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Degrassi Mailbag #25

Subject: Degrassi 815 & 816
From: Benji
Date: June 13, 2009

Hey, I noticed in your review for Touch of Grey that your screen caps were high quality. Well, that episode, and Heart of Glass are the only season 8 episodes I don't have in HQ. Would you please upload them to megaupload for me? or tell me where I can download them?

HD episodes can be pretty hard to find. I suggest checking out torrent sites since that's usually where I find them, or I just make Billie get them for me.

Subject: aggiebell12 sent you a video: "Funny Degrassi Song"
From: YouTube Service
Date: May 28, 2009

amaggiebell12 has shared a video with you on YouTube:
hahaha! funnyyyy.

Funny Degrassi Song

This is a song for Degrassi fans i put on youtube a while back but i took it of. After talking to friends ive decided to put it back on

So you're the person who made that stupid song. You know, I found it amusing when I first heard it like five years ago but now its old hat. I've said this before but it bears repeating; if you're going to send me a link to a Degrassi song make it the avatar song from The N. Remember that song? It was about Degrassi avatars and was sweet.

From: Alexa S
Date: May 31, 2009

Hey, I'm Alexa from We will be interviewing Andrea Lewis [Hazel], from Degrassi. Do you mind posting this?

Most of you know Andrea Lewis, as Hazel Aden in The-N show, "Degrassi". Some of you may know her from "Nick", made-for-TV movie, "Spectacular". Nevertheless, with an on-going acting career, as well as a launching music career, Andrea Lewis is springing towards fame.

Here at we strive to bring YOU to fans up close and personal to your favorite actors/actresses. We want YOUR questions for Andrea Lewis. They can be concerning her music career, her acting career--or something completely random! Whatever you would like to ask Andrea, just comment below! You never know, your question might be asked to Andrea! Just head to

Who would be interested in an interview with Hazel? What is she going to talk about? What its like to say a line once every four episodes? How she wishes she could get more work? What its like being African Canadian? I'll post your little message Alexa, but I won't endorse it.

Subject: Degrassi Goes Hollywood
From: oconn192
Date: June 6, 2009

Have you guys seen the 100% intense trailer for Degrassi Goes Hollywood? Manny lip-synching, a cameo appearance by Perez Hilton, and PAIGE SHOWING HER VAGINA TO THE WORLD?! It's SO going to go there. I can't wait to read your review on this fine film that is sure to bring down the house.

I have not seen the trailer.

When I hear Perez Hilton I always assume the person meant Paris Hilton, which makes me not care what they are talking about. Who is Perez Hilton anyways?

From: samrocksxo
Date: June 7, 2009

Hey there:
I was just watching the commercial for that stupid "Degrassi 101" thing, and I saw Cassie Steele in it. In the picture attached, doesn't it look like a lip ring? Do you think that if there are anymore seasons of the show, she's going to have a lip ring? That would be weird, don't you think? I know you probably don't care, but I wanted to share this with someone and everyone I know hates this show and wouldn't even give this a second look. Wait, you probably won't either. Oh well, I already sent it.

Keep up the good work on your site!


To me it looks like an extremely blurry picture you would find on a computer in the folder titled "RaPE V1ctOMS"

Subject: Never Gonna Give You Up/Don't Dream it's Over
From: Andrew W
Date: June 15, 2009

If I were Paige and I knew that Rick was abusing Terri, I would have told and got Rick arrested for all the abuse he was giving her and even to that day, Terri would have hated me for that even though we still went to Degrassi together after that and graduated from there together, but I rather have her still at Degrassi and graduating from there with me and hating me than in a coma and transferred to a private school and I could have at least stepped in and said something.

Oh Andrew Wilson. I really wish you would join the Forumtorioum. You would be like the gay guy but instead of derailing topics by saying something really gay (just incase everybody forgot how gay you are) you'd go off on tangents about your Terri Fetish. Then people would yell at you because guys that are into fat chicks are even less accepted in society than the gays.

From: Emilia B
Date: June 16, 2009

Love the site... Your combo of love/disdain for the show is perfect for those of us who maybe shouldn't be watching at the age of 25.... but do because... well, I don't want to think about why.


If you're anything like me then I know exactly why… occasional lesbian kisses.

Subject: Some question about Paige that I really didn't think had a place on the forums
From: ladyspiritra
Date: June 20, 2009

Holy shit what a long subject. But anyway.

So I suppose I should start by saying that I'm BitchyKaybelf on the boards and I would have made a topic about this but I wasn't really sure where to put it.

So I've been watching the Degrassi 101 marathon for the past week because I have no life or friends and I noticed they had a new promo up about Paige being a movie star or whatever. That's fine and dandy.

But what happened to her having AIDS? Did they just drop that pretty important plot point altogether? You'd think Paige getting AIDS would be pretty important. I mean, like you said, Paige getting raped was like 8 million episodes (Shout 1 and 2, How Soon is Now, Ghost in the Machine 1 and 2) and now she has AIDS and it's just a fucking B plot.

This is such horse shit.?I haven't watched anything since the one where they graduate for 3 reasons:

1. Your reviews are probably more entertaining 2. I hate the new characters more than you do, which is saying something. Especially that uggo bitch who's Darcy's sister. I mean Christ they couldn't at least get an uggo chick that looked a little bit like Shenae Grimes. They just had to get some random?ugly chick who likes plaid too much. 3. I hate my 13 year old sister and want to punt her in the face when she gushes about Salve ma Jury or Gay Rickarco (Riley) or whatever stupid fuck has an A plot instead of Spinner/Toby/Zombie Rick this week.

Speaking of Zombie Rick, Curse of Degrassi would have been infinitley better if Sean would have come in and gone all Ghostbusters on his ass while Let it Rock by Lil Wayne and that weird guy who plays guitar almost as badly as Craig plays. That would have been fucking awesome. And Rick was my favorite character. So was Toby until they put her with stupid Holly J.

Speaking of Toby, a kid at my school just graduated AND HE LOOKED JUST LIKE HIM I SHIT YOU NOT. Shibby!

But...yeah. You'll notice that this has become a rant. But it all comes back to the fact that there are too many new characters that no one gives a shit about and no continuity or decent storylines for characters that actually made the show enjoyable to me.


Just to let you know Bitchy, I did not read any of that. You probably should have put it on the forums. I wouldn't have read it there either, but maybe other people would have. Then there would be a few comments about your post and then Esscence would have come in and ruined it all by talking about how gay he is.

Seriously Essence, I don't want to be keep riding you on the gay comments, because I'm not homophobic, I'm just pissed that you keep ruining the "Mallrats Quotes" topic.

Subject: Johnny
From: Audrey R
Date: June 20, 2009

okay welll im a 16 year old girl. and i babysit this girl who is obsessed with this show. and like ever since i saw "live to tell" i cant stand it. it is sooo hot. the guy who plays johnny drives me crazy. that make out scene between him and darcy was the single hottest thing ive ever seen. and like i saw the episode where johnny beats up toby and thats so hot too! hah, this show is so lame, but i cant stand it i swear that guy is soooo hot. johnny is the guy who you call "blond mullet guy" and i swear. wow. just like that guy turns me on sooo much.


The first time I skimmed this email I noticed "16 year old girl" and "Johnny is hot" and thought I was going to get a chance to break out the old white van with tinted windows again, but then I realized she is talking about Johnny DiMarco.

Oh poops :(

Subject: suggestion/fan mail?
From: Rebecca A
Date: June 20, 2009

I love your site. I really do. I was on of those kids who would watch degrassi when they were like 9 (I'm almost 15 now) secretly (part of the reason I'm perverted). You just really crack me up some times. I love your sense of humor... if only the whole world was like that..

Speaking of humor, it's all dandy and great, but sometimes you are too much of a jokester that I can't really tell when you're being serious or not.Like, if it really did happen on the episode, or if you're just playing. Because, let's face it, Degrassi does tackle some perverted issues.

Haha, I also love that we agree on Spinner. He is the reason that I watch Degrassi (even though now-a-days he works at the dot...). I also thank you for thinking that Ellie and (oh dear god) Liberty is lame. You're the only one I know that thinks so. I know, I have friends that have shitty opinions.


We are a comedy site. Being jokesters is what we are supposed to do. It's not our fault that the most informative Degrassi site happens to be the one that makes fun of the show. If anything that speaks pretty poorly of the Degrassi fandom. Aren't there any teenage girls who know how to use Dreamweaver?

From: Kalea909
Date: June 30, 2009

I have an idea for an episode of Degrassi. everyone iv talked to said its a really good idea and wished it was an episode so here it goes.

Darcy comes back from Kenya and while she's in class they bring a new student in and its the guy that raped her and when she see's him she gets some flashbacks and reconizes him.

Thank you for your time. Please get back to me and tell me if you will use my idea.

**************It's raining cats and dogs -- Come to PawNation, a place where pets rule! (

That is a pretty good idea for an episode. Too bad the actress that played Darcy left Degrassi for a show filmed in a nation where it doesn't snow ten months of the year. Also we don't make the show.

Subject: kevin smith/ ninja turtles
From: Ryan K
Date: July 6, 2009

In your review of the Kevin Smith episode you said...

"Let me tell you what I liked about Kevin Smith coming to Degrassi. It means I have a nice way to bridge my Degrassi and Kevin Smith DVD collections. They can stand side by side with this trilogy in the middle, segueing one into the other. If only Degrassi would do a crossover with Ninja Turtles, my entire library would be united."

But Kevin Smith was the voice of the Diner Cook in TMNT, so to unite your DVD collection, have TMNT bridge the ninja turtles and Kevin Smith and "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi" bridge with kevin smith and degrassi

It's too bad there isn't a scene in TMNT where the monsters attack a certain convenience store in New Jersey. New Jersey is near New York right? I think it would be a logical place for monsters to attack. Imagine Dante coming in on his day off only to find the Quick Stop under siege from otherworldly demons. I bet he would definitely say "I'm not even supposed to be here today aaaahhh aahhhh they are eating my lungs!"

Subject: Secret Life
From: Cheryl W
Date: July 6, 2009

Bored of Degrassi. Do Secret Life! Do Secret Life! do secret life!!!! Pleeeese!

they have a girl who loves sex and she got like a million on her verbal SATs and a down syndrome character and the sausage king and Stifler's mom and Mimi from Drew Carey and the girl from the Breakfast Club except old and fat. the bell rings and they say "sex, sex, sex, sex, sex" and don't go to class.

Please? please? do it. do it. do secret life.


No ABC original anything is any better then horrible. I don't care if they have Mimi. They're going to have to get Lewis AND Oswald before I even consider giving it a chance.

From: Hunter B
Date: July 11, 2009

oh hey in your piece about what the actors did after they left degrassi you forgot that both jake epstein and lauren collins were in the movie Charlie Bartlet

I think you forgot that I don't care to know what Charlie Barton is. If it wasn't on Wikipedia then I assumed it didn't exist. This was a flaw on my part because I don't think Wikipedia covers every TV movie made by the Northwest Territory Ultra High Frequency Station ( Now serving over 500 viewers).

From: Jazman H
Date: July 17, 2009

Well, this is kinda hatemail and fanmail. I must say I am a big fan of Degrassi...but Im not a big fan of the newer seasons...I mean idk if whoever reads this will pay any attention to what Im typing but Degrassi has went from "The best show on The N" to "The worst show ever on The N". Whoever came up with the idea to get rid of all the old characters like Marco, Ellie, Paige, Alex, and Jimmy well your just retarded. They were the best actors and actresses on the show and well all the new people are just amateurs. You guys made the biggest mistake ever. I barely watch Degrassi anymore bc of yalls stupid suggestion and when I watch Degrassi I only watch the old ones...YOU GUYS SUCKKKKK!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT! BITCHES!!!

I wouldn't go as far as to call Degrassi the worst show ever on the N. It isn't About a Girl after all.

That show makes me doubly mad because they didn't even use the Nirvana song as the opening theme. Like, they could have some random teen pop singer cover it if they think that's going to resonate with the target audience. A pop cover of a Nirvana song used as a TV theme song would blow the minds of a disillusioned generation.

Subject: a suggestion :) :) :) love youuu
From: aaron p
Date: July 23, 2009 1:30 amI have a suggestion, watch all the old degrassi junior high episodes on youtube and
review them, also you need to update the character biography section. it hasnt been
updated since season 3 what the fuck you barefoot slackin bimbo jack!

I love youuu :) :) :) :) :) :)
Love Aaron

I'm working on the new bios. The trouble with those is that it's kind of useless to do them while the characters is still on the show and doing stuff, but I will replace them all someday. Until then be patient.

Is it just me or do a lot of these emails end with random insults and obscenities?

Subject: Love your website like Terri loves cake
From: Sylvia M
Date: July 25, 2009

Hello Boycott the Caf,

Just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic website. Something about your combination of intense, creepy devotion to Degrassi after all these years and your bitter hatred for the bile the Degrassi writers try to pass off as a script - it just brings a smile to my face. Please keep up the hard work. We disgruntled but obsessed twenty-somethings will need a leader in this new dark age of Sav and Claire.

PS: Ashley's hat in High Fidelity Part 2 was one of the worst experiences in my entire life.

PPS: Blue. WTF. Who is this kid? Does he live in the art classroom?

Blue is so one dimensional I don't even think he counts as a character. He's more of a plot device. I don't think he exists when he isn't on screen. Like after finishes talking to Holly J and she walks away he just dematerializes into a mist until she returns. Does he even talk to anybody but Holly J? Maybe he doesn't actually exist. That would be a twist. Blue is just part of Holly J's descent into madness.

Subject: The Website ~ updates
From: lisaluv
Date: August 1, 2009

I see that you are still adding info via episodes but just wondering why not review other info (character bio) that you have and redo it so it is up to date. Also I know you like to make crazy comments about characters but once you do find out a certain persons name (whats the harm in going back and updating the info via either episode or given them a character bio). Just my two cents hope you consider it.

I'm in the process of writing new bios. The reason I haven't finished them yet is because I have a life outside of Boycott the Caff. Do you think Dumb Baby articles write themselves? And I don't see anybody else putting subtitles on Japanese only Hamtaro episodes. Not to mention I have my family commitment…on The Sims 3. I just got married after all. I can't spend all day updating bios just because they are six years out of date.

And so you know we don't go back to fix errors or omissions, it's because Degrassi isn't worth that kind of effort.

Subject:Hey Guys
From: Patrick O
Date: August 9, 2009

Hey Guys --
I just want to say that, embarassingly, I am a huge Degrassi fan. That said, if you tell anybody I will have to kill you. Anyway, I stumbled across your site and literally laughed out loud at some of your comments. HILARIOUS! Keep up the good work, you little shits. ;-)

One question: do you know why Melissa McIntyre left the show to "go to London"? It was never really explained. She was kinda here today, gone tomorrow.


Well PATRICK O'HERRON I have no idea why Melissa left the show. It didn't accomplish much or make sense. Maybe the actress felt like taking a vacation.

Don't worry PATRICK O'HERRON we won't reveal you're identity. We won't let people know that PATRICK O'HERRON of Oshkosh Wisconsin watches Degrassi. I certainly won't tell anybody that you live at 242 Amber drive apartment 2 Oshkosh. I bet your coworkers at the Center Court Block Buster would make fun of you if they knew just how much you enjoy Degrassi: The Next Generation or that you masturbate to pictures of Emma, so don't worry PATRICK O'HERRON your secret is safe with us.

Subject: Honestly
From: Cho K
Date: August 16, 2009

Dear Billy and Johnny,

Are you even trying anymore? I know Degrassi has not been as good as it used to, but you guys aren't even trying to enjoy them. You fail to open up to the new characters. I've read the forums on Dumb Baby, and honestly, your forum sucks. All the members there just regurgitate your guys' jokes and they all are annoying. Don't listen to them. Most visitors of your sites - fans - are not members. We just enjoy the reviews, but lately, your reviews have gotten less enjoyable and I've been coming here less and less. Why not write character guides for the new people? The Days of Season 1-5 (and 6?) are long gone. All the cast have moved on to Twitter. I think you'd have fun writing an article about their Tweets. Why not make an official BtC twitter page? I have communicated with Lauren Collins, executive producer Stephen Stohn, the girl that plays Alli Bandhari, Stefan Brogren (who was quite bitter when I asked about a certain colleague of his), Marco/Adamo. More and more of the cast and crew are getting Twitter, so I think you could use that to your advantage and mock them.

BTW, I know of another site that are doing their own recaps of Degrassi without
jokes. It's the talk of the Degrassi fandom.

May Liberty Be With You, Cho

No we are not trying. Next email.

Subject :the-n
From: Thomaneka
Date: August 16, 2009

Hey, have you guys heard that The-N is changing it's name to TeeNick? I was just wondering! By the way, I love the site!

I have not heard that, although it makes sense since The N is a reference to Noggin whom they are no longer associated with. Instead of Teen Nick I think a better name would be Nick Gas and they could show repeats of GUTS all day long.

Subject: canadian television
From: Matthew L
Date: August 16, 2009

I was pretty bored today and thought I'd ask you a question(yeah i know you wont get this on the mailbag for like 5 months but w/e). You gentlemen seem pretty well versed in Canadian television, have you guys ever watched Trailer Park Boys? Its canadian and also poorly funded like Degrassi. However its well written and consistentely awesome/witty/intense. It's target demographic is not 14 year old girls. Also Alex Lifeson guest starred in an episode. It was sweet. All degrassi had was fucking kevin smith and jason mewes. You guys should check it out.

I've been told Trailer Park Boys is good but it's Canadian so I assume that the people telling me it is good are wrong. The last time I remember thinking a Canadian TV was good was when Kenny vs. Spenny was still on.

By the way, who is Alex Lifeson? You think it's a big deal and he was on a Canadian TV show, so I am going to assume he is a famous Canadian of some sort. Was he in Buffalo Springfield? Maybe he is the guy who invented Reboot. Please let me know.

Subject: dgh
From: Emilia B
Date: August 18, 2009

Please tell me you are going to review the trainwreck that was Degrassi Goes Hollywood.


(PS: Just read "Life After Degrassi".... Perhaps it is Deanna Casaluce's excruciatingly obvious nose job [visible in "Love is a Battlefield"] that keeps her from getting non-Lifetime work?).

You better believe we will be doing "Degrassi Goes Hollywood." It's going to be a Boycott the Caf extravaganza!

Subject: want an instant boner
From: Josh V
Date: August 19, 2009

check this out

Spinner and Sean

Fuck yeah! This is my new computer background.

Subject: Jimmy Brooks Had One Weakness
From: sbruno
Date: August 20, 2009

Take that Jimmy!

by Johnny Dangerous