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Degrassi Too Gay for Kodak?

November 11 - ROCHESTER, New York I awoke at the crack of noon this day, microwaved my breakfast sausage, made a pot of coffee (I am so not a morning person), and checked on what the Degrassi web community is yammering on about. Usually it's a bunch of girls yip-yapping over how much they love boy Ellie. But on this day, I read that Kodak had pulled its advertising from Degrassi due to pressure from a retarded Christian organization over Degrassi's pro-LGBT episodes.

My first thought was, does Kodak even advertise on Degrassi? Unless I review an episode, I only watch bits of Degrassi in between the commercials breaks during ABC's What Would You Do? My second thought was, Kodak is still around? Didn't they go out of business when people started using digital cameras? I must have been thinking of Polaroid.

The only place this info was coming from was a bunch of fan's Twitter and Tumblr accounts repeating each other. I was not sure where this originated, so I did a Google News search for "Degrassi" plus "Kodak" that afternoon, and there was only one website reporting on this. Considering this topic is Degrassi, I was surprised that many news sites were on it. The sole site was the Sunshine State News, a conservative blog.

Here's what happened. A dumbass Christian organization named the Florida Fuckwad Association issued a press release claiming that Kodak had pulled advertising from Degrassi due to pressure from their anti-gay letter writing campaign. They had no proof this was the case, but still issued a press release anyway. Turns out fundamentalist Christian morons aren't big on facts. Sunshine State News received the press release and reported it as fact, without trying to verify it with Kodak. Turns out, conservative news outlets are not big on accuracy. Who knew? I'm sure they will make more of an effort to fact check and report correct information in the future. rimshot!

I'm not sure how the Degrassi web community picked up on this. The madness broke before 3:30pm, when I would have thought most Degrassi fans would be in school, and I could use the internet in peace. But once one person tweeted or blogged it or whatever, a ton of other fans jumped in. Even Lauren Collins (Paige) mentioned it. That's when I went to Google and got suspicious that this was a non-story. Around 3pm, Kodak, in response to a large number of (whiny) Degrassi fan complaints, posted that they had not pulled their advertising. They had merely halted their commercials for one week because they were focusing on new ad campaign that featured, among others, Degrassi's own Drake the Rapping Horse. Kodak commercials aired on Degrassi that Friday, in between an episode that featured a transgendered boy attempting to romance a cisgendered girl. Truly a Kodak moment.

So, here is the recap. The Florida Fuckwad Association saw that Kodak did not advertise one week, and jumped the gun, declaring victory in their war against children trying to be happy. They have a campaign in which they are trying to pressure companies to stop advertising on Degrassi. So far, of the 15 companies targeted, 0 have pulled their ads.

The website for the Florida Fuckwad Association is nuts. It is poorly written and just bizarre. Turns out Christianity attracts a lot of dumb people who can't read very well. I know I may be coming off angry, but I was raised in an anti-gay church and have had my fill of this BS growing up, which is why I do not want to write a long rant making fun of their retarded website, or even link to it. I'll just say that the person who wrote that page doesn't seem to have ever watched Degrassi. Also, he writes it as "DeGrassi", which is just weird.


Luke Bilyk Birthday Bash

November 19 - TORONTO The guy who plays Drew Torres is throwing a birthday party! And you are invited. As long as you buy a ticket. They range from $40 to $80. I assume those are Canadian prices. I would make some crack about a ticket only being, like, 75 cents American, but I think the US and Canadian dollars have reached parity now. Yup, according to Google at the time I wrote this, one Canadian dollar will get you 98¢ American, and the "loonie" was even worth more than the FREEDOM note in 2007. So the jokes about the Canadian dollar being worthless don't make a lot of sense. I think the lowest it's ever been in my lifetime is around 60¢ US, so the jokes have never made sense. Do Canadians still have to pay the higher price for books and magazines? I should hope not!

Here's a screenshot from his personal website advertising the event. Click on it to see it so it is big enough to read. If you have really good eyesite, than just read the thumbnail.

Luke Bilyk

Man, I don't know whether to hate on this guy for charging money to attend his birthday party or admire him for seeing a business opportunity and taking it. It's his 16th birthday so he can sell tickets if he wants. If he was a girl, he could be one of the spoiled cunts on MTV's My Super Sweet 16, but he is a boy, so he has to do something else.

Of course, I did not attend. First, off I hated paying that much money to see the White Stripes, and they are my favorite band. Second, no way would I cross an international boundary to go to a party for a boy who is about ten years younger than me who I do not even know. I would have been detained at the border. Third, I am not even sure how to pronounce this kid's name and didn't even know his name until I wrote this. Fourth, there was no indication that alcohol would be at the event, which means it was not a true party. Damn underage kids ruin everything.

If you were not a big enough sucker to pay for a ticket, you could have watched the party for free through a poorly placed webcam.

birthday party


Charlotte Arnold Knows We Exist

July 9 - AP Report. Charlotte Arnold (Holly J) and that guy who plays Sav did a short interview for the Associated Press back in July. I found out about it because the only black male Degrassi fan in the world tweeted it, and I spend 18 hours a day on Twitter. It is sweetness because the interviewer asked the two about fansites, and Charlotte gave us a shoutout.

Watch live streaming video from aplive at

Ms. Arnold mentions Boycott the Caf at around the 8:20 mark. She said the cast are all huge fans of Boycott the Caf and often read us on the set. This explains why the scenes never seem like they were rehearsed. The actors were all reading from this site. Man, now I feel like I should start proofreading the articles.

You know the feeling you get when someone attractive pays you a compliment or even just acknowledges that you exist? I admit, I felt that when Charlotte gave us a shoutout. It's silly, I know. But it's nice to know she thinks I am funny, like so many woman before who had no desire to date me.

Charlotte Arnold, I want to give out a shoutout to you, Charlotte Arnold. You are super foxy (for a Ginger) Charlotte Arnold. I mean that literally. Like a fox, Charlotte Arnold, you have red hair and I want to have sex with you. Charlotte Arnold, perhaps to repay me for all the laughs, you could maybe send me a tasteful nude photograph of yourself. I promise not to share it with anyone. It's just that winter is here in Michigan, Charlotte Arnold, and I need something to get me through the cold, lonely nights. I would satisfy myself with internet porn, but my aunt installed a firewall on her computer when I moved in. I can't even go on my Myspace page anymore!

I am proposing we join forces in sham marriage-for-citizenship, Charlotte Arnold. Charlotte Arnold, it will benefit both of us. American citizenship will allow you to more easily travel and reside in the United States for acting work. And I won't have to wait until 2014 to get health insurance. You, Charlotte Arnold, are also 60-160 pounds lighter than any woman in the town I live in, so you would be quite the catch. Here's some information about me. I am 5'6" and 270 pounds with brown hair. My skin color is equivalent to the color hexcode #EEE9BF, aka "lemonchiffon2". I am unemployed and my next door neighbors are a Mexican family on one side and a registered sex offender on the other. I am not sure which is worse. I mean, the sex offender is so much quieter. I think we will have to move. I will just need to pack up my teddy bears and catheter and---hey, where are you going?

Oh gawd what am I doing? I scared another girl away! Why I am so awkward?!!