbate to them) so here ya go.

Date: April 1, 2008
From: Marqus M
Subject: A question

Hey dude, just found your website and thought it was hilarious. Love your commentary and it made me laugh aloud more than once. I was wondering if it is possible, could you e-mail me all ofyour episode summaries? I am not going to post them online oranything, I just want to read themfor my own personal enjoyment since I can't access them online. Thanks.

I will not be doing that. Just copy the text and paste it in a Word file. 

Date: April 7, 2008
From: Kat Rina

I just would like to tell you, I got my phone taken away in science class once because I was reading Boycott the Caf on it. It was totally worth it, because I love you guys. Even though, I don't know you, I feel like stripping, going to michigan and stalking you guys, but stalk is a strong word. I'm thinking more like, obsessively follow.

Aside from my future aspirations, I want you to know that you better write a review for the degrassi movie, because it was worse than holiday. No lie.

Thank you for bringing light unto this dark world in which degrassi lives

You might want to wait until you turn 18 before you start stripping, its illegal otherwise. Stalking before you turn 18 however is a good choice because you might not be tried as an adult. 

Date: April 9, 2008
From: Ekaizen
Subject: Craig Manning's train scene


 I don't know if I'm asking the right person, but is the scene where Craig stands in front of the train on the DVD Box set or not? And if not do you have any idea where I can watch it in English without a song running over it? It's driving me crazy not being able to see it and I'll buy the box set either way but I'd like to know before hand. If you can help at all I'd appreciate it.  


If the dvd comes from Canada or whatever channel in Canada that shows Degrassi then chances are it is not edited. I do now know for sure however. 

Date: April 14, 2008
From: Laura M
Subject: Gangta Gangta Deleted Scene

Damn, I've been emailing you guys a lot lately. Ha.

Have you guys seen the deleted scene from Gangsta Gangsta where Sean steals candy? It's amazing. It puts most other deleted scenes to shame. It is a true Candy Bandit moment.

It was right after the original Candy Bandit moment, in which the crew breaks into the candy machine and steals a lot of the candy. Then, of course, Jay hands Sean a bar of chocolate for his silence. The deleted scene starts here. Jay walks off, and Sean looks at the chocolate for a moment, almost contemplative. He then runs over the candy machine and stuffs as much candy into his backpack as he can. He is truly initiated into the order of the Candy Bandits, huh?

Oh man. One last thought. I watched Our House the other night, and man I love the Montreal Crew. I hadn't seen the episode in a while, but damn. Jay just kept on going about how he was bringing The Montreal Crew to the party. Asking when the party continued because the Montreal Crew was bored. Man. Those were good times.

Why the hell was that scene deleted? It's very important to the development of Sean's character and his love for candy. It must have been politics I tells you. The bigwigs down at the studio gave in to parent groups who thought it would influence young children to go out and steal candy. 

Date: April 14, 2008
From: Brandon L
Subject: what the fuck.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:137        "Another Brick in the Wall"         May 5, 2008        April 25, 2008        718 Spike and Snake need some time apart; Holly J. and Toby need some time together.

I think degrassi's new definition of "going there" is taking characters that haven'tdone anything of interest in a while (in toby's case, since season 2) and havingthem make out. Soon enough, we'll see Dean and Kendra eating face in the janitor'scloset.

You're wrong about Kendra, she hasn't ever done anything of interest. 

Date: April 14, 2008
From: Kate \(A boycott the caf fan\) : [
Subject: SCARY

Somebody made a video about Spinner and Liberty's sexual tension between them. 

That seems like an odd choice given that Spinner and Liberty have never even interacted with each other. If I made the video I would have chosen the song "Holy Diver" and added more fire. 

Date: April 18, 2008
From: James R
Subject: Order Out

Hello Boycott the Caf I would like to order two large pizzas with Pepperoni, Green Pepper, and Black Olives, an order of bread sticks with marinara sauce, an order of Buffalo wings with ranch, and a two liter of Dr. Pepper.

I checked your website and you do deliver to Philadelphia so please have my order ready in the next hour.

Your tip will depend on your delivery time.

Real creative numb nuts.

Date: May 3, 2008
From: stargirrl556
Subject: The N sucks

I used to like the N. Even if it was a shitty network, I liked it.. Now, it's crossed the line.

  1. They cancelled South of Nowhere
  2. Degrassi episodes have sucked lately.
  3. Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh.

13 year old girls are idiots. I don't even bother with the N. I just read what happens on this site. The N is a shitty network. I refuse to give it my ratings.

Congratulations, you just turned 14 and realized crappy TV shows aimed to children suck. Stop watching The N and go find some porn on the internet.

Oh wait, I just noticed you're a girl. I'm not sure what 14 year old girls spend their time doing but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be telling you to look at porn. Go learn to sew belly shirts or something.  

Date: May 3, 2008
From: Evilperson3596
Subject: Was the Shenae Grimes interview real?


I was wondering if the interview with Shenae Grimes you posted was real? Because if it was, I thought it was kinda mean and funny at the same time  :)

 - Degrassi Fan =)

Everything on Boycott the Caf is 100% intensely true. 

Date: May 7, 2008
From: Kaitlyn C
Subject: Sweet Child O' Mine review, Towerz, Tracker, Sean, and other bandits.

Sweet Child O' Mine review:

Johnny Dangerous should definitely write reviews for Degrassi more often. that was hysterical. Don't get me wrong, Billy is awesome too but its always a good change when both of you write them. I loved the candy bandit refs too:

"This is the guy Jay sold all that AV equipment to."

"Mia should go after Towerz"

That cracked me up! (What the sam hell happened to Towerz anyway? The last we saw of snaggle tooth was when he agreed to go out with Liberty wasnt it? Maybe the Candy Bandits were so disgusted at his disgraceful behavior that Jay ordered the rest of the Bandits to execute him. They of course fed him chocolate bars and skittles until he OD'd)

One more question:

Why has it not been addressed that EMMA is cheating on Sean. I think manny might have said something but Emma is a bitch and doesnt care. I liked her better in the first season when she looked like an ethiopian. shes such a disappoinment.   

How pissed off is he??? And since Army B.T. takes only a few months and Degrassi takes forever to air a handful of episodes he should be back soon. Maybe they will do another annoying christmas episode which will be exactly like Holiday only Emma will replace Craig. And instead of Sean slapping Emma and taking back his guitar, he will rip Eddie Winslow-wanna be (I don't know his name and Idon't care) to shreds. Then he will whip out his Desert Eagle and shoot Emmas dog. Nobody disrespects Sean Cameron like that... NOBODY.

When the hell is Sean coming back?! Jesus Christ. How long does it take to film a movie in America. You were only In Juno for like 6.8 seconds..what were u sticking around expecting an award? Maybe he hitched a ride back with Tracker and his stupid bike broke down, then they had to walk back to Toronto. Tracker is poor.

Thanks for taking the time to read my crappy thoughts! look forward to reading youmake fun of me in the mail bag! :)

Thank you for the kudos. Look for me to do more work with the Degrassi reviews in the future. As for Towerz, according to The Candy Bandits Story Explained Towerz was kicked out of Toronto for dating Liberty . He deserved a harsher punishment than exile. 

As for the whole "Emma cheating on Sean" thing, yeah I guess that's true. I'll be honest, I haven' t been paying close attention to Degrassi. It took a bit for me to realize Emma was dating Damien or that Damien had a name. According to the Degrassi wiki article on Sean he's cool with Emma dating other men. I suppose that means they are officially broken up. It's probably for the better. Sean's contribution to the war effort is probably going to consist mostly of bolstering relations with Middle Eastern countries by having sex with their women.

Date: May 14, 2008
From: Angie C
Subject: Remember J.T.

The "Remember J.T." T-Shirt isn't the only treasure for sale but it's probably the best.

You are very welcome.

Awesome sauce. If any of you want to buy me a present may I present the only thing I will accept. I will always remember JT. Always. 

Date: May 18, 2008
From: Jazmin R
Subject: Jonny's "Sweet Child O' Mine" Review

that shit was halarious. i've been visiting this site for about a year & a half, & after the first 2 months i decided jonny was my favorite of the 2 of u. & this review cemented it. don't get me wrong, i'm a fan of billy's work, but jonny kills it everytime.

Major Jonny Love

~*La'Fae*~ P.S.

if this isn't in the mail bag i'll rape both yall niggas

Thank you for your fan letter/rape threat. The police are on their way to your home to present you with your award/arrest warrant.

Date: June 8, 2008
From: Amanda H

So is it me, or are the Degrassi writers trying to get fired? I mean, seriously, I think Degrassi has jumped the shark more times this season than any other show collectively has in the history of frigging television. For instance, Caitlin randomly coming back to break up Ellie and Caitlin. Because everyone knows that you can't have a normal break-up on Degrassi. Someone or something from the past has to come back and fuck it up or someone gets an STD. Or Manny ruins fact, I think that's usually the cause...but that isn't the point here. Seriously, I think the writers are begging to be fired. I just watched the newest episode...the one where Marco and Ellie make out. Are they goddamn kidding me? If you look up "gay" in the dictionary, you will find Marco's picture. But he made out with a girl? Come on, Degrassi writers. Billy and Johnny, you've stated it many times that the Degrassi writers take shots at themselves...I'm sure you'll understand my point here. So do we know if there will be an eighth season, or is it going down with hardcore suckage?

I was going to make some generic jokes about Degrassi writers sucking ass but then I noticed you said that Caitlin came back to break up Ellie and Caitlin. That made me think of what it would have been like if Ellie was dating Caitlin and then Caitlin came back from the future to warn herself not to date Ellie. Jimmy could be involved as well. That is a much more entertaining then what actually happened.

Date: June 12, 2008
From: Tiffany & Nathan F
Subject: Jay's car

I was wondering if you knew the reason why Jay no longer has his civic in Season 7. I'm guessing working as a mechanic pays less than the money he made from stealing candy bars in the earlier seasons.

You guys rawk.

The thing is I'm pretty sure being a mechanic pays fairly well. The only explanation I can think of is that the car was stolen and the police finally got around to looking for it, so he ditched it behind the ravine.

Date: June 28, 2008
From: rolexis d
Subject: Rolexis D*** (ACTRESS)

Hi, my name is Rolexis other's call me Lexie, I am 21. I am a SAG Actress started watching the show and I find it VERY interesting to watch! I feel that I can be a part of the show...why? I can offer not just great acting skills but time and dedication everyday...I have worked on set approximately 20hrs. in on eday....:D...yep! This sounds crazy but "IT WAS A BLAST!" I enjoy my work to the heart...well anyway I don't want to keep boring you're interested I will email my resume along with two headshots...Thanks for taking the time to read....;)

Respectfully Yours,

We aren't actually associated with Degrassi. You might have noticed we mostly make fun of the show and kind of don't like it anymore. I am however tempted to hire you and make you sit around my house and do random monologues from Kurt Russell movies. If you know Snake's final speech from Escape from L.A. then let me know.

Date: July 10, 2008
From: blondecate508

Have you guys ever noticed that Paige looks exactly like Mike O'Malley of "Yes Dear" and that random cheerleader (Chante Black I guess) looks exactly like Dule Hill from "Psych"?

I don't think those characters look anything like the people you think they look like but I'm printing this letter because Mike O'Malley is totally boss.

by Johnny Dangerous