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In March of 2010, twenty-something virgins with websites devoted to Degrassi waited in anticipation as the guy who plays Mr. Simpson--and I guess runs Degrassi now--announced that Degrassi: The Next Generation would morph into a daily soap opera during the summer.

Testing soap-y waters: Nickelodeon to use 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' to try out telenovelas

Nickelodeon's TeenNick will use the 10th season of the series "Degrassi: The Next Generation" this summer to test the viability of the telenovela format.

The network will air half-hour versions of the teen drama 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday for six weeks, Nickelodeon President Cyma Zarghami told the Daily News Thursday.

"We're making additional episodes, a little more in the telenovela format, a little bit faster, cheaper and more efficient," Zarghami said. "It will be, I think, a big success."

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So what TeenNick The-N will be doing is airing 24 new episodes over the summer for six weeks as a four day a week soap opera. I don't really have a problem with this. I mean, the show has always been a dumb soap opera: the drama is cheesy, the writing is poor and actors are only on the show until they can get something better (Shania Grimes) or stick around forever because they don't have any other offers (no one we will name). I do worry about the plan that these daily episodes will be produced cheaper and faster than they currently produce episodes. The quality is season 9 is as far down at rock bottom as it can get, there's not any real room to go lower.

In the fall of 2010, Degrassi will go back to a weekly show with 24 episodes spread out over the rest of the year. That means season 10 will have 48 episodes. That sucks shit.

Degrassi will also be moving from CTV (which is an over the air network like ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC) to MuchMusic (which is an MTV like cable station) in Canada, since CTV is a TV network in Canada that doesn't really air any Canadian programming. I'm sure it speaks volumes about the popularity of Degrassi in Canada that the show is being sent to cable.

I thought this meant I could watch Degrassi on a non-MTV Networks channel since MuchMusic USA is available on cable in the US. But then I checked and found that it had been sold to an American corporation and is now called Fuse TV with an entirely different programming schedule. That is just as well. I tried to watch Pants Off Dance Off a few years ago 'cause Jodie Sweetin was hosting, but I was too groked out to get even halfway through an episode. Good riddance, MuchMusic USA. I curse you. I curse you with the fiery of one thousand suns. I suppose getting Degrassi is actually a step up from airing Pants Off Dance Off. Which is the only instance airing Degrassi is.

So much for looking at grad school. I have twice the amout of inane high school soap to review this year.

We'll see, little one. We'll see.

I guess as long as Spinner is on the show, we will watch and review and make fun of it. As soon as he leaves*, we're switching over to a Hamtaro review site. We'll call ourselves the Ham-Ham Clubhouse and it will be glorious. But we won't be able to make fun of that show because Hamtaro kicks ass while Degrassi sucks ass.

Our future??

* Yeah, we can tell the guy who plays Spinner is never going to leave.
by Billie Green